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SSL X-Rack Four-Channel Input, Master Bus

Solid State Logic X-Rack configured as 17:4 mixer with Total Recall

Solid State Logic announces two new modules for its X-Rack modular rack system: the Four-Channel Input ($925), a four mono line-input module, and the Master Bus ($1,110), a summing, metering and control room module. Both modules include SSL’s Total Recall system for resetting parameters. The new line input and output modules give users the option of creating a fully independent modular mixing environment with an X-Rack system.

The Four-Channel Input module takes four line-level mono signals—each with their own solo, volume and pan controls—and provides options to route them into either the X-Rack Master Bus or Record Bus. Each input also has its own insert point to integrate other X-Rack modules or outboard units that can be switched into the signal path.

The Master Bus module allows control of the X-Rack’s internal stereo Master and Record buses, and provides studio control room monitoring. It has mix insert and insert sum points, mono compatibility check and metering of the master out. It can be connected to two pairs of speakers (main/mini), and provides dedicated controls for level, dim and cut.

SSL also announces price incentives for the X-Rack System. The cost of a system comprising the rack unit, power supply and Total Recall parameter reset system has been reduced from $2,495 to $1,785.

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