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NAB 2004 is here, and thousands of audio and production pros from around the world pack into the Las Vegas Convention Center to pay homage at the temple

NAB 2004 is here, and thousands of audio and production pros from around the world pack into the Las Vegas Convention Center to pay homage at the temple of technology. There will be lots to see — and hear. To keep Mix readers informed on some of the latest new technologies, here’s our annual NAB New Products Guide, packed with specs, photos and tech information on recent offerings from pro audio manufacturers.

The product information in this directory is supplied by the manufacturers. As always, specs, prices and availability may change, so readers should contact companies directly for more information, and full contact details — addresses, phone/fax numbers and Website — are provided for your convenience. Wherever possible, we’ve also included booth numbers for checking out products firsthand.

We hope this guide will help you discover technologies to make your audio better, more efficient and hopefully, more creative. And if you can’t make it to NAB, don’t worry — we’ll provide complete coverage of the post-show highlights both online and in print.


Acoustical Solutions AlphaResilient

Isolation Clips, AudioSeal Sound Barrier

Acoustical Solutions’ AlphaResilient Isolation Clips and AudioSeal Sound Barrier are used to achieve high STC ratings with new or existing wall, ceiling or floor construction. Used together, the products can achieve a sound transmission class rating of 60. Clips typically required on only one side of an assembly. The AudioSeal Sound Barrier weighs one pound per square foot and is ⅛ inches thick. Seal all potential air leaks with a nonhardening acoustical caulk (sound sealant). NAB Booth: SU 10453.
2852 East Parham Rd.
Richmond, VA 23228
800/782-5742; fax 804/346-8808

ASC MatrixPanels

MatrixPanels are wall-mounted acoustic panels that offer excellent sound absorption and diffusion for small spaces or any situation where listeners are placed near the wall. The MatrixPanel efficiently absorbs sound energy down to 120 Hz and provides treble diffusion that’s effective and musical. The panels are available in a variety of fabric colors and are set in handsome solid oak frames. Prices: $288 (24×24 inches) and $458 (24×48 inches).
4275 W. 5th Ave.
Eugene, OR 97402
800/ASC-8823; fax 541/343-9245

Noren Products Acoustilock V-Cabs

Noren Products’ V-Cab cabinets are designed with the video-editing suite in mind, offering 13U of rack-mounting and 3U more on top, which slide to the rear for easy cabling to your I/O panel or any other equipment. The V-Cab offers 99-percent noise reduction while removing waste heat. List: $2,280.
1010 O’Brien Ave.
Menlo Park, CA 94025
650/324-1348; fax 650/322-9500

WhisperRoom SE 2000 Series

WhisperRoom SE 2000 Series portable/modular sound isolation enclosures are perfect for recording, broadcasting, etc. Nineteen sizes and two levels of isolation (enhanced single-wall and enhanced double-wall) are available for immediate shipment. Flexible design characteristics allow WhisperRooms to be tailored to specific customer needs. Caster-plate platforms are available for customers who require mobility or need additional downward sound control. SoundWave Deflection Systems are available to convert interior WhisperRoom walls from parallel to nonparallel. NAB Booth: SL 2172.
116 S. Sugar Hollow Rd.
Morristown, TN 37813
423/585-5827; fax 423/585-5831


ADC Pro Patch Programmable Series

ADC’s new Pro Patch Programmable patching system combines the ruggedness and reliability of a true WECO-compliant bantam jack with a precision DIP switch, enabling users to change normalling and grounds quickly and easily. The new design is a high-density (2×48) system that fits in a one-rackspace panel. It is available in several termination options including EDAC/ELCO 3-pin, 56-pin, 90-pin and AMP “champ” 50-pin connectors. NAB Booth: C 6413.
13625 Technology Dr.
Eden Prairie, MN 55311
952/917-0231; fax 952/917-0647

Belden Plenum-Rated Audio Snakes

Multichannel, CMP-rated, shielded audio cables with 22 AWG bare-copper conductors, low-capacitance FEP insulation. The 12-pair is part number 6548PA. Also available in 2/4/6/8/16-pair mults (6541PA through 6549PA). Capacitance is 27.5 pF/foot. Individual pairs are shielded and bundled without individual pair jackets. Rated CMP, CEC-rated CMP and FT6. Rated for 300 volts. NAB Booth: C 3351.
2200 U.S. Highway 27 South
Richmond, IN 47374
765/983-5328; fax 765/983-5257

Bittree 489 Series

Programmable Audio Patchbay

The latest version of Bittree’s 489 Series “Programmable” Long-Frame Audio Patchbay now allows you to program switched grounds in addition to bused, isolated and looped grounds as before. Because it provides a potentially more stable audio signal structure, switched grounds are ideal for systems with audio signals coming from numerous locations. In addition to the 489 Series, Bittree has three other series of programmable audio patchbays in both Long-Frame (¼-inch) and Bantam (TT) formats. NAB Booth: C 3355.
600 West Elk Ave.
Glendale, CA 91204
818/500-8142; fax 818/500-7062

Clark 800 Series Digital Audio Cable

Clark 800 Series is a durable, precision 24 AWG AES/EBU 110-ohm digital audio cable that features an easy-strip bonded-foil shield and very low capacitance of 13 pF/ft. This cable is perfectly suited for all AWS/EBU digital audio applications, as well as analog audio applications. The 800 Series is available as single-pair or in snake combinations up to 16-pair. 801 is available in black, red, green, blue, violet, gray and white. NAB Booth: C 10013.

Clark Mink4 Mic Cable

Clark Mink4 is a durable, high-quality 24 AWG star-quad cable suitable for microphones, and other audio and control applications. The four conductors have separate colors for quick identification. In addition to its 98% tinned-copper braided shield, it also features a drain wire to expedite connectorization. Mink4 is available in black, red, yellow, green, blue, violet and gray. The abrasion-resistant jacket has a matte finish to reduce glare in bright theatrical and broadcast environments. NAB Booth: C 10013.
1355 Armour Blvd.
Mundelein, IL 60060-4401
800/222-5348; fax 847/949-9595

Gepco Hybrid-Fiber Component

Distribution Boxes

A portable HBB hybrid fiber breakout box. Each Lemo SMPTE 304M hybrid fiber connector breaks out to two ST connectors on a recessed, protective metal top plate. The HDR Hybrid Component Distribution Rack is a single-rackspace chassis for break out from hybrid fiber camera connectors to discrete electrical and fiber connectors. NAB Booth: C 1429.

Gepco 61801EZ In Colors

Gepco International has announced that its industry-standard 61801EZ single-pair audio cable is now available in 20 different colors with a new riser-rated PVC jacket to allow for more color-coding options and improved flexibility. New jacket colors include lime-green, tan, royal-blue, plum and chrome, among others, for a total of 0 new color options. NAB Booth: C 1429.
1770 Birchwood Ave.
Des Plaines, IL 60018
847/795-9555; fax 847/795-8770

Hannay AVC1150 Cable Reel

A necessary accessory to keep long cables manageable, Hanney Reel’s Model AVC1150 storage reel has an optional folding handle and a cam-lock brake. Also useful is an opening in the drum that permits the cable end to be inserted to initiate winding. The AVC weighs in at 44 pounds, and comes in nonreflective, black air-dried enamel. NAB Booth: C 10317.
553 State Route 143
Westerlo, NY 12193

Hosa Technology DOC-106

Direct-out insert adapter cable. Uses a male TRS plug to allow an insert jack to become an output. This 6-inch adapter sums the send return insert point to female ¼-inch and “tricks” the mixer into sending a common signal, yet allows the jack wiring and signal to continue through the console. NAB Booth: SL5955.
6920 Hermosa Circle
Buena Park, CA 90620

Neutrik XLR Chassis Connectors “AA” Series

Compatible with the “A” Series, the “AA” Series offers improved design features, only available in female versions. Compatibility includes panel cutout and PCB layout, and low-contact resistance ensures high-contact pressure for added durability. The series includes a pre-assembled “push” lever, is flammability-rated UL94HB and available in 12 standard 3-pin female horizontal and vertical PC-mount versions only. A retention spring instead of a latch is offered on most versions. PCB contacts are partially plated with silver for increased solderability. No lateral contacts versions available. NAB Booth: C 5842.
195 Lehigh Ave.
Lakewood, NJ 08701
732/901-9488; fax 732/901-9608

Whirlwind E BEAM

The Whirlwind E BEAM is a system for transporting Ethernet or CobraNet™ data, either point-to-point or cascaded, over a modulated Class-One IR laser beam. It represents the latest breakthrough technology in wireless digital laser transmission. Available in 100Mbs and 1,000Mbs versions. It’s easy to set up, reliable and secure. NAB Booth: C 7819.

Whirlwind E Snake

E Snake is the first CobraNet access device that can be configured to transport and route multiple channels of mic, line, AES/EBU or voltage control signals. Two or more E Snake frames can replace the traditional analog snake. NAB Booth: C 7819.
99 Ling Rd.
Rochester, NY 14612
585/663-8820; fax 585/865-8930

Zaolla Analog Snakes

Zaolla analog snakes are configured using “Z-sub” 25-pin zinc headshells, anodized-gray XLRs or TRS connectors. Each of the eight pairs uses solid-cast silver conductors, PE dielectrics, a foil wrap and then a true braided ground shield (not ground wire). The use of silver instead of copper improves transference because, atomically, there is 7% less resistance in silver. Each is built to order and carries a limited lifetime warranty. Custom pinouts and lengths are available. NAB Booth: SL 5955.

Zaolla ZAES Series Snakes

ZAES snakes for AES digital signals are configured using “Z-sub” 25-pin zinc headshells, anodized-gray XLRs or TRS connectors. Each of the eight pairs uses solid-cast silver conductors, PE dielectrics, a foil wrap and then a true braided ground shield (not ground wire). The use of silver instead of copper reduces latency because, atomically, there is 7% less resistance in silver. Each is built to order and carries a limited lifetime warranty. Custom pinouts and lengths are available. NAB Booth: SL 5955.
6920 Hermosa Circle
Buena Park, CA 90620


Creative Network Design NetMixPro

The ultimate cross-platform sound library and project-management software, NetMixPro for PC and Mac enables audio and video editors to quickly search and audition sound effects/production music and transfer sounds with the click of a button into their editing software (Pro Tools, Avid, Final Cut Pro and more). Features include custom categories, SuperBins, a customizable MySQL database, sound supervisor project management, multitrack subclip editor/spotting, DV movie and a $990 USA retail.
4535 W. Sahara Ave., Ste. 217
Las Vegas, NV 89102

Digigram PCX822v2

The PCX822v2 multichannel sound card provides efficient and economical solutions for multichannel broadcasting, permanent playback and other applications demanding high quality. It features four balanced analog/digital stereo outputs and one balanced analog/digital stereo input. It replaces PCX822np, adding universal PCI compatibility (3.3V ready). The sound card is full-duplex, offering simultaneous and independent record and playback capabilities. The PCS822vs also features real-time, simultaneous MPEG Layer I and Layer II compression and decompression during record and playback. LTC Time Code unbalanced input. NAB Booth: N 2522.
2101 Wilson Blvd., Ste. 1004
Arlington, VA 22201
703/875-9100; fax 703/875-9161

Edirol UA-1000

USB 2.0 audio interface. 10-input/10-output, 24-bit/96kHz audio interface with four preamps, phantom power, inserts, ADAT, S/PDIF, word clock and MIDI I/O, all connecting to the USB 2.0 port of your computer. Includes ASIO and WDM driver support. NAB Booth: SL 1775.
425 Sequoia Dr., Ste. 114
Bellingham, WA 98226
360/594-4273; fax 360/594-4271

Emagic GmbH Logic Pro 6

Logic Pro 6 is Emagic’s flagship software for computer-based music production. It elegantly combines composition, notation, sound generation and audio production facilities into one comprehensive product. Logic’s renowned reliability, flexibility and sound quality has seen it become the most widely used program of its type in professional circles. Logic Pro 6 now features the most comprehensive selection of software instruments and real-time plug-ins to be included in a professional audio and music production application. List: $999. NAB Booths: SL 3660, SL 4054.

