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Crown I-Tech Series Amplifiers

At the recent Winter NAMM show, Crown unveiled its new flagship amplifier series for the touring and corporate P.A. markets: the I-Tech Series.

At the recent Winter NAMM show, Crown unveiled its new flagshipamplifier series for the touring and corporate P.A. markets: the I-TechSeries.

All models in the series are 2RU and weigh less than 28 pounds.I-Tech is built for the road, with a rugged chassis designed towithstand abuse. I-Tech features Crown’s patented Class-I switchingoutput design to deliver massive amounts of power while generating afraction of the heat of conventional designs. Crown’s global regulatedpower supply delivers full power regardless of AC mains voltage: from120 to 277 volts, and from 50 to 60 Hz. Power Factor Correction (PFC)allows I-Tech to draw current from the mains more efficiently,providing more power from a single 20-amp breaker.

An intuitive front panel work surface with LCD provides fast andeasy menu-based system setup and full amplifier diagnostics. AES/EBUdigital audio inputs are standard, along with balanced analog XLRinputs and passive-through outputs. Crown plans to announceavailability of integrated CobraNet digital audio inputs as an option.Integrated studio-grade DSP with 24-bit/96kHz converters allow customsettings and factory-designed tunings to be easily loaded and recalledvia onboard presets.

I-Tech amplifiers connect directly to IQ Networks, providingCrown’s IQ control over industry-standard Ethernet networktechnology. Using mature, off-the-shelf networking technology,Crown’s TCP/IQ protocol ensures reliable, easy-to implement andinexpensive network operation. By connecting I-Tech to an IQ Networkand running the free IQwic software application, all amplifier controlscan be accessed and vital amplifier operating parameters monitored froma remote location. Multiple levels of security are available to preventunauthorized adjustment of system settings.

Power ratings (power per channel with both channels driven) for theI-T4000 include 1,800 watts @ 2 ohms, 2,000W @ 4 ohms and 1,250W @ 8ohms. For the I-T6000, ratings are 2,500W @ 2 ohms, 3,000W @ 4 ohms and1,500W @ 8 ohms. Ratings for the I-T8000 are 3,500W @ 2 ohms, 4,000W @4 ohms and 2,100W @ 8 ohms.

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