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Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro 3

Based on Cakewalk's SONAR audio and MIDI technology, Guitar Tracks Pro 3 for recording guitarists and songwriters

Based on Cakewalk’s SONAR audio and MIDI technology, Guitar TracksPro 3 for recording guitarists and songwriters offers numerous newfeatures such as a completely redesigned 32×8 mixing view, dynamic editview and navigator pane; multi-I/O support for up to 32 channels ofhardware at 24/96 resolution; real-time monitoring of effects andinputs; complete automation of track parameters and effects; audiolooping tools and ACID loop support; sample-accurate sync generationfor use with external hard disk recorders or sequencers; extensivelibrary of ACID loops from Smart Loops; GT:FX multi-effects suite; andIK Multimedia’s LE guitar amp simulator.

Other features include a Setup wizard; ability to record 32 audiotracks; support for up to 32 hardware input/outputs; 24-bit/96kHz audiohardware support; 32×8 mixing view layout with assignable FX and twoauxiliary buses with per bus pre/post option; Navigator view; completeautomation of track parameters and FX; real-time monitoring of effectsand inputs; apply 32 simultaneous effects in real timenondestructively; comprehensive sync generation for use with externalhard disk recorders or sequencers; support for DirectX and VST effects(VST support through included Cakewalk VST Adapter); import/export.WAV, .MP3 and .WMA files; high-quality sample rate conversion whenimporting and exporting audio using the ultrahigh-quality Windowed Syncre-sampler algorithm; integrated tuner and metronome; support formultiple meters; and tempos; and ASIO and WDM hardwaresupport.<.P>

Guitar Tracks Pro 3 has a MSRP of $209 and is now available.Registered Guitar Tracks Pro users can upgrade to Guitar Tracks Pro 3for $79.

In other company news, the company has moved to 268 Summer St., 8thfloor, Boston, MA 02210; the phone number (617/423-9004) remains thesame.

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