Emagic GmbH Logic Express 6

Logic Express 6 is a computer music production application designed to fit the needs of aspiring musicians and audio engineers. It provides all the tools needed to write, record, edit and mix music in an attractively priced package. Logic Express 6 features powerful audio production tools, including more than 28 effect plug-ins, the faithful EVP73 electric piano re-creation, the outstanding ES1 synthesizer and the EXSP24 sample player. List: $299. NAB Booths: SL 3660, SL 4054.
Halstenbeker Weg 96
25462 Rellingen, Germany
0049-4101-495-0; fax 0049-4101-495-199

E-mu Emulator X

The Emulator X and Emulator X Studio desktop sampling systems combine E-mu sampling technologies and hardware DSP with software features such as disk streaming and file management. Both systems feature an integrated waveform editor and powerful synth functions, with a 24-bit/192kHz audio interface with hardware-accelerated effects. The Emulator X Studio comes with a sync daughter card.
Green Hills Road
Scotts Valley, CA 95067

Magix Sequoia 7

Sequoia 7 is high-definition digital audio PC software for media and post-production, broadcasting and mastering. It is ideally suited to multitrack recording, stereo and multitrack editing, video post-production, audio assembly and CD mastering, reportage, interview, film score and dialog editing. Sequoia draws upon years of cooperation with experienced producers and sound engineers to tackle every challenge faced by modern professional recording studios.
Dist. by Synthax
5111 Market St.
Boardman, OH 44512

Minnetonka Fast Edit 4.0

Fast Edit 4.0 supports 16, 24 and 32-bit resolution at sample rates up to 96 kHz, Direct-X processing in both real time and offline processing modes, and true multitasking, which allows editing during playback. The Fast Edit user interface is simple and intuitive, allowing the novice to learn quickly. Nonetheless, the program is quite powerful, virtually ensuring professional results for radio stations and production facilities. Thousands are in daily use worldwide.
17113 Minnetonka Blvd., Ste. 300
Minnetonka, MN 55345
952/449-6481; fax 952/449-0318

Soundminer 3.1/LE

Soundminer is a powerful, elegant and intuitive asset-management system designed and optimized for the audio industry. Database, search, audition, edit, spot and process files with Soundminer’s highly recognized interface and then transfer single or batch groups of files into any of the industry’s most popular DAWs. Debuting at NAB will be Soundminer 3.1, with multichannel Rewire support, built-in dictionary and thesaurus, support for MySQL, new Supervisor Controls, LE version and much more. NAB Booth: SL 3431.

Soundminer Server X3.1

Soundminer Server X is a network management tool that extends the capabilities of the Soundminer audio file-management system. It is an OS X product that provides centralized serving, automated administrative tasking, traffic management, remote access and a safe encrypted data stream to protect against intrusions. Server X is not hardware-dependant and will work efficiently on any Mac computer capable of running OS X and features complete MySQL integration. NAB Booth: SL 3431.
157 Princess St. Third Floor
Toronto, Ontario Canada M5A 4M4
416/644-1066; fax 416/214-9912

Symbolic Sound Kyma X

Kyma X delivers more than 70 breakthrough features including a new look, a 432-page book of never-before-documented Kyma secrets, a new editor where users can create their own tools and add them to the Tools menu, and substantial changes in the underlying structure that make it possible for Kyma to run under Mac OS X and Windows XP and 2000 (while maintaining compatibility with OS 9, Win ME and Win 98).
Box 2549
Champaign, IL 61825-2549
217/355-6273; fax 217/355-6562

TC Electronic PowerCore FireWire

PowerCore is the open DSP platform for rackmount-quality processing inside any VST- or AudioUnit-compatible audio application such as Logic, Cubase, Nuendo or Performer. The new PowerCore FireWire enables laptop users and professionals on the move to take advantage of a wide selection of professional tools, including the 10 virtual processors it ships with and the growing number of optional plug-ins from companies such as Waldorf, Access, Sony, TC Helicon and Dsound. Retail: $1,795.
742-A Hampshire Rd.
Westlake Village, CA 91361
805/373-1828; fax 805/379-2648


Disc Makers EliteMicro

The hardest-working little duplicator in the industry! Duplicates at least 17 CD-Rs, four DVD-Rs or four DVD+Rs per hour. Features one 52x CD-R drive or one 4x DVD±R drive, 50-disc capacity input/output bins, user-friendly duplication and design software, network capability, three-year warranty on robotics and free lifetime technical support. Just $1,390 for 52x CD-R or $1,790 for DVD±R. Hands-free CD and DVD duplication you can afford! NAB Booth: SU 8228.

Disc Makers ReflexPro7

New low price on our best-selling stand-alone CD-R/DVD±R duplicator! The ReflexPro7 now includes an 80GB hard drive. Duplicates at least 119 CD-Rs or 28 DVD-RS or DVD±Rs per hour. Includes seven 52x CD-R drives or seven 4x Pioneer DVD+/-R drives. No host PC needed! One-year warranty and free lifetime technical support. 52x CD-R version available for just $990; 4x DVD+/-R version for $1,990. NAB Booth: SU 8228.
7905 N. Route 130
Pennsauken, NJ 08110
800/468-9353; fax 856/661-3455

Primera Accent Disc Laminator

The Accent Disc Laminator laminates a clear, glossy film on top of inkjet-printed CDs and DVDs, making the discs both water- and scratch-proof. Hologram laminates are also available in both standard and custom designs for secure, authentic discs. Accent can be used as a stand-alone system or combined with any Composer Series optical disc duplicator for an automated burn, print and laminate solution. MSRP: $3,495. NAB Booth: C 8228.

Primera Bravo II Disc Publisher

The Bravo II Disc Publisher is the world’s first combination CD/DVD duplication and printing system for both Mac and PC users. Bravo copies and prints up to 50 discs per job hands-free. Bravo is available with one 52x CD-R drive or a DVD±R/CD-R combination drive that records DVDs at 8x and CDs at 24x. A 4,800 dpi printer prints full-color, photo-quality images directly onto the surface of the disc. MSRP: $2,195. NAB Booth: C 8228.
Two Carlson Parkway North
Plymouth, MN 55447
763/475-6676; fax 763/475-6677


Digidesign Pro Tools 6.2

Pro Tools 6.2 software offers increased productivity with the industry-standard Pro Tools TDM platform. Including a unified feature set across Windows XP- and Mac OS X-based Pro Tools systems, enhanced Avid interoperability and post-production feature support, and new compatibility options, Pro Tools 6.2 software is the most powerful, feature-rich version of Pro Tools software yet. NAB Booth: SL 4761.
2001 Junipero Serra Blvd.
Daly City, CA 94014
650/731-6300; fax 650/731-6399

Fairlight StationPLUS and Pyxi NLV

The StationPLUS integrated mixer and editor doubles the capacity of Station (taking the integrated mixer/editor from 56 channels and 24 buses to 144 channels and 48 buses), provides control of Nuendo and Pro Tools record/edit platforms, and features the ability to add VCA-style fader groups. Pyxi nonlinear video (NLV) offers sync and transfer, a touchscreen interface, network-ready project management, full support for 9-pin control and more. NAB Booth: SU 11619.
Box 6048
Frenchs Forest, Australia NSW 2086
(+61) 2/9975-1777

iZ Technology RADAR 24: Classic Pro

RADAR 24: Classic Pro is a pro multitrack recorder sporting 24 channels of 48kHz analog I/O (+24 dBu) and dual 120GB removable iZSCI recording drives for more than 19 hours of 24-track recording. Additional features include a DVD-RAM, DVD-R, CD-R combo drive, Ethernet, XGA output, professional remote, 24-channel meter bridge, 114GB additional disk storage, word, video, SMPTE, MTC, 9-pin, Soundmaster, MMC, RADAR Link and two card slots for optional 24-channel AES, ADAT or TDIF digital I/O.
240-109 Braid St.
New Westminster, BC Canada V3L 5H4
800/776-1356; fax 604/395-7888

Merging Technologies DSD Pyramix

The new 16-channel DSD Pyramix system is also available in 2- or 8-channel configurations. New software enhancements to the DSD system include full Scarlet Book specification authoring and the ability to internally monitor the 16-channel mixed signal path during DSD recording. Merging also offers the Vcube Video HD recorder/player and CEDAR Retouch software. NAB Booth: N 3731.
3000 Dundee Rd., Ste. 316
Northbrook, IL 60062

Roland VS8F-3

Plug-In Effect Expansion Board

Compatible with Roland’s VS Series, from the new VS-2480DVD, which lets users burn up to 4.7 GB of song data to a single DVD-R or DVD-RW disc, down to the VS-1680, the VS8F-3 Plug-In Effect Expansion Board lets Roland VS users upgrade their systems at any level. Not only will Roland plug-ins be available, but Antares, IK Multimedia, George Massenburg Labs, Universal Audio, Cakewalk, McDSP, TC Electronic, Sound Toys and other developers are porting plug-ins over to the V-Studio platform; many of these plug-ins are already available. The VS8F-3 boasts 56-bit processing and sampling rates up to 96 kHz, depending on the V-Studio host. Each VS8F-3 can run two plug-ins; Roland includes five plug-ins with each board.
5100 S. Eastern Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90040
323/890-3700; fax 323/890-3701

SADiE Version 5 Software

SADiE’s Version 5 software is the core OS for a new range of DAW products for both PCM and DSD production. Enhancements include major playlist and mixer tweaks, along with the provision of enhanced real-time DirectX support, allowing users to access a vast range of third-party plug-ins from Waves, TC Electronic, Antares and others. Standard Windows networking functions are supported, opening up greater multi-user — access possibilities to SADiE users. NAB Booth: SU 8426.
475 Craighead St.
Nashville, TN 37204
615/327-1140; fax 615/327-1699

Sonic Studio DSD.1

DSD.1 is a Macintosh-based 8-channel assembly and mastering workstation for the Direct Stream Digital audio format. Hardware comprises a full-length PCI interface card supporting eight bi-directional channels of 64fs DSD via the SDIF-3 protocol. Recording and editing is performed entirely within the DSD domain using the familiar Sonic Studio editing environment, complete with four-point cut-and-paste editing and the Edit Fade Mode crossfade editor. Annex D3, D4 and E3 metering available on all eight channels.
12817 Industrial Park Blvd.
Plymouth, MN 55441
763/577-1535; fax 763/577-5950


Apogee AD and DA-16X

The AD-16X and the DA-16X, Apogee’s latest and most advanced conversion systems, take the legendary quality of Apogee a huge step forward. Features such as high-performance conversion chips, a redesigned power supply, standard 192kHz sampling rates, the C777 clocking technology found in Big Ben and optional Pro Tools|HD and FireWire expansion cards make the AD and DA-16X the most powerful and flexible conversion combination ever available. NAB Booth: SL 3458.

Apogee Rosetta 200

The Rosetta 200 offers the quality of Apogee’s popular Rosetta 800 in a 2-channel version. Features of the Rosetta 200 include two channels of premium Apogee A/D and D/A conversion, 192k sampling rates (standard), optional Pro Tools |HD, Mix and FireWire expansion cards, sample rate conversion, metering and core Apogee technologies such as UV22HR and SoftLimit. The Rosetta 200 is an ideal and economical option for professional and project studios, mastering engineers and audio archivists. NAB Booth: SL 3458.
3145 Donald Douglas Loop
Santa Monica, CA 90405
310/915-1000; fax 310/915-7420

Lavry Engineering USB Line

Lavry Engineering (formerly dB Technologies), the high-end AD/DA converter company, now offers a new line of USB products providing low prices, portability and the excellent signal clarity that Dan Lavry is known for.
945 Hildebrand Lane N.E., Ste. 110
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
206/842-3552; fax 206/842-3193

Prism DSD Interface Module

The Prism Sound ADA-8 multichannel, AD/DA converter range adds a DSD interface module compatible with the multi-coaxial standard DSD format, along with the CAT.5 24-channel SuperMAC format. The new module allows DSD masters to be printed direct from any PCM format. This, coupled with the ability to achieve simultaneous PCM and DSD outputs, as well as format conversion, provides an extremely powerful production tool. NAB Booths: C 6814, SL 5250.

