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Boston Skyline Studios' ( two-room, million-dollar renovation included acoustics design by Andy Munro (Munro Associates Ltd.).

Boston Skyline Studios’ ( two-room,million-dollar renovation included acoustics design by Andy Munro(Munro Associates Ltd.). Monitors: Munro-designed Dynaudio M4+mains, Yamaha NS-10M, Genelec 1031 and 1030. Console: SSL 4064G+ 56-channel board (from Bearsville Studios), 96-channel YamahaDM2000. Gear: Studer 2-inch; Pro Tools|HD 6.0 TDM withDigidesign 192 converters; Neve pre’s; UREI, Teletronix outboard;Neumann mics; Yamaha Baby Grand.

Founders Pete Peloquin (pictured, right) and Todd Harris recentlyhosted Johnny A, who was in recording his new album.