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Lake Technology Lake Contour Plug-In

Lake Technology’s new plug-in for Lake Contour™ provides full integration between the Contour Controller software and SIA SmaartLive

Lake Technology’s new plug-in for Lake Contour™ providesfull integration between the Contour Controller software and SIASmaartLive®, and shows spectrum, spectrograph and transferfunctions directly within the Contour Controller graphicalinterface.

Using the Contour wireless tablet, this can be done from anywhere ina venue in real-time, even during a live performance.

“With 18 Lake Contour units controlling the speaker systems at thevenue, clearly the next step is integrating the Contour and SmaartLivesoftware with this plug-in,” said Fred Vogler, newly appointed sounddesigner at the Hollywood Bowl. “We can make precise adjustments andaudition those changes from any of the 18,000 seats, or anywhere withinthe venue, using one convenient wireless tablet.”

Every year, prior to the opening of the summer season, the HollywoodBowl’s sound system is optimized using SmaartLive measurementsoftware. This year, ATK Audiotek’s VP of engineering, Scott Harmala,and senior engineer, Patrick Baltzell, worked with Vogler and HollywoodBowl audio engineers Michael Cooper and Kevin Wapner to prepare thesystem for the concert schedule.

Using Ideal EQ Overlays, engineers can separate EQ for each step inthe process. For example, users can create an overlay to flatten theloudspeaker’s response based on Smaart measurements, add a secondoverlay for a listening preference curve, adjusting the bottom end togive just the right amount of punch, and add a third overlay for theartists’ impressions.

The plug-in will be available this month from Lake Technology as anoptional software module.

For more, visit Lake Technology at AES Booth #1125 or online at