Prism FireWire Interface Module

The Prism Sound ADA-8 multichannel, AD/DA converter range adds a FireWire (IEEE-1394) interface module compatible with the latest Apple OS X (aka, Panther) operating system. Support is also planned for Windows XP. The new module allows ADA-8 to operate with software such as Emagic’s Logic Audio V6, Apple’s Final Cut Pro and many other applications. Part Number: 8C-FW. NAB Booths: C 6814, SL 5250.
21 Pine St.
Rockaway, NJ 07866
805/370-1599; fax 805/983-9588

Texas Instruments SRC419x Family

The SRC419x from Texas Instruments’ Burr-Brown Pro Audio group are the industry’s highest-performance sample rate converters. Featuring 144dB dynamic range and -140dB distortion, they are ideal for a variety of professional audio applications, such as digital mixing consoles, digital audio workstations, audio distribution, high-end A/V receivers and broadcast studio equipment. The SRC4192/3 are priced from $9.95 in 1k units. NAB Booth: SL 2169.
6730 South Tucson Blvd.
Tucson, AZ 85706
800/548-6132; fax 520/746-7309

Universal Audio 2192

Master Audio Interface

The 2192 Master Audio Interface is the first product to combine Universal Audio’s long history of creating high-quality analog gear with its advanced digital technology. The 2192 serves as an extremely high-quality A/D and D/A converter, a master clock generator and distributor, as well as a format transcoder. The 2192 functions at sample rates from 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz and supports sub/over clocking, AES/EBU dual-wire and S-MUX interleaving. MSRP: $2,795.
330 Encinal St.
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
800/823-1176; fax 831/466-3775



AEA’s new R84 DJV is based on our award-winning R84 “big ribbon” microphone. Optimized for voice work, the DJ Version delivers a big intimate sound that is articulate, smooth, bright and natural. Well-protected for close-up use, it is boom-compatible and will be demonstrated on LPB Quiet Booms at NAB. AEA R44 and R84 microphones use ribbon material manufactured for RCA. NAB Booth: N 2436.

AEA R88 Stereo Ribbon Microphone

The AEA R88 Stereo Ribbon Microphone delivers natural frequency response and precise stereo imaging. This large ribbon design has the extended bass of our classic R44 and critically acclaimed R84. The clean and smooth treble of the R88 is very flattering to complex tones such as woodwinds, strings and cymbals. The R88 is an excellent orchestral and choral recording microphone, and shines on studio applications such as horn sections and drum overheads. NAB Booth: N 2436.
1029 N. Allen Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91104
626/798-9128; fax 626/798-2378

AKG WMS 4000

The WMS 4000 is a UHF wireless system available in several 30MHz bands, each with 1,200 channels. The WMS 4000 features 120 dB of dynamic range and transmitters with a full 50 mW of radiated output power. Among its many unique features is a Smartbattery recharging system that delivers more than 12,000 hours of use time. NAB Booth: N 4018.
914 Airpark Center Dr.
Nashville, TN 37217
615/620-3800; fax 615/620-3875

Audio-Technica AT897

Line and Gradient Condenser Microphone

Audio-Technica’s AT897 high-performance short shotgun microphone is designed for field audio acquisition in film/TV/video production, professional recording and broadcast applications. It offers outstanding long-distance audio pickup; smooth, natural-sounding on-axis audio quality; and excellent off-axis rejection of sound arriving from the sides and rear of mic. It also features switchable low-frequency roll-off along with the versatility of battery/phantom power. Frequency response: 20 to 20,000 Hz; maximum input sound level: 129 dB SPL; impedance: 200 ohms; length: 11 inches. NAB Booth: N 3712.

Audio-Technica AT898

Subminiature Cardioid Condenser Lavalier

With Audio-Technica’s new discrete design AT898, users are assured of maximum intelligibility, minimum visibility and the versatility of battery/phantom power. Available in wired and wireless versions, the mic features a low-profile appearance (a mere 5 mm in diameter), durable construction and switchable low-frequency roll-off to reduce popping. Includes clothing clip, magnet and viper mic mounts, three single and two double interchangeable mic holders, and two windscreens. Price: $299 (wired version). NAB Booth: N 3712.
1221 Commerce Dr.
Stow, OH 44224
330/686-2600; fax 330/686-0719

Beyerdynamic MC930

This high-quality, small-diaphragm condenser features a wide 40 to 20,000Hz response and 71dB signal-to-noise ratio. The switchable, 6dB/octave, 250Hz low-cut filter reduces popping noise when close-miking. With the WS101 windscreen and -15dB switchable pre-attenuation, the MC 930 can also be used for handheld vocals. Its cardioid pattern offers high gain-before-feedback and eliminates noise from the rear, making it suitable for studio or location use. NAB Booth: C 7604.
56 Central Ave.
Farmingdale, NY 11735
631/293-3200; fax 631/293-3288

DPA 4071 Miniature Mic

The DPA 4071 Miniature Microphone is designed for clarity and articulation. A soft presence boost of 5 dB at 4 to 6 kHz ensures absolute intelligibility, clarity and definition. Chest-worn and extraordinarily compact, the 4071 is ideal for all ENG/EFP applications. As part of the comprehensive EMK4071 ENG/EFP microphone kit, the 4071 is versatile and feature-rich. The DAD 6024 XLR adapter with midrange attenuation allows program material to be broadcast or recorded directly, with no editing required. NAB Booth: N 2536.


The MSS6000 Microphone Summation System is a professional tool for miking up orchestras without cable clutter. It represents the ultimate ensemble amplification system for orchestras, bands and choirs, freeing up many useful and costly channels without compromising control. The system comprises five Stereo Satellite Boxes, offering individual level and pan adjustments for every performer, and a Master Sum Box containing two high-performance, transformer-coupled mic preamplifiers. Ten 4061 Miniature Microphones with mounting accessories are included. NAB Booth: N 2536.
691 Gray Mountain Dr.
Lyons, CO 80540
303/823 8878; fax 303/823 5830

Electro-Voice RE510

This supercardioid handheld condenser mic features smooth bandwidth, low distortion, wide dynamic range and low-frequency boost switch under the ball screen for live vocal or studio use. The roll-off configuration compensates for proximity effect, while upper-mid frequencies offer clear and natural response. In studio mode, the low-end response is lifted, creating a versatile instrument mic. NAB Booth: C 9106.
12000 Portland Ave. South
Burnsville, MN 55337

FLEA F-47 Microphone

The F-47 tube microphone from FLEA incorporates the finest quality tubes, premier capsules and hand assembly resulting in unprecedented construction and legendary sound quality. The F-47 has selectable cardioid and omni patterns and is available in various tube configurations, including UF14, EF14 and EF14 Wermacht. Price: $7,750. NAB Booth: N 1300.
43 Deerfield Rd.
Portland, ME 04101
207/773-2424; fax 207/773-2422

Neumann BCM 104 Broadcast Mic

The BCM 104 is a large-diaphragm condenser capsule with a cardioid directional pattern, switchable proximity effect compensation and a highpass filter that reduces frequencies below 100 Hz by 12 dB/octave. A second, pre-attenuation switch allows the sensitivity to be reduced by 14 dB to optimize performance for circuits designed for dynamic microphones. Both switches are internally mounted within the microphone housing. Flat frequency response up to 3 kHz; higher frequencies have a maximum increased presence of 2 dB. NAB Booth: N 2812.

Neumann TLM 127 Studio Condenser

The TLM 127 is a switchable pattern condenser microphone with cardioid and omni polar patterns. An optional power supply provides remote switching of five (omni, wide cardioid, cardioid, hypercardioid and figure-8) polar patterns. Based on the Neumann TLM 103, the mic features a new K127 capsule and boasts a frequency range of 20 Hz, self-noise of 7 dBA and max SPL of 40 dB. It also has a -14dB pad and 150Hz highpass filter. Includes wooden box and elastic suspension mount. NAB Booth: N 2812.
One Enterprise Dr.
Old Lyme, CT 06371
860/434-9190; fax 860/434-1759

Pearl PML CT40/DT40

The CT40 uses Pearl’s revolutionary, dual-membrane, rectangular capsule with a fixed cardioid polar pattern and is powered by a Nuvistor vacuum tube. The PML DT40 offers a choice of five different polar patterns and is also tube-powered. The combination of the rectangular capsule with its excellent sonic neutrality and the warmth of the Nuvistor tube give these microphones a sensational sound. PMLCT40, $3,750; PMLDT40, $3,900. NAB Booth: N 1300.
43 Deerfield Rd.
Portland, ME 04101
207/773-2424; fax 207/773-2422

Sanken CS-1 Short Shotgun

The CS-1 Short Shotgun Microphone is an ultracompact unit with sharp directivity that delivers targeted sound while eliminating background noise. Less than eight inches in length, the CS-1 is ideal for mounting on video/film cameras, and with a weight of only 3.5 ounces, it is also easy to maneuver on boom poles. Utilizing Sanken’s original square condenser capsule, the CS-1 has a flat frequency response beyond 20 kHz and handles up to 137 dB. NAB Booth: N 3918.
Dist. by plus24
1155 N. La Brea Ave.
West Hollywood, CA 90038

Schoeps WSR-DMS for Double M/S

The WSR-DMS is a compact shock-mount and windshielding system for “Double M/S” 5.0 surround recording with two CCM 4VL and one CCM 8L Schoeps mics. The Double M/S technique allows flexible processing of the stereo image width and post-production adjustment. The shock-mount includes a cable set adapter for the three mics to a 7-pin XLR-M. Optional is the DMS-Splitter box that simplifies connecting to M/S preamps and mixers and the Windjammer fur cover. NAB Booth: N 3126.
Dist. by Redding Audio
97 South Main St., #10
Newtown, CT 06470
203/270-1808; fax 203/270-2934

Sennheiser MKH 418S Stereo Shotgun Mic

A cost-effective and elegant choice for broadcast, film, television and multimedia applications, the MKH 418S M-S incorporates a mid capsule from MKH 416, combined with a new figure-8 side capsule system. Mid-side (M-S) stereo allows the adjustment of stereo imaging through the use of an independent dual-capsule system. The outputs support variable matrixing capabilities and multifunctional use in post-production. With standard 5-pin XLR male connector, the microphone is powered via 48-volt phantom supplied to each capsule. Rugged, weather-resistant design. NAB Booth: N 2812.

