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Canada Session News 2014

Videogame developer Ubisoft worked on material in Studio A with producer Dave Gossage and engineer Padraig B. Schnirer

Studio 451, Montreal

Videogame developer Ubisoft worked on material in Studio A with producer Dave Gossage and engineer Padraig B. Schnirer…Jazz vocalist/Juno Award-winner Sonia Johnson was in Studio A, with Paul Johnston producing and engineering… Jazz guitarist/Juno Award winner Mike Rud was in Studio A, with Johnston producing and engineering…Singer-songwriter Shakira was in Studio A with engineers A. Avon and E. Romer (Shakira self-produced)…Author Mitch Joel worked on an audio book in Studio B, with Hachette N.Y. producing and Romer engineering.

L to R: Matt Snell, Mike Smith, Bruce Griffin, Barry Lubotta

Phase One Studios, Toronto

Naomi Adler worked on her debut album for Marshmellow Records, with executive producer Barry Lubotta, producer Bruce Griffin, engineer Mike Smith and second engineer Matt Snell…World-beat haute-rock band Young Empires were in Studio A with producer Steve Kozmeniuk and engineer Jeff Pelletier…Singer/actress Victoria Duffield was in Studio A with producer Ron Lopata and engineer Jeff Pelletier…Alt-rockers Moist were in Studio A with producer/engineer Paul Northfield and second engineer Dajaun Martineau.

The Warehouse, Vancouver

Hard rockers AC/DC were in Studios 1, 2 and 4 tracking and mixing with producer Brendan O’Brien and engineer Mike Fraser…Rock band Black Veil Brides were in Studio 2 tracking with producer Bob Rock and engineer Eric Helmkamp…Singer-songwriter Van Morrison was in Studio 2 mixing with Rock producing and Helmkamp engineering…Singer-songwriter Jesse Labelle was mixing in Studio 1 with producer Gavin Brown and engineer Randy Staub.

Assistant Trevor Anderson, Justin Bieber and engineer Douglas Romanow.

Noble Street Studios, Toronto

Justin Bieber was in Studios A and B with engineer Doug Romanow…Rockers Three Days Grace were in Studios A and B with producer Gavin Brown and engineer Lenny De Rose…Hard-rock band the Trews, along with musician Serena Ryder, were in Studios A and B with Brown producing and De Rose engineering…Vocal quartet The Tenors were in Studios A and B with engineer George Seara…Rock band Metric was in Studio A with Brown producing and De Rose engineering…Singer-songwriter Nick Carter was in Studio B with Seara engineering.

Blue Light Studios, Vancouver

Alt hip-hop band Swollen Members worked on the track “Brand New Day” with producer Rob The Viking and engineer Kaj Falch-Nielsen…Indie-pop/folk band Forest and the Sea worked on an EP with Jean-Paul Maurice producing and engineering, and Joey Nassir assisting…Folk/roots/rock artist D.G. Adams recorded and mixed the album Vajra with producer/engineer Falch-Nielsen…Electronic singer Aloma Steele worked with Varien and SirensCeol on “Moonlight,” and with Culture Code on “Dreamer,” with Varien and SirensCeol producing and Falch-Nielsen engineering.

Monarch Studios, Vancouver

Rough folk artist Adrian Glynn recorded “The Girl I Could Never Have,” with Tom Dobrzanski and Zachary Gray producing and Dobrzanski engineering…Indie folk band Red Haven worked on an upcoming EP, with Dobrzanski producing and engineering…Indie-rockers The Zolas worked on an upcoming album, with Dobrzanski and Gray producing and Dobrzanski engineering.

Fader Mountain Sound, Vancouver

Rock band One Bad Son was in tracking a new album recently, with producer Eric Ratz…Producer/engineer Scott Ternan was tracking the rock band Gay Nineties’ forthcoming album…Chin Injeti was tracking choir vocals for rapper Aloe Blacc’s “I’m the Man” from the album, Lift Your Spirit… Ben Kaplan mixed Biffy Clyro’s album Similarities…Garage-rock duo The Pack A.D. recorded and produced two B-Sides for their latest release, Do Not Engage, with producer/engineer Daniel Byrne…Chris Holmes was in tracking drums with Nick D’Virgilio (Genesis, Cirque Du Soleil).

Control Room

Blue Bear Sound, Ottawa

Rock band Sleepwalk Plaza recently worked on new material with producer Trieste…Indie rockers Second Sight are mixing their new album…Romanian indie artist Razvan Albu worked on new material…Country artist Kira Isabella was in the studio with producer Jerry Lane…Author Dr. Yoni Freedhoff recorded his full-length audio book The Diet Fix: Why Diets Fail… Research Psychologist and Professor at Carleton University Dr. Tim Pychyl recorded his audio book Solving the Procrastination Puzzle.