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“The Art of Recording: Understanding and Crafting the Mix” By Dr. William Moylan

“The Art of Recording: Understanding and Crafting theMix” By Dr. William Moylan

Dr. William Moylan’s The Art of Recording (Focal Press,$29.99) is a critical-listening/analysis resource book and educationaltool for audio pros and students. The book’s techniques and conceptsare based on those Moylan developed as a result of over 20 years inresearch and teaching at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, wherehe chairs the Department of Music and coordinates the Sound RecordingTechnology program. The text examines the dimensions of sound in audio,explains the unique sound qualities of audio recording andreproduction, and presents a system to develop critical listeningskills to evaluate recordings and accurately describe sound. A forwardby Rupert Neve further emphasizes the importance of listening. For moreinfo, visit