Sennheiser Evolution Wireless G2 Systems

The Sennheiser Evolution Wireless G2 features 1,440 switchable channels with a 30% reduction in the bodypack size and a Scan function that automatically searches for free channels. A new user menu and large backlit displays make the series user-friendly. The G2 line encompasses five series. For broadcast applications, the 300, 300 IEM and 500 G2 Series offer the options that suit this market best. Priced the same as its predecessor. Range: $767 to $1,776. NAB Booth: N 2812.
One Enterprise Dr.
Old Lyme, CT 06371
860/434-9190; fax 860/434-1759

Sony UWP Series UHF Synthesized Wireless

Model numbers: UWPC1, UWPC2, UWPS1, UWPS2, UWPX1, UWPX2. Six complete system packages are available in both bodypack and hand-held configurations. Tuner options are camera pack, half-rack and modular. Each package available in two channel options: channels 62 to 65 and channels 66 to 69. Suitable for a wide range of applications, including news gathering, interviews, talk shows, conferences and P.A. systems. PLL-synthesized, space diversity reception, tone-squelch circuitry, simultaneous multichannel operation. NAB Booth: SU 11051.
1 Sony Dr.
Park Ridge, NJ 07656
201/930-1000; fax 201/930-6307

Zaxcom Digital ENG Wireless Mic

The Zaxcom Digital ENG Wireless Microphone comes in mono or stereo configuration. The Stereo Wireless transmits two full-bandwidth audio channels with one receiver and one transmitter using a single 200kHz RF channel. The audio is encrypted and sounds superior to FM wireless. All systems can be controlled via remote-control software available upon request, free of charge. NAB Booth: C 7410.
230 West Parkway, Unit 9
Pompton Plains, NJ 07444
973/835-5000; fax 973/835-6633



The DFC2 digital film console redefines the art of mixing for film. Enhancements include Version 3.0 Encore automation with EDL automation conforming. Fiber-optic meter backlight technology brings variable brightness for viewing the channel strips. A Banks feature recalls six sets of surface layouts at the touch of a button. DSP provides up to 8-band EQ, filter and dynamics (including an automated multiband compressor) — all with legendary AMS Neve sound. Also standard are touch-sensitive controls, versatile machine control, multi-partition mixing and integrated MADI routing. NAB Booth: N 1612.
100 Avenue of the Americas, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10013
212/965-1400; fax 212/965-9306

Calrec Hydra Networking

Calrec’s Hydra audio network makes its NAB debut alongside a full complement of digital consoles in Las Vegas. Currently in use networking three Sigma 100 consoles at CNBC’s global headquarters in Englewood, N.J., the Hydra is an advanced networking and mic preamp system that enables I/O resources to be shared throughout the range of Calrec digital consoles. NAB Booth: N 1012.
Nutclough Mill
Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, UK HX7 8EZ
44/1422-842159; fax 44/1422-845244

Cooper Sound CS104

The Cooper “ENG” mixer has been designed for ease of operation, reliability and superior audio quality. All controls are located on the front and side panels and are ergonomically laid out for operator convenience. All components are of the highest quality. All Cooper Sound mixers are housed in a sturdy metal chassis built to withstand the rigors of location recording. NAB Booth: N 2424.

Cooper Sound CS208 v2

The CS208 v2 is an 8-channel portable mixer with four main and two aux outputs and comprehensive communications features. Options include internal A/D converters with AES/EBU outputs. Eight balanced, pre/post-fader outputs. NAB Booth: N 2424.
645 Main St., Ste. C
Morro Bay, CA 93442
805/772-1007; fax 805/772-1098

Dugan Model D-3

Automatic Mixing Controller

The Model D-3 Automatic Mixing Controller is the next evolution in the famous line of Dugan live mic processors. The 8-channel DSP processor unit patches into a digital console’s AES I/O ports. A separate ergonomic control panel connects with a single cable. The Dugan patented algorithms eliminate missed cues on live mics without gating. The system maintains a natural ambience, doesn’t chop off the beginnings of words and doesn’t cut off talkers who go off-mic. NAB Booth: N 2424.
290 Napoleon St., Studio E
San Francisco, CA 94124
415/821-9776; fax 415/826-7699

Euphonix Max Air

The Max Air digital console is designed for on-air and live-to-tape broadcast production. The console is competitively priced for its rich digital feature set and advanced technology and is based on the proven technology and software of the Euphonix System 5. It shares the same DSP core and I/O as System 5, and also includes much of the same processing. NAB Booth: N 3616.
220 Portage Ave.
Palo Alto, CA 94070
650/855-0400; fax 650/855-0410

Fairlight Dream Constellation Console

The Dream Constellation digital console boasts new automation functionality up to 144 channels, 48 buses and 32 mono multitrack buses. Automation and audio can be edited simultaneously, enabling the user to move clips, tracks, ranges or entire projects with previously written automation. Able to accommodate up to four QDC cards and with updated Dream Series 3.1 software, the board features access to Creamware plug-ins, has an updated GUI and offers fader control of Nuendo and Pro Tools. NAB Booth: SU 11619.
Box 6048
Frenchs Forest, Australia NSW 2086
(+61) 2/9975-1777

Harrison MPC3-D Film Mixing Console

MPC3-D, the latest digital console from Harrison, is designed for film and post-production applications and includes many new features. Large TFT monitors across the redesigned console surface for channel metering and graphical display, center section TFT monitors for automation and master metering display and a new DTC (digital tools card) with built-in 20 second audio looping, bus limiters and dedicated DSP for use with specialized plug-in software are all available in the new design. NAB Booth: N 3016.

Harrison TVDSL-IkIs

Digital Broadcast Console

Harrison’s third-generation broadcast console operates with two superior IkIs platform computers and drives, running in mirror-image for redundancy. Two 17-inch TFTs provide a wide choice of system views, DSP status, metering and an internal phase scope. IkIs reduces rack requirements, yet one Core can support 256 channels and 136 buses. Twenty-one TFT video displays eliminate costly monitor walls. Profiling provides instant, unrestricted layer and surface layouts. Transformer-coupled mic pre’s provide three inputs each. NAB Booth: N 3016.
1024 Firestone Pkwy.
La Vergne, TN 37086
615/641-7200; fax 615/641-7224

InnovaSON Sy80 Digital Console

The InnovaSON Sy80 Digital Console allows an unlimited number of inputs to be “stacked” beneath a single “development” fader for control by that fader, allowing the user to designate a “deployment” zone of faders anywhere on the console. Featuring 80 inputs, 80 outputs, 80 faders and 48 mix buses housed in a new chassis and weighing less than 176 pounds (80 kg), the Sy80 combines upgraded Sensoft 8 software with a new DSP module. Price: $74,000. NAB Booth: N 2812.

InnovaSON Sy40-8 Upgrade

The new Sensoft 8.1 software package adds a host of new features and flexibility to existing InnovaSON Sy40 consoles, including the ability to freely configure the most suitable console layout and I/O arrangement for any application: touring, installation and broadcast. New InnovaSON consoles featuring the benefits of Sensoft 8.1 will be sold as Sy40-8 units. However, the upgrade kit, comprising software, hardware, manuals and documentation for existing Sy40 and Compact Live users, is also sold separately. Upgrade kit: $1,425. NAB Booth: N 2812.
Dist. by Sennheiser
One Enterprise Dr.
Old Lyme, CT 06371
860/434-9190; fax 860/434-1759

Intelix M Series E Audio Matrix Mixer

The Audio Matrix Mixer features cross-point matrix mixing, mic or line-level, up to 128×128 inputs/outputs, up to 128 user presets, audio selection and volume control, PC setup, front and rear panel com ports, TCP/IP LAN and iInternet control and real-time event-scheduling software.
8001 Terrace Ave.
Middleton, WI 53562
866/4-MATMIX; fax 608/831-1833

Lawo mc266

The mc266 is a compact, mid-sized mixing console for broadcast, production and recording with up to 92 faders, an integrated 20002 matrix and a maximum of 192 fully equipped channels and 144 summing buses. The width allows users to place up to 48 channel strips and eight main faders in an OB van. The signal processing, including surround 7.1 and 96 kHz, completes the system. Comprehensive control functions via Ethernet, Sony 9-pin, MIDI and GPI allow optimal adaptation. NAB Booth: N 716.

Lawo AG Nova 73 HD

Nova 73 matrix with a routing capacity of 2,048 mono channels is designed for broadcast, production and installation. This synchronous audio matrix offers ports for MADI, ATM and AES3 directly at the system core. You can service, equip and reconfigure during operation. Nova 73 allows system extensions even when you are on-air. Our HD technology offers features such as 96 kHz, Dolby E compatibility, switching clock synchronized to video frames or integrated signal processing for gain adjustment and mono mixing. NAB Booth: N 716.
Am Oberwald 8
Rastatt, Germany 76437
+49/7222-1002-27; fax +49/7222-1002-69

Logitek Numix Digital Console

Now available: The Numix features two-stage talk show delay, silence sense capability, EQ and dynamics processing, input metering on every fader, compression metering on individual faders, guest panels and intercom capability. NAB Booth: N 3307.
5622 Edgemoor
Houston, TX 77081
713/664-4470; fax 713/664-4479

Mackie dXb Digital Console

The dXb digital console operates with 72×72 of I/O at 96 kHz and lower, or 36×36 at 192 kHz and features 24 channel strips with 100mm P+G moving faders, two integrated 15-inch touchscreens, and will operate as a fully functional Mackie Control Universal offering control for Nuendo, Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic and more. It includes one UAD-1 card, offering access to a long list of DSP effects. I/O is flexible and can be configured to user wants, and FireWire I/O option cards can move audio to/from a computer. NAB Booth: SL 5913.
16220 Wood-Red Rd.
Woodinville, WA 98072
800/258-6883; fax 425/487-4337

Midas Verona 8-Bus

Midas enters the mid-level market with Verona, an affordable analog 8-bus with six models from 24 to 64 inputs. Group/aux switching allows any aux outputs to be controlled via a 100mm fader with insert point. Other features include premium mic preamps, sweepable 4-band EQ, eight aux buses, 12×4 matrix, four mute groups, all balanced outputs, optional redundant power supply and more. NAB Booth: C 9106.
12000 Portland Ave. South
Burnsville, MN 55337

SSL C100 V1.5

The C100 V1.5 is a robust digital broadcast console designed for on-air and live-to-tape production applications. Both the console operation and underlying technology have been designed for freelance-friendly, reliable operation. NAB Booth: N 2412.
320 W. 46th St.
New York, NY 10036
212/315-1111; fax 212/315-0251

Sound Devices 302 Field Mixer

Optimized for audio-for-picture applications, the 302 mixer is essential for audio engineers and camera operators wanting to take control of location audio. Stunning for its size, flexibility, control and performance, this compact, cost-effective battery-powered pro audio mixer has features to accommodate nearly any portable production, and interfaces seamlessly with wireless transmitters and receivers. NAB Booth: N 3716.
300 Wengel Dr.
Reedsburg, WI 53959
608/524-0625; fax 608/524-0655

Soundcraft Compact 4

The Compact 4 is ideal for recording vocals and music onto a production studio computer using a sound card. This diminutive 4-channel board easily accommodates a wide range of input sources: mic, line, guitars/keyboards (DI) and stereo CD/tape/turntables (with RIAA equalization). Other amenities include direct-record buttons, 3-band EQ, 48V phantom power, dual headphone feeds with blend control, true stereo zero latency monitoring, and dedicated balanced and unbalanced record and playback connections. Retail: $149.99. NAB Booth: N 1018A.
8500 Balboa Blvd.
Northridge, CA 91329
818/920-3212; fax 818/920-3208

Stagetec AURUS

Stagetec will show the digital mixing console AURUS, which features an analog-style surface with full instant control to the mixing functions. When designing the AURUS, quick and simple operation was a key objective. The console innately features a universal basic configuration. The sequence of functions on the channel strips can be modified by the user. Hence, it shows the same flexibility as Stagetec’s long-term winner, CANTUS. NAB Booth: N 2034.

Stagetec NEXUS

The modular digital routing system NEXUS will be shown with a new set of I/O cards. One highlight will be the AES/EBU input card with AES-42 option for digital microphones. It allows users to connect digital microphones directly to the NEXUS and remote-control all functions of the mics. NEXUS can be used as an audio interface for the digital mixing consoles AURUS or CANTUS, and then offers a direct connection between the digital microphone and console. NAB Booth: N 2034.
Tabbertstr. 10
Berlin, Germany 12459
+49 30/639902-0; fax +49 30/639902-32

Steinberg ID Controller

The Steinberg ID Controller is the most advanced software controller available today. Developed in tandem with Nuendo 2.0, ID ensures unprecedented levels of integration with Steinberg’s Media Production software. The unique versatility of the underlying concept makes ID suitable for any audio work, including post-production, music tracking and sound design. Precision-engineered and hand-built in Germany, ID has been designed with absolute attention to detail to give you not only full control, but also absolute transparency in your project. NAB Booth: SU 10160.
9200 Eton Ave.
Chatsworth, CA 91311
818/678-5100; fax 650/930-2417

Studer OnAir 3000

The OnAir 3000 digital radio console features a completely modular design and new fanless S-Core DSP engine. Control surface modules incorporate the same “Touch’n’Action” philosophy of the OnAir 2000, but with color GUI screens, while channels are equipped with 4-band parametric EQ, full dynamics and comprehensive input/output routing. Layout options range from a full-featured engineer-operated continuity console to a single-fader panel for DJ/newsroom use or even a PC-operated system with no physical desk controls. NAB Booth: N 1018.

