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RME Fireface 400 FireWire Interface

RME has introduced its Fireface 400, a 19-inch, half-rack FireWire audio interface. The Fireface 400 offers active jitter suppression, stand-alone MIDI functionality, direct device operation and a 648-channel matrix router with 42-bit internal resolution.

The bus-powered Fireface 400 includes two digitally controlled mic preamps, two balanced universal line/instrument inputs, 54 level meters displaying peak and RMS, and an identical feature set for Windows and Mac.

Its DSP-based mixers allow its 18 input and playback channels to be routed and mixed to any of its 18 physical outputs, with up to nine independent stereo submixes possible. All mix functions can be remotely controlled via MIDI using any Mackie-compatible controller.

The eight channels from the Fireface 400’s ADAT optical I/O can be used simultaneously with the analog channels. The coaxial S/PDIF I/O is fully AES/EBU compatible and can operate at up to 192 kHz. The optical S/PDIF, alternatively provided via the ADAT I/O, also operates at up to 192kHz. Rounding off the Fireface 400’s feature set is a BNC word clock input and output (BNC) plus two low-jitter, high-speed MIDI inputs/outputs (using 5-pin DINs).

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