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VENUE Finds a Home

The Home Church of Campbell, Calif., with a seating capacity of 700 and a current congregation of approximately 1,200 people, has completed the move to the Digidesign VENUE live sound environment. Technical director Michael Dow of The Home Church, working with Ken Hughes of Zamar Sound of San Jose, Calif., chose VENUE to meet the demands of the extremely different service styles offered at the Home Church.

“Our main agenda in choosing a digital mixing platform was picking one that would, at the touch of a button, allow us to completely change over between a seven-piece rock-format worship band to a 30-piece pop-jazz worship ensemble with a full complement of vocalists. In our opinion, VENUE was clearly the most comprehensive choice to do this,” says Dow.

“The console is simply awesome,” Dow continues. “Mixing on it every Sunday is pure joy. The amount of flexibility and the improvement we experienced in sound quality has made mixing complex worship services a whole new experience. Not to mention, I can now program things I never dreamed of in the past. The plug-in architecture, while very attractive, was originally a source of anxiety for me in that I am not a Pro Tools–savvy mixer, but the plug-ins have turned out to be incredibly easy to use and have added a high level of enhancement to the sound quality of our events.”

The Home Church’s VENUE system comprises a D-Show main console and sidecar, front-of-house rack with three DSP cards, MassivePack Pro plug-in bundle and a 48×32 stage I/O rack. Dow states, “When I now look back at the challenges of doing mid-week rehearsals and then attempting to manually reset the mixer, the effects processing and all the patch changes for our Sunday services, I wonder how we ever did it with our analog system. It’s thrilling to have VENUE handling these chores for us now.”

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