Studer Version 3.3 Console Software

Studer announces the availability of Version 3.3 software for its entire range of large-format digital consoles using the D950 processing core: the D950 M2, Vista 6 and Vista 7. New features offered by Version 3.3 vary depending on the desk type and its existing feature set, but all three consoles benefit by having improved snapshot facilities in Static mode, an undo function for snapshot recall, snapshot crossfades over any interval up to 100 seconds and protection against accidentally changing patched connections. NAB Booth: N 700.
8500 Balboa Blvd.
Northridge, CA 91329
818/920-3212; fax 818/920-3208

Tascam US-2400 DAW Controller

With 100mm Moving Faders

Fully mapped control for any DAW that supports HUI or Mackie Control protocols. Features include 25 touch-sensitive 100mm moving faders, each with 10-bit resolution; Select, Solo and Mute keys; 24 encoders controlling pan, aux level or channel strip functions such as EQ and aux; LED ring displays around encoders display parameters or channel meters; Footswitch jack for punch-ins; fader bank switching and In/Out point buttons; assignable function keys can be set to autopunch, record arming, undo, etc.; solid-feeling transport controls; smooth jog/shuttle wheel; and joystick for surround panning. Mac OS X and Windows XP-compatible. MSRP: $1,999. NAB Booth: N 2418.
7733 Telegraph Rd.
Montebello, CA 90640

Yamaha DM1000 Version 2

DM1000 is a compact digital console that supports up to 48 inputs, eight buses and eight aux sends, plus a stereo output at 96 kHz. Version 2 includes the ability to use the new add-on effects, Esam editor control and many other features from DM2000 V. 2. NAB Booth: N 2434.

Yamaha PM5D

The PM5D is a digital live production console with 64 inputs, 48 mono, four stereo and four effect returns, 24 mix outputs, eight matrix outputs and two stereo main outputs. It inherits its simple operational style from the PM1D Digital Mixing System, while boasting many features from the DM2000 Digital Production Console. It operates at up to 96 kHz with a plethora of onboard processing and effects. The PM5D-RH model adds recallable mic preamps. NAB Booth: N 2434.
6600 Orangethorpe Ave.
Buena Park, CA 90620
714/522-9011; fax 714/522-9334


Aviom Distributed Audio Networks

Aviom’s An-Series products create a powerful digital audio distribution network. The AN-16/i Input Module accepts 16 line-level inputs. The AN-16/o is a 16-channel, 1U rackmount output module. Euroblock- and TRS-equipped versions of the AN-Series Modules are available. When used with the AN-16SB System Bridge, up to 64 channels of audio can be transferred over a single Cat5 cable using the AN-Series products.
1157 Phoenixville Pike, Ste. 201
West Chester, PA 19380
610/738-9005; fax 610/738-9950

Glyph GT 103

Glyph’s GT 103 holds three hot-swappable GT Key FireWire drives in a single-space rack. It offers massive storage capacity (up to 750 GB), tested and qualified to support Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Nuendo, Cubase, Logic and more. Integrity™, Glyph’s advanced FireWire interface, makes hot-swapping more reliable, while dual power supplies share the load and sustain production. The GT 103 incorporates a QuietMetal™ design and includes a three-year warranty, with first-year overnight advance replacement. List: $999.
227 Cherry St.
Ithaca, NY 14850
607/275-0345; fax 607/275-9464

Microboards Technology MediaBeacon

MediaBeacon is a unique digital asset-management solution that is both versatile and functional while maintaining stability and protecting assets. MediaBeacon stores all of the asset information: thumbnail views, extended views, metadata (in XML format) and the original file on the server in an open, easy-to-use format. Moving an asset from one MediaBeacon server to another only requires a single folder copy, not a computer scientist and a network administrator. NAB Booth: SL 3706.
8150 Mallory Court
Chanhassen, MN 55317
800/646-8881; fax 952/556-1620

Studio Network Solutions SANmp

The SANmp is a multiplatform volume-management software that enables multiple workstations with different operating systems to concurrently access and share information on a workgroup storage area network. NAB Booth: SL 1762.
1986 Innerbelt Business Center Dr.
St. Louis, MO 63114
314/733-0551; fax 314/733-0537


AccessMusic New Access Promos

New Access Promos from AccessMusic gives you production power, variety and tons of content created by those who eat, drink and breathe music. The first series for Access Promos, the five volumes are packed with more than 250 titles of the best kick-ass promo tracks you’ve ever heard. Make your promos sound custom, cut and paste, slip and slide, sync and mix, these tracks offer flexibility, consistency and power so you can create stand-out promos. NAB Booth: C 3328.
1325 Capital Parkway, 109
Carrollton, TX 75006
800/858-8880; fax 972/242-6520

Bob’s Music Café 101 Classic Themes

Designed specifically for radio, television and commercial production, 101 Classic Themes comprises more than 100 high-quality themes in a variety of popular and period styles. The four-CD set has commercial lengths of each theme, plus short cues and FX, as well as full documentation for quick and easy reference. The price for a full buyout license is only $99.
Box 999
Ojai, CA 93024-0999

FirstCom EVO

From the expected to the exceptional, EVO features new talent, new sounds and new music. It’s music that perfectly complements your project with a variety of styles and we’ve got the basics covered in spades. Log onto, listen and download bonus tracks, additional versions and more stuff related to each EVO CD. You’ll be directed to related discs and tracks; search, download and check out what’s new! NAB Booth: C 3328.
1325 Capital Parkway, 109
Carrollton, TX 75006
800/858-8880; fax 972/242-6520

Hollywood Edge Evil Effects

Seven-CD set of sci-fi horror including hi-tech doors and servos, vicious lasers, evil computers, flashbacks and dreamscapes, explosive FX, blood, bones, gore, guns, zombies, monsters and ambiences from hell…plus “DJ FX,” dynamic multi-purpose sounds. This collection is ideal for sci-fi, horror, slasher, hi-tech, video games, Websites and much more — a must for every creative sound project. NAB Booth: C 2045.

Hollywood Edge Premiere Edition Volume 5

The Hollywood Edge Flagship Library, The Premiere Edition Volume 5, contains 10 CDs of general sound effects. The set includes a little bit of everything from nature atmospheres, automobiles, foreign ambiences, cartoon effects, guns, explosions, impacts and much more. Available in Audio/.AIFF/.WAV formats. NAB Booth: C 2045.
7080 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028
323/603-3252; fax 323/603-3298

Killer Tracks Library

With more than 900 CDs, 17 libraries and an unparalleled selection of quality music, Killer Tracks continues to be the premier music source for all of your production needs. Products and services such as BMG MusicSearch, Killer Sonifer and the Ultimate FX 5.1 Library bolster Killer Tracks’ exceptional reputation. Killer Tracks offers clients the most advanced and convenient ways to experience unmatched music quality and service. NAB Booth: C 2154.
6534 Sunset Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90066
323/957-4455; fax 323/957-4470

Non-Stop Music Library

Non-Stop Music Library is the elite library for every producer/editor/advertiser. The library has music from more than 25 different styles and genres. Non-Stop is preferred and trusted by the world’s largest networks, film studios and advertisers for library licensing, music supervision and original music composition/production. NAB Booth: SU 10315.
915 West 100 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84104
801/531-0060; fax 801/531-0346

Sound Ideas Sports Music & Elements

Two CDs: a complete kit for the sports stadium or arena near you, including music such as U.S. and Canadian national anthems, organ chants, fanfares and trumpet calls; and sound effects such as arena announcements, crowd reactions, horns, hits, explosions and more! NAB Booth: C 1651.

Sound Ideas Underwater Series

Three CDs and 500 effects featuring underwater recording at its best: engines, paddles, explosions, spear guns, hits, screams, scuba gear, submarines, oceans, waterfalls and rivers and more. NAB Booth: C 1651.
105 West Beaver Creek Rd., Ste. 4
Richmond Hill, ONtario Canada L4B 1C6
905/886 5000; fax 905/886 6800

TRF Adrenalin

TRF is launching the new Adrenalin production music library. Adrenalin contains superior contemporary recordings that today’s producers demand. The first Adrenalin CDs include futura, urban, pop/rock, atmospheric loops, chill out, ambient grooves, sports rock, electro/techno, jazz fusion and alternative rock, with 60, 30 and 15-second versions in addition to full-length main themes. Adrenalin is added to the 50,000 selections already in the TRF libraries, the largest and most extensive source of production music. NAB Booth: C 2925.

TRF Kool Kat

Ten new CDs are being added to the Kool Kat production music library, now totaling 70 very contemporary, cutting-edge CDs. The releases include industrial rock, avant-garde jazz, Funky Stuff Vol. 3, 1950s Rock ‘n’ Roll, Music Beds, Adventure, Pipe Organ Classics, Electronica and Techno. Fifty CDs are also added to the Bravo, Cobra, Dennis, Pyramid and Stock libraries, and 60 classical and ethnic CDs are added to the Supraphon Classical and PAN International ethnic libraries. NAB Booth: C 2925.
747 Chestnut Ridge Rd.
Chestnut Ridge, NY 10977

Valentino Production Music/Sound Effects

Company provides production music and sound effects libraries for feature films, television, radio and Internet programming. Company has more than 500 CD masters available in both libraries. NAB Booth: C 1652.
500 Executive Blvd.
Elmsford, NY 10523
800/223-6278; fax 914/347-4764

Westar Music Library: CDs 141 Through 210

Since last NAB, Westar Music has released 70 new CDs, adding to its great production music in seven solid primary categories: sports and corporate; rock, dance and pop; jazz and blues; easy listening; country and western; drama and film scores; and specialty music. Audio demos for every category and CD are available online and the MusicSource search engine lets you browse, audition and download just the right music for your productions. NAB Booth: C 1651.
105 West Beaver Creek Rd., Ste. 4
Richmond Hill, ONntario Canada L4B 1C6


Doremi Labs MCS Video Server

MCS Video Server allows multiple DAW operators to work on the same video project. The MCS Server offers instant access, field-accurate digital video with the power to scrub in perfect sync within the DAW session. Up to seven DAW workstations can be configured to access the same video storage pool via serial RS-422 and Ethernet. The new ListMaker software provides effortless management and sharing of the video files. NAB Booth: C 2529.
306 E. Alameda Ave.
Burbank, CA 91502
818/562-1101; fax 818/562-1109

HHB Portadrive

HHB Portadrive is a portable, multichannel recorder delivering more than four hours of uncompressed 8-channel, 24-bit/96kHz or more than 20 hours of 4-channel 24-bit/48khz audio onto a removable 40GB hard disk. Extensive range of input and output connectivity avoids nonstandard, expensive signal cables and includes eight line inputs, four line outputs, eight channels of digital I/O and six high-gain, very low-noise XLR microphone inputs. Mic inputs feature individual phantom powering, gangable limiters, input pads, a highpass filter, adjustable delay and phase reverse. NAB Booth: N 2812.

