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Mix Regional Sessions: Southwest


Celine Dion was in Studio X with producer Humberto Gatica and engineer Martin Nessi…Cindy Blackman was in Studio X with engineer Mark Everton Gray (Blackman also produced)…Nelly was in Studio Y with engineer Jason Patterson (Nelly also produced).

Donavon Frankenreiter at Blue Rock Studios. Rodney Bursiel Photography.


Renowned West Coast surfer and artist Donavon Frankenreiter, along with bandmates Matt Grundy and Michael Duffy, recorded the new album The Heart with engineer Charlie Kramsky. They tracked and mixed 11 songs in 10 days. They also did a live 10-day session broadcast (continuous reality show of tracking and mixing the new record), with sponsors Sanuk Shoes, CF Martin and GoPro. Thousands of fans tuned in online. They also chatted live with Frankenreiter, entered the cover art contest, and some won prizes such as GoPro cameras and Martin guitars… Public Radio International, Marco Werman, Sarah Jarosz and Billy Crockett worked with engineer Patrick Conway on a live studio event (Crockett also produced). The event featured Werman, host of “The World”; Ira Flatow, host of “Science Friday”; Dr. John Fitzpatrick of Cornell University; and Mose Buchele of KUT radio in Austin. Guest artist Jarosz and artist/host Crockett performed. The event was tracked in front of a live studio audience.

Control Room A at The Kitchen Studios.


The Kitchen Studios recently upgraded Studio A’s control room, with the best of both analog and digital: Pro Tools HD and lots of vintage outboard equipment, including an LA-2A, Pultec EQ, and Thermionic Culture Phoenix tube compressor, as well as gear from Neve and API…The Broadsiders worked on their self-titled album, which was produced and engineered by JP in Studio A…Cello recordings for the European release by Giancarlo were engineered by JP in Studio A…Up-and-coming teen star Oscar Delaughter’s debut CD was produced and engineered by JP in Studio A…Underground hip-hop star Sam Lao and Blue, the Misfit have been recording their new releases in Studio B with OZ engineering…Muks Entertainment have been recording their new artist Oscar G in Studio B, with OZ producing and engineering the project.

George Nardo at Luna Recording.


Luna Recording owner/engineer George Nardo has added a new SSL XL desk, in addition to a 32-channel analog in/out Pro Tools HD rig…Nardo is currently working with rock artists The New Twenty, refining the mixes on their 12-song CD, which will be sent to Capitol Mastering in Hollywood; tracking R&B singer Q for a CD release in May; producing—along with local musicians—a 24-song tribute CD of Brenda Lee’s songs from the 1960s sung by Jon Nickell; producing a live 10-song CD/DVD with Bob Russell, the guitarist known for his work with Michael Bruce and Alice Cooper, which will be released in the latter part of 2016; producing, in conjunction with the Arizona Daily Star’s videographer Nick Murray, live recordings and video of local artists, which are posted to the newspaper’s Facebook page; recording singer/songwriter Erik Hanson’s latest CD for release this summer; and producing Rapper PJ’s first five-song EP, to be released this month.

J Slugg at The Saltmine.


Charlie Puth stopped by The Saltmine’s Studio A in March to work on a new single with engineer Kyle Colley…John Gray recorded Saints and the Hellions EP Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles…Vee Tha Rula recorded in Studio A with John Blaze, J Slugg, Judge Da Boss, Sincerely Collins and Nano…Studio owner/engineer Don Salter, Charles Beatty and Mary Brown recorded in Studios A, B and D…J Slugg recorded and mixed his new LP for Master P’s No Limit Records…Simply Three recorded with Gray in Studio A…Mr. B was with Gray mixing in Studio B…The Saltmine’s Andre Nelson, Xzibit and Salter were in Studio B…Dr. Dre’s talented Curtis Young was in Studio D…Jane N the Jungle recorded with Bryan Kuban and Andre Nelson in Studio A.

Gary Clark, Jr. at Arlyn Studios.


The studio recently built Studio B and combined its Neve and API consoles and updated Studio A…Gary Clark, Jr. worked on The Story of Sonny Boy Slim (Warner Bros.), with Bharath “Cheex” Ramanat and Jacob Sciba co-producing and co-engineering (Clark also co-produced). Joseph Holguin assisted…Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard worked on Django and Jimmie (Sony Legacy Recordings), with producer Buddy Cannon and engineers Steve Chadie, Jim De Blanc, Ace Otten and John Guess…Shawn Colvin worked on Uncovered (Concord Music Group), with producers Steuart Smith and Stewart Lerman (Lerman also engineered), engineers Steve Mazur and Sean Kelly, and assistant engineers Sciba and Holguin…Nick Valensi (The Strokes) was with co-producer/engineer Gus Oberg and assistant engineer Holguin…Reckless Kelly was with engineer Rob Matson and assistant engineers Sciba and Holguin (Reckless Kelly produced).

Surrounding Darryl “DMC” McDaniels are Juan Lopez (engineer), Caleb Contreras (engineer), Alphonso Lovelace (drummer), Erik Blam (tour manager), Kenny Olson (lead guitar), Matt Noveskey (bass) and Robert Sewell (head engineer).


Darryl “DMC” McDaniels was with producer Matt Noveskey and engineer Robert Sewell, with Caleb Contreras assisting. All co-writing was done and tracked at Orb. Sewell was also the mixing engineer. On vocals they used a Neumann U 67 through a vintage Neve 1073 preamp, compressed with a UAD 1176 compressor. Noveskey reached out to old friend Kenny Olsen, who once played lead guitar for Kid Rock, to assist with guitar parts…Mike Love of The Beach Boys was with producer Michael Lloyd and engineer Sewell. They cut vocals and ran them through a Neumann U 67 mic with the Neve 1073 and no compression…Pentatonix worked with producers Thaddis, Kuk Harrell, Martin Johnson, Ed Boyer, Drew Pearson, and Ben Bram, as well as engineer Sewell. They used a Sony C-800 mic for the vocals…Blue October worked with producer Tim Palmer and engineers Sewell and Eric Holtz. The Orb was used specifically for drum sounds. The entire rhythm section was tracked live…Kaleo was in the studio with engineers Sewell and Contreras (Kaleo self-produced). The project was tracked through a Studer A827 2-inch. Besides a few overdubs and vocal takes, the entire project was tracked live. One of the band’s songs was used on the HBO show Vinyl…Progger was with producer Ryan Donohoe and co-producer Matt Meli (Meli also engineered), and assistant engineer Charles Moon. They used every input on the SSL and almost every mic. Meli had to do on-the-fly automation by hand on the faders because the songs were so dynamic. To get a great snare tone, the transformer was taken out of a Shure SM57 mic and put on the snare.