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SugarHill Hosts The Children

The remaining members of The Children reunited to record Gaylan Latimer's "Think of Me" for the SugarHill Recording Studios Tribute compilation CD. The

The remaining members of The Children reunited to record GaylanLatimer’s “Think of Me” for the SugarHill Recording StudiosTribute compilation CD. The project was tracked and mixed in StudioA, where it started on analog tape with Dolby SR and then transferredto Pro Tools for further overdubs and mixing. Chief engineer AndyBradley and engineer Michael Martin worked on the session. The trackwas produced by the performers (Latimer/Louis Cabaza/Kenny Cordray/KurtLinhof/Jim Newhouse) and Bradley.

Pictured, from left, are Jim Newhouse, Kurt Linhof, Louis Cabaza andLatimer. Seated is Kenny Cordray.

The original version, which Huey P. Meaux produced, was a Top 40 hitin 1966 for Latimer on MGM Records. In 1976, it became a Top 20 countryhit when Freddy Fender released a version that Meaux produced atSugarHill. Latimer filled in as lead vocalist for the original leadvocalist of The Children, Steve Perron, who passed away in 1973.

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