HHB USB FireWire/Docking Station

The new HHB USB 2.0/FireWire docking station accepts the Portadrive’s removable HD caddy via a slot in the front panel to deliver lightning-fast file transfer with Mac- and PC-based post-production systems. The unit features a universal power supply for operation anywhere in the world and comes complete with both USB and FireWire cables, making it quick and easy to connect to any DAW. NAB Booth: N 2812.
Dist. by Sennheiser USA One Enterprise Dr.
Old Lyme, CT 06371
860/434-9190; fax 860/434-1759

Marantz PMD670

Portable and Compact Flash MP3/.WAV Recorder

Marantz Professional’s PMD670 portable solid-state recorder permits more than 70 hours recording on 1GB compact Flash cards or Microdrives and is compatible with linear PCM and compressed MP3, MP2 and BWF audio formats. An EDL marking system permits creation and marking of files during recording, with variable bit-rate recording settings and user-adjustable sampling rates from 16 kHz to 48 kHz. A USB connection allows linkage to a PC or Mac for file transfer. SRP: $899. NAB Booth: N 3026.
1100 Maplewood Dr.
Itasca, IL 60143
630/741-0318; fax: 630/741-0652

Zaxcom Deva V Hard Disk Recorder

The compact, portable Deva V hard disk recorder records up to 10 tracks at 192 kHz. An optional $1,000 internal DVD-R drive allows simultaneously mirroring your recording to DVD. Other features include a SoundField microphone encoder, a Flash Card recording option, onboard sample rate conversion and output of any recording format using our own .ZAX file. Please visit our Website to find a dealer near you. List: $12,950. NAB Booth: C 7410.
230 West Parkway, Unit 9
Pompton Plains, NJ 07444
973/835-5000; fax 973/835-6633


Aphex Model 1100 MkII

Aphex Systems announces the release of its newest high-quality microphone preamp, the Model 1100 MkII. Building upon the popular and critically acclaimed Model 1100, the MkII offers up to 192kHz sampling and an even lower noise floor — providing the liveliest, most detailed and realistic sound available, and making the Aphex 1100 MkII the ideal way to get from a microphone into the digital domain. NAB Booth: N 1009.

Aphex 320D

The new Aphex Model 320D combines the feature set of the world-standard Compellor with an audiophile-quality digital interface. This makes the world’s most “invisible” automatic gain control usable in “all-digital” facilities. Its unique circuitry provides perfect level-controlled audio through the use of simultaneous, complementary intelligent compressor action, leveling and peak limiting. Patented control circuits continuously analyze the input signal and vary the control characteristics to provide for virtually undetectable operation, regardless of program dynamics. NAB Booth: N 1009.
11068 Randall St.
Sun Valley, CA 91352
818/767-2929; fax 818/767-2641

CEDAR Audio Forensic Tools

CEDAR Audio has introduced five new forensic tools specifically designed for the Cambridge platform comprising a singl-channel adaptive filter, a single-channel lattice filter, time alignment module, cross-channel — adaptive filter and cross-channel lattice filter. Using these powerful new tools alongside existing forensic tools on the Cambridge system makes this system the most powerful forensic tool to date. NAB Booth: N 1300.
43 Deerfield Rd.
Portland, ME 04101
207/773-2424; fax 207/773-2422

Digigram EtherSound ES8mic

Features eight built-in microphone preamplifiers and allows for the insertion of up to eight microphone or line-level analog audio signals into an EtherSound network for easy and cost-effective audio distribution over standard Ethernet. Use multiple devices to insert up to 64 audio signals. Each ES8mic preamp features variable gain, switchable phantom power, 80 Hz low-cut and 12kHz high-cut filters, as well as an optional compressor/limiter. All functions are remote-controlled. NAB Booth: N 2522.
2101 Wilson Blvd., Ste. 1004
Arlington, VA 22201
703/875-9100; fax 703/875-9161

Eventide 2016

The legendary reverb algorithms of the Eventide SP2016 live on with the Eventide Reverb 2016 by Princeton Digital. The Reverb 2016 includes the original stereo room, room reverb and high-density plate from the SP2016, plus enhanced versions of each of the originals featuring higher reflection density. The Reverb 2016 has dedicated controls with ergonomic LED rings for each parameter, perfect for low-light situations, offering ease-of-use and high-quality reverberation. NAB Booth: N 704.
One Alsan Way
Little Ferry, NJ 07643
201/641-1200; fax 201/641-1640

Gefen ex-tend-it 1:16

Audio Distribution Amplifier

Splits one audio signal 16 ways using CAT5 cables combined with tiny audio receivers; enables extension of multiple audio up to 1,000 feet from the source. It comes with stereo cable, multiple receiver units and a 5V power supply. One CAT5 cable is used per channel. The DA is rackmountable and retails for $299. Sample Rate: 5 kHz to 48 kHz. Frequency reponse: 20 to 20k Hz. Interfaces: 1x audio/line-out/headphones mini-phone stereo 3.5mm-1. NAB Booth: SL 5857.
6265 Variel Ave.
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
818/884-6294; fax 818/884-3108

M-Audio Octane Preamp

This 8-channel mic preamp has connections for mic input (balanced XLR), direct line inputs (balanced TRS) and preamp out (balanced TRS). The two-rackspace unit has 1/4-inch unbalanced instrument inputs on channels 1 and 2. Other features include 8-channel ADAT Lightpipe output, two BNC word clock ports, selectable 44.1/48kHz operation, individual analog direct outs from each preamp, phantom power and phase reverse switches, and M-S matrix encoding (with width control) on channels 7 and 8.
5795 Martin Rd.
Irwindale, CA 91706
626/633-9050, fax 626/633-9060

Manifold Labs Plugzilla Surround Edition

“The industry’s first stand-alone plug-in player,” the Plugzilla Surround Edition runs up to eight plug-ins simultaneously. The processor offers 8-channel 96kHz/24-bit balanced XLR analog I/O plus S/PDIF and AES/EBU standard, internal hard drive storage for thousands of plug-ins and plug-in sets, and the capability of running the equivalent of 64 channels of reverb. Wrapped in a slick, quiet 2U package, Plugzilla will change your idea of plug-ins forever. NAB Booth: N 704.
433 Liberty St.
Little Ferry, NJ 07643
201/641-7716; fax 360/838-6867

Rane MM 42 Personal Monitor Processor

The MM 42 Monitor Processor fulfills the need for optimizing personal monitor systems while ensuring a safe, dynamic mix. Connected in-line between a mixing console and a wired or wireless monitor system, the MM 42 processes a single stereo mix or two independent mono mixes using shelf/cut filters, 3-band compressor, 5-band parametric EQ and 3-band peak limiter. SRP: $999.
10802 47th Ave. W Mukilteo, WA 98275
425/355-6000; fax 425/347-7757

Sonic Studio N-code

Sonic Studio N-code is a professional audio encoding tool for secure download and future music-delivery formats. Working in cooperation with Sony’s e-Platforms Technology division, N-code is the first professional encoding tool to support its ATRAC3plus codec. The N-code package includes both Macintosh OS X and Windows XP versions and is protected with a hardware key. 44.1kHz PCM .AIFF and .WAV file formats are supported at 16, 24 and 32-bit resolution.
12817 Industrial Park Blvd.
Plymouth, MN 55441
763/577-1535; fax 763/577-5950

Sonifex HY-03US Analog Telephone Hybrid

The Sonifex HY-03US analog telephone hybrid has been especially designed for the North American marketplace. It offers a balanced mic line input, balanced outputs, mixed output, integral ring detects, line limiter, bandpass filter and output noise gate with preset threshold providing low distortion and crystal-clear audio. Price: $1,100. NAB Booth: N 1300.
43 Deerfield Rd.
Portland, ME 04101
207/773-2424; fax 207/773-2422

Sony Oxford Plug-Ins

New Pro Tools LE versions of the EQ, Dynamic and Inflator, available individually or as a bundle. A new Transient Modulator (TransMod) plug-in, which “revitalizes” track dynamic level by manipulating transient material, is available for both LE and TDM Pro Tools platforms. NAB Booth: SU 11051.
1 Sony Drive
Park Ridge, NJ 07656
201/930-1000; fax 201/930-6307

SPL Gain Station 8

Gain Station 8 is an all-Class-A, 8-channel tube and solid-state preamp/front end for converters, etc. Users can choose from all-solid-state, all-tube or a combination of each. It offers 96 dB of gain with loads of headroom — the best of both worlds.
Dist. by Network Pro Marketing
7656 Alderwood Ave.
Corona, CA 92880
866/4-SPLUSA; fax 909/272-3467

SRS Circle Surround TDM Pro (CS-TDMp)

Introducing a new plug-in for the Pro Tools professional audio and post-production suites, featuring an SRS Circle Surround encoder and a decoder for monitoring surround mixes. Users can encode up to 6.1 channels of surround sound into stereo-delivery formats for television, music applications and more. In addition to broadcasting and post-production, this surround encoding tool is well-suited for production of 5.1 or 6.1 music content with delivery via industry-standard compact discs. Price: $795. NAB Booth: N 1502.

SRS Digital Circle

Surround Encoder (CSE-07d)

A groundbreaking digital surround encoder. Digital studios can now encode up to 6.1 channels of discrete surround into a 2-channel, matrix-encoded source that remains mono, stereo and surround-compatible. Based on the successful Circle Surround technology used on ESPN, Paramount TV, HD Radio and hundreds of TV shows, Circle Surround encoding is compatible with all A/V receivers. Price: $3,999. NAB Booth: N 1502.
2909 Daimler St.
Santa Ana, CA 92705
949/442-1070; fax 949/852-1099

SSL XLogic Multichannel Compressor

To cope with the more complex challenge of 5.1 compression for HDTV or post-production stem outputs, the unit features several unique and powerful features including separate 5-channel and LFE channel-compression controls, allowing separate treatment of LFE signals that typically require different attack and release characteristics; Circular “Max” display, giving a clear, instantaneous indication of which channel is driving the compressor; separate trim controls for LCRS channels provide different thresholds for each input. NAB Booth: N 2412.
320 W. 46th St.
New York, NY 10036
212/315-1111; fax 212/315-0251

Symetrix Air Tools 6200 Voice Processor

Air Tools 6200 Voice Processor handles dual-mono or stereo processing for microphone or line-level signals. User-definable signal chains are configured from the front panel or a Windows interface, and saved to one of 1,024 presets. These can be recalled from the GUI, front panel or remote control. Nine onboard processes, including a new room simulator module, provide complete control over gain, tone and dynamics. Output formats include balanced analog, AES/EBU and Homerlink for compatibility with the Air Tools Studio Matrix system. NAB Booth: N 1610.
6408 216th St.
Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043
425/778-7728; fax 425/778-7727

Texas Instruments PGA2500

The PGA2500 from Texas Instruments’ Burr-Brown Pro Audio group is the industry’s first digitally controlled microphone preamplifier IC. The PGA2500 is designed for use as a front end for high-performance A/D converters in a variety of professional audio applications. The device features a wide gain range of 10 dB through 65 dB (1 dB per step), allowing the IC to be used with a variety of microphones. Pricing is from $9.95 in 1k units. NAB Booth: SL 2169.
6730 South Tucson Blvd.
Tucson, AZ 85706
800/548-6132; fax 520/746-7309

Tascam GigaPulse VST

Convolution Reverb/Modeling Plug-In

Acoustic space-modeling through convolution; microphone-modeling controls the character of the effect or can be used by itself to emulate other microphones; tail-extension technology reduces the processing load when you need more instances of this Windows plug-in; Cascade function combines two or more impulses to create a new reverb impulse; user-controlled placement in a virtual room allows the “source” to be moved around relative to the mic position; “move” the mic using the Perspective slider to control the reverb amount while maintaining phase and imaging; and users can import their own impulse recordings to create new room or processor models. MSRP: $299. NAB Booth: N 2418.
7733 Telegraph Rd.
Montebello, CA 90640

Universal Audio UAD-1 Studio Pak

This complete suite of Universal Audio’s plug-ins includes vintage emulations that utilize the company’s circuit-modeling techniques, which capture every nuance of these classic hardware tools: 1176LN/SE, LA-2A, Pultec EQP-1A and Fairchild 670. The UAD-1 Studio Pak also includes original plug-ins including Cambridge EQ, Nigel Guitar Processor, Channel Strip and the award-winning professional reverbs, Realverb and Dreamverb. Supported formats: VST, AudioUnits, DX and MAS. Platforms: Mac/PC. MSRP: $1,199.
330 Encinal St.
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
800/823-1176; fax 831/466-3775

URS Classic Console Graphic EQ Bundle

The URS Classic Console Graphic EQ Bundle includes the URS A10 series Classic Console EQ, which emulates API’s 560B 10-band graphic EQ and the URS N10 Series Classic Console EQ, which emulates Neve’s 1073 as a 12-band graphic EQ. The TDM Graphic EQ Bundle ($899.99/list) includes TDM, RTAS and Audio Suite for Macintosh OS X and OS 9. The Native Graphic EQ Bundle ($549.99/list) includes RTAS and Audio Suite for Macintosh OS X and OS 9. NAB Booth: See us at Digidesign, SL 4761.
701 Seventh Ave.
New York, NY 10036


Broadcast Devices AES-302

Digital Audio Switcher AD/DA Converter

The AES-302 is a 96kHz, 24-bit, 2-input digital switcher. The switcher output is distributed four ways. A balanced analog output of the selected input is available at the rear panel, also. The unit can operate in automatic mode switching upon loss of clock, digital errors or silence. Front panel status includes sample rate and error type. There is also a front panel headphone output for confidence monitoring. All digital inputs and outputs can be configured for XLR, S/PDIF or optical interface. Specify at time of order. NAB Booth: See us at Broadcasters General Store, N 2718 or Broadcast Electronics, N 1902.
5 Crestview Ave.
Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567
914/737-5032; fax 914/736-6916

Gefen ex-tend-it 2×1 HDTV

Digital Audio Switcher

Enables switching between two high-definition video sources, including digital audio in Toslink or S/PDIF formats, using one HDTV display. Compatible with all high-definition displays equipped with DVI and HDMI connectors. Comes with discrete IR remote control, connection cables and a 5-volt power supply. Unit is HDCP-compliant and retails for $349. NAB Booth: SL 5857.
6265 Variel Ave.
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
818/884-6294; fax 818/884-3108

Logitek Audio Engine Updates

Now a full X-Y router, the Audio Engine offers mixed analog and digital I/O, mixing and metering capability, EQ and dynamics processing, multiple mix-minus buses, IP and multisite operation, physical and virtual controllers and intercom capability. NAB Booth: N 3307.
5622 Edgemoor
Houston, TX 77081
713/664-4470; fax 713/664-4479

Symetrix Air Tools Studio Matrix System

The Symetrix Air Tools Studio Matrix system is now shipping and supporting software Version 1.1. This modular system for routing, mixing and processing of broadcast audio systems comprise dedicated input and output 1RU DSP modules that network via the proprietary SymLink bus. Studio Matrix Designer software for Windows provides system configuration and real-time control via serial or Ethernet connection. A full complement of processing functions including filtering, EQ, dynamics, mix-minus and AGC are supported in the software in every DSP device. NAB Booth: N 1610.
6408 216th St., S.W.
Mountain Lake Terrace, WA 98043
425/778-7728; fax 425/778-7727


ADAM Audio “The Apple” Desktop Monitor

“The Apple” opens a new dimension in the area of ADAM Audio’s active studio monitors. Besides the impressive sound, the unit shows innovative design and an all-aluminum cabinet. This monitor can be placed on every desktop, with DAWs, in small control rooms, at exhibitions, etc. Features include a 5-inch woofer and ART tweeter, dual 50-watt onboard bi-amplification, front-baffle power and volume controls, rear high-frequency level and frequency controls, mag-shielding, and RCA and Neutrik Combo 1/4-inch/XLR connectors. Retail: $1,450/pair.

ADAM Audio P33A

New in the P Range of pro monitors, the P33A incorporates digital amplifier technology based on several new patents. Similar in construction to ADAM’s S3A, the P33 is only available as an active model. Features include a 92-percent efficiency 100W/channel digital amplifier offering high stability due to low-temperature operation, dual 7-inch woofers and a $2,950 retail.
3717 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd., Ste. 215
Westlake Village, CA 91362
805/413-1133; fax 815/413-1134

Blue Sky ProDesk

ProDesk is the first truly full-range monitoring system specifically designed for critical mixing and monitoring on the desktop. ProDesk offers the same spectral performance as the TEC-nominated Sky System One, with the only compromise being less output. ProDesk is the logical evolution of Blue Sky’s 2.1-integrated three-way concept, and used with Blue Sky’s BMC controller offers a high-performance 5.1 solution for desktop applications. Hear ProDesk in surround at Harris Broadcasting at NAB, Booth C 1906.
Dist. by Group One Ltd.
70 Sea Lane
Farmingdale, NY 11735
516/249-1399, fax 516/249-8870

Dynaudio Acoustics AIR 25

Dynaudio Acoustics introduces AIR 25, the latest and largest member of the AIR Series reference monitors. AIR 25 is a three-way active near-field reference monitor with two 10-inch woofers, a 5.5-inch midrange and a 1.1-inch soft-dome tweeter. With four massive built-in amps enabling more than 1,200 watts of power, AIR 25 is designed for larger music studios and mastering and post-production facilities that require substantial power. MSRP: $7,495.
Dist. by TC Electronic
742-A Hampshire Rd.
Westlake Village, CA 91361
805/373-1828, fax 805/379-2648

Genelec 7070A

Multichannel high-performance subwoofer with 6.1 bass manager. The 7070A features a single 12-inch driver coupled to a 250-watt amplifier. LSE (Laminar Spiral Enclosure) technology ensures maximum port displacement with minimum acoustic distortion down to 19 Hz. The built-in 6.1 bass manager serves as the cornerstone to any multichannel surround environment. NAB Booth: N 4012.

Genelec 1029 LSE PowerPak

The 1029 LSE PowerPak is a complete surround monitoring package comprising 5x 1029AP compact main monitors along with a matching 7060A multichannel subwoofer with a built-in 6.1 bass manager. The system is designed to work in near-field environments up to 3,000 cubic feet with listening distances up to seven or eight feet. Also included in every system are complete and easy-to-follow setup instructions, along with a Genelec Acousi-Tape. NAB Booth: N 4012.
7 Tech Circle
Natick, MA 01760
508/652-0900; fax 508/652-0909

Grace Design m906 5.1 Monitor System

The m906 is a stand-alone, high-fidelity 5.1 monitoring system designed for audio pros in the music recording and film sound markets. The m906 features a full complement of 24-bit/192kHz digital and analog inputs, two sets of 5.1 and up to three sets of stereo monitor outputs. Also included are a high-current reference headphone amplifier, talkback microphone input and full system-calibration tools. Retail: $5,995, including the remote-control unit.
2434 30th St.
Boulder, CO 80301
303/443-7454; fax 303/444-4634

JBL LSR6300 Series Monitors

JBL addresses the problem of room acoustics in the listening space with three THX™-approved models. The LSR6328P is a bi-amped system with 8-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter; the three-way LSR6332 has a 12-inch woofer, 5-inch mid and 1-inch tweeter; and the LSR6312SP powered sub includes stereo/multichannel bass management. A calibration kit with the sub (optional with the LSR6328P) provides everything needed to measure room response, identify the dominant room mode and calibrate system response, as well as a test CD and SPL meters for setting the 22 bands of 1/10th octave and parametric filters to notch offending frequencies.
8400 Balboa Blvd.
Northridge, CA 91329

Klein + Hummel O500C

The O500C is an active powered studio monitor with integrated digital controller with FIR filters for crossover, limiter and system EQ. Enhanced by digital signal processing and coupled with FIR filters, O500C makes it possible to control the amplitude, frequency and phase response independently of each other, resulting in superb playback quality, accurate sound and a stunningly real soundstage. Dimensions: 29.5×15.7×17.5 inches.

Klein + Hummel O900w

The 0900w is a magnetically shielded, high-performance subwoofer featuring two extra-long excursion 12-inch woofers, extremely low-frequency, highly articulate accurate bass, and maximum sound pressure with remarkably low distortion. Ideal for a stereo or 5.1 surround system, the 0900 is an excellent low-frequency complement to K+H studio monitor models 0300D, 0400 and 0500C. Dimensions: 37.4×15.7×20.2 inches. Weight: 115 pounds. Price: $3,500.
16101 Bald Eagle School Rd.
Brandywine, MD 20613
301/888-2426; fax 301/888-2427

New Audio Pty. Ltd. Spatial One

The Spatial One near-field studio monitor has the revolutionary diffuse tweeter that takes over the room acoustic, so even a small, untreated room can be turned into an environment with enough accuracy to mix the most complex of jobs. The sound-scattering diffusor provides for a larger sweet spot and stereo imaging that remains uniform wherever you stand in the room. $1,200/pair.

New Audio Pty. Ltd. Stomper

QB-3 Subwoofer

The bass response of the Spatial One Monitor System can be further extended using the Stomper QB-3 direct-radiating 30Hz isobarically stable active subwoofer. With a 10-inch carbon-fiber-reinforced driver and a 2-inch travel, a maximum of 115 dB at one yard is delivered. The Stomper’s isobarically stable enclosure ensures minimal distortion. Great self-powered sub for any system. Variable crossover, variable phase.
14200 Ventura Blvd., Ste. 109
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
866/788-1238; fax 818/788-1238

Penny & Giles RF15

6-Channel Rotary Attenuator

The RF15 6-channel rotary attenuator offers infinite resolution of monitor level control for 5.1 surround systems. Featuring smooth, long-wearing conductive plastic 10k-ohm resistance elements and multi-wire brush contacts, the units provide tight level-matching between channels. Special NAB pricing: $475 for six channels; $250 for two channels. NAB Booth: SL 5821.
Dist. by MANCO
1694 Calle Zocalo Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
805/529-2496; fax 805/529-2496

Tannoy Ellipse iDP

Incorporating DSP technology, networking intelligence and digital amplifiers, along with the company’s renowned acoustic expertise, Tannoy has established a new level of performance and operation convenience in studio monitors. Ellipse iDP studio monitors provide the user with complete control over the entire monitoring operation. A 1.5kW active subwoofer complements the monitors and also incorporates iDP technology, allowing flexible networking capability. The system can be configured as 2.1, 5.1, 7.2 or any multichannel combination required.

Tannoy TS10 Subwoofer

The Tannoy TS10 is a compact active subwoofer designed for studio monitoring and playback of multichannel recordings. With high power and low-frequency performance, both models are less than 1 cubic foot in size. The TS10 is a larger 16.75-liter, closed-box design with a down-firing 10-inch drive unit driven by a 300-watt RMS amplifier. Low-frequency output (-6dB) of the TS10 operates down to 32 Hz and 29 Hz, respectively.
335 Gage Ave., #1
Kitchener, Ontario Canada N2M 5E1
519/745-1158; fax 519/745-2364

Triple P Designs Pyramid

Reference Monitors

The Pyramid speaker has been designed as a modern replacement for the Auratones. The design philosophy behind the speaker was to replicate modern TV and boom boxes that house the speakers in plastic. The Pyramids use similar materials to copy this specific sound. These speakers give the engineer a reference point for what the audience is hearing on their low audio-quality devices. Price: $299. NAB Booth: N 1300.
Dist. by Independent Audio
43 Deerfield Rd.
Portland, ME 04101
207/773-2424; fax 207/773-2422

Wohler AMP2-S8MDA

The AMP2-S8MDA is targeted toward broadcasters seeking multichannel monitoring and conversion in the HD domain. This two-rackspace box features eight tri-color LED bargraphs, front panel group/channel select and Wohler’s AMP Series self-powered speaker system. The unit accepts two SDI inputs on BNCs (either HD-SDI or SD-SDI) and provides powerful demuxing capabilities with eight channels of analog and AES audio out demuxed from the HD/SD-SDI inputs. Price: $6,950. NAB Booth: C 6742.
713 Grandview Dr.
South San Francisco, CA 94080
650/589-5676 fax 650/589-1355


Audio Precision ATS-2

Audio Test and Measurement System

This PC-controlled audio analyzer features analog and digital inputs and outputs; generation of test signals for both analog and digital devices; multifunctioned audio analysis/spectrum analysis/multitone analysis/harmonic analysis; and a full complement of graphing and report options. ATS-2 puts a broad set of capabilities and high measurement performance into a lightweight, compact and affordable general-purpose instrument. NAB Booth: N 2716.
5750 S.W. Arctic Dr.
Beaverton, OR 97005
503/627-0832; fax 503/641-8906

Dolby LM100 Remote Application

The Dolby LM100 Remote Application further enhances the LM100s ability to assist post-production, broadcasters, cable systems and satellite providers with advanced loudness measurement, logging features and enhanced error reporting not found in any other device that is currently available. Among the features included, LM100 remote application enables users to continuously log short and long-term speech loudness values in real-time while storing this loudness history data for analysis at a later time. NAB Booth: SL 10443.
100 Potrero Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94117
415/645-5176; fax 415/645-4000

Videotek ASM-100

The ASM-100 is an advanced audio monitoring instrument providing all the features required to maintain high-quality audio in today’s arena of multiformat, multichannel scenarios. Many of its features draw from the value-packed VTM Series of multiformat onscreen monitors. Providing a high-resolution 1,024×768 XGA output for use on any standard computer monitor, ASM-100 will display up to eight channels of analog or AES/EBU audio (base unit). List: $5,995. NAB Booth: C 4717.
243 Shoemaker Rd.
Pottstown, PA 19464-6433
610/327-2292; fax 610/327-9295


AiRR Support Boom Mic Stands

Designed for recording professionals by recording professionals and available in three sizes, the largest AiRR stand is six feet tall with a boom that extends up to eight feet. They also include a removable three-wheel tripod base with telescopic adjustable locking legs and fast locking and unlocking boom -angle locks. Two sandbag counterweights and custom carrying bag are included. Lists: Model A-100, $335; A-200, $395; and A-300, $449.
7656 Alderwood Ave.
Corona, CA 92880
909/272-3465; fax 909/272-3467

AKG K 271 Studio

The K 271 Studio is a closed-back headphone that combines high ambient noise isolation with AKG’s legendary sound quality and comfort. Features include a detachable cable with a locking mini-XLR connector and a switch in the headband that mutes the audio when the headphones are taken off. NAB Booth: N 4018.
914 Airpark Center Dr.
Nashville, TN 37217
615/620-3800; fax 615/620-3875

Anthro Console Unit

The Anthro Console Unit is ideal for video- editing applications. Work sitting or standing. Large keyboard shelf raises and lowers. Curved design of the unit keeps everything within easy reach. Comes with lifetime warranty. NAB Booth: SL 2456.

Anthro Rack System

With Anthro’s new Rack System, you can mount both standard thread-mount or Dell/HP in one rack. Several sizes to choose from (12 unit, 24 unit, 36 unit) and three depths (24, 30 and 36-inch). Strong open design gives you plenty of air flow. Route cables inside the Floating Panel so you can easily access the back of your equipment. Lifetime warranty for any manufacturing defects. Orders ship in five to seven business days. NAB Booth: SL 2456.
10450 SW Manhasset Dr.
Tualatin, OR 97062
800/325-3841; fax 800/325-0045

Argosy Console L-10 Rack-n-Roll

This handy roll-around rack tucks under the armrest of your Argosy console or dual-15 workstation, providing 10 rack-unit spaces to roll essential rack gear by your side. Using two L-10s creates an interesting cockpit effect. Available online at in a variety of finishes.

Argosy Console Dual15 KS With L10 Racks

The “rocketship” Dual15 KS workstation provides everything you need within easy reach and comfortable sight. An adjustable raised control surface has a swing-out bracket to place your computer keyboard over your musical keyboard/controller. Six styles of rack modules are available to give you a variety of angles, spaces and configurations for rack-mountable electronics.
5687 Precision Ct.
Osage Beach, MO 65065
573/348-3333; fax 573/348-2769

Calzone/Anvil XLT-1 Lightweight ATA Cases

Heavy-duty yet approximately 30-percent lighter than plywood cases, the XLT-1 product line offers the user an exciting alternative. Available in black, blue or gray, the XLT line utilizes the famous Anvil and Calzone brands of manufacturing techniques and the highest-quality components available. Options including casters, locks and specialty marking are all available. The XLT-1 line is not available in all sizes. NAB Booth: C 9437.
225 Black Rock Ave.
Bridgeport, CT 06605
203/367-5766; fax 203/336-4406

Clear-Com Digital Wireless Intercom

New! Up to 10 wireless beltpacks supported by a one-rackspace base station, with connections for two wired party-line channels and four 4-wire/digital matrix ports. Intelligent, programmable base allows beltpack-to-beltpack and small-group conversations. Base supports up to 10 remote-able transceiver/antennas to create customized coverage areas. Operates in the 1.9GHz frequency band. First generation shippable in Europe (EMEA region), South America and most of Asia. NAB Booth: C 7406.

Clear-Com RS-600 Series Beltpacks

The RS-600 Series from Clear-Com Communication Systems adds unprecedented flexibility and intelligence to a fully compatible beltpack design. Choose from seven different versions, including the new standard single- and dual-channel units. These rugged, yet lightweight beltpacks can be transparently added to any existing Clear-Com installation. Advanced features include customized setup options programmable via the PC, onboard setup options viewable in the integral LED and the ability to store up to four different setups in memory. NAB Booth: C 7406.
4065 Hollis St.
Emeryville, CA 94608
510/496-6666; fax 510/496-6699


DELEC, a member of the Salzbrenner StageTec Media Group, will exhibit the digital intercom system IC 48 MK II. New highlights are the FOC router to expand the system to 2,048 members/subscribers, the PC subscriber unit, the telephone extension and new control functions. The IC 48 MK II is a well-established product in fixed installations in TV and radio studios and theaters, as well as outdoor broadcasting applications. NAB Booth: N 2034.
Am Wingertsberg 11
Göllheim, Germany 67307
+49 6351-13170; fax +49 6351-131750

Furman Series II Power Conditioners

Furman Sound is proud to introduce the Series II versions of its power conditioners. All of the Series II units will feature Furman Sound’s revolutionary SMP technology. Furman Sound’s Series Mode Protection (SMP) circuit also features its exclusive Linear Filter Technology (LiFT). Together, these technologies comprise what is, without question, the world’s most advanced and comprehensive transient voltage surge suppressor.
1997 S. McDowell Blvd.
Petaluma, CA. 94954
707/763-1010; fax 707/763-1310

JLCooper eBox

eBOX is a 10/100 (Ethernet) to RS-232/422 (9-pin)/485 and GPI hardware interface. eBOX features four serial connectors, activity LEDs, 24 GPI inputs and 24 GPI outputs as a standard feature. It’s ideal for LAN, WAN and Internet control of VTRs, DDRs, HDRs, switchers, computer-based editing systems, cameras, projectors and other products that use RS-232/422 (9-pin)/485 and GPI. Commands from a host NLE, Browser or RS-422 switcher/controller may be directed to individual devices on the network. NAB Booth: SU 11336.

JLCooper ES-SloMo

The ES-SloMo is a compact controller for news, sports, scoreboard and other slo-motion editing operations. It’s a full-featured, four-machine editor and universal jog/shuttle remote for most VTRs, DDRs and disk recorders. ES-SloMo features include professional transport buttons, choice of Sony or Panasonic jog/shuttle wheel for convenient picture search operations, a high-quality T-Bar for slo-mo and shuttle tape operation, an easy-to-read 2×16 VF display for accurate editing, a full-size numeric keypad and more. NAB Booth: SU 11336.
142 Arena St.
El Segundo, CA 90245
310/322-9990; fax 310/335-0110

Marshall High-Def 6.5-Inch Video Monitor

The perfect solution for portable HDTV or SD wide-screen monitor applications, Marshall Electronics’ V-R65P-HD 6.5-inch portable HD/SD LCD monitor can be powered from an optional battery or included power pack. The package weighs under two pounds and needs no special adapter boxes. Standard inputs include active loop thru on each connection for HDSDI/SDI (SMPTE-259M, SMPTE-292M) and composite video with PAL/NTSC automatic recognition and a multiformat connector for HD or SD analog component signals (SMPTE-274M). NAB Booth: SU 11614.
1910 East Maple Ave.
El Segundo, CA 90245

Mic Mate

The Mic Mate is a Hot Shoe Receiver Mount for use with mini-DV cameras such as the Sony PD150. It severs the umbilical cord between the soundman and the camera operator. The Mic Mate allows the soundman to mount both transmitters and receivers on the camera to accommodate wireless connection between the soundman and the camera operator. Price: $130. NAB Booth: N 1300.
43 Deerfield Rd.
Portland, ME 04101
207/773-2424; fax 207/773-2422

Middle Atlantic WR Series

For tight spots where traditional racks make servicing installed gear difficult, the WR Series of roll-out, rotating racks have a detachable rack frame housed in a 32-inch-deep protective host enclosure. Racks can be rolled out and rotated 60° for easy access to rear connections. Ample knockouts on the rack sides allow ganging two or more racks with cables passed between them. Available in 44RU and 37RU heights, the unit holds up to 750 pounds of gear and has 26 inches of usable depth.
North Corporate Drive
Riverdale, NJ 07457

973/839-1011; fax 973/839-1976

Omnirax S6C24XL

The Omnirax Synergy XL Series is designed to provide beautiful and functional console housings for all of the popular mixers, providing you with optimum flexibility to accommodate these mixers and associated peripherals. Synergy’s surprising affordability gives you the opportunity to add “wow factor” to your studio right now. Certain models feature two 12-rackspace bays, one-piece padded wrist rests and heavy-duty powder-coated black-steel legs. NAB Booth: C 2014.
PO Box 1792
Sausalito, CA 94966
800/332-3393; fax 415/332-2607

Sennheiser HD650 Headphones

The dynamic open-air HD 650 headphones combine an extremely flat frequency response (10 to 39,500 Hz/-10 dB) with natural dynamics, superior resolution and a smooth, uncolored sound. Featuring enhanced bass response, upgraded cable and reduced distortion in the high frequencies makes the 650 ideal for radio and television editing, mastering applications and audiophile applications. NAB Booth: N2812.
One Enterprise Dr.
Old Lyme, CT 06371
860/434-9190; fax 860/434-1759

SKB Roto Shock Racks

SKB has expanded its Shock Racks with the new 20-inch-deep Roto Shock Rack Series. The integrated molded valance, ergonomic handles and recessed bumper-protected heavy-duty twist latches allow these cases to meet ATA and military specifications. Along with roto-molded toughness and ATA ratings, new elasotmeric shock technology has replaced the metal coil system to provide an increased level of protection. The new 20-inch Roto Shock Series is stackable within the series. The 1SKB-R904U, 1SKB-R906U, 1SKB-R908U and 1SKB-R910U are available now. NAB Booth: SL 5618.

SKB Military Standard Transport Cases

SKB’s new Military Standard Transport Cases are rotationally molded for strength with lightweight LLDPE plastic for maximum impact resistance, gasket sealed and a pressure-relief valve make them waterproof and stainless-steel hardware prevents rusting. Meeting most industrial and military shipping specs, such as MIL-STD-810 and MIL-C-4150J. Now available in four sizes with a pull handle and wheels and options for empty, foam-filled or padded dividers. Priced from $196 to $575. NAB Booth: SL 5618.
1607 N. O’Donnell Way
Orange, CA 92867
800/783-0087; fax 714/283-0425

Ultrasone HFI-650

Ultrasone headphones claim to offer depth, dimension and detail at lower, safer, less-fatiguing sound pressure levels with up to 98-percent reduction in electro-magnetic field emissions. The Ultrasone 650s are foldable, offer a frequency response of 10 Hz to 25 kHz and are available with a coiled or straight 9-foot cable. Impedance is 75 ohms with sensitivity at 94 dB. Retail: $249.
Dist. by Ears Audio
220 2nd Ave. South
Franklin, TN 37064
615/794-4494; fax 615/599-5493