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Mix News for November 2002 Behringer Announces New Global Pricing Structure Behringer announced the implementation of a new global pricing system that

Mix News for November 2002

Behringer Announces New Global Pricing Structure

Behringer announced the implementation of a new global pricingsystem that results in lower retail prices (including pricing forMI/pro audio products) in most countries.

“Last year’s price reduction of up to 50 percent on our entire rangeenabled us to pass on incredible price reductions to our customers,”said company founder Uli Behringer. “This year, we make last year’spromise come true and continue our customer-oriented pricing policy ona worldwide scale. Every customer deserves to be able to enjoy ourproducts at basically the same price.”

For more, visit the Behringer Website at

Sonic Timeworks Updates Sharc Plug-In

Sonic Timeworks announced Version 3.2 of its Sharc One–Timeworksrecording channel plug-in for Creamware’s Scope Fusion Platform. TheSharc One is available in both stereo and mono versions.

With high-end Timeworks DSP algorithms, users can experiencesuper-transparent compression, desirable “breathing and pumping,” andthe sound-sculpting possibilities of the 64-bit Perfect AnalogSimulation VintagEQ that is unique to the platform. The compressor isbased on the CompressorX algorithm, with selectable hard/soft-kneecompression curves, and both RMS and peak-level detection circuit.There’s also a new analog-style VU meter with peak/overload-detectionLED, switchable to display gain reduction or input/output levels. The4-band equalizer is based on the VintagEQ analog algorithm. Alsoincluded are high/low-shelving, two parametric mids and 15 dBs of cutand boost. The limiter allows you to increase the perceived level ofthe signal without causing digital distortion by using a softclipalgorithm.

The entire line of Timeworks plug-ins for Creamware Scope FusionPlatform are available at as a free maintenanceupdate. Prices: Sharc One, $249; 4080L ProReverb, $249; VintagEQ,CompressorX, Mastering Compressors, $149/each; Studio Bundle 3.2 Gold,$549 (all plugs); Studio Bundle 3.2 LE, $349 (Sharc One and 4080LProReverb); and Studio Bundle 3.2 Gold upgrade (includes Sharc One),$99.00 (special offer for existing customers until end of 2002. Normalprice: $149).

AKG “Mic Check” CD Now Available

AKG Acoustics (Nashville) is now distributing Mic Check, aCD-ROM and audio CD that allows musicians, producers, engineers andretailers the ability to compare and contrast AKG microphones withvarious features and prices.

This free, enhanced audio CD can be played in a standard CD playeror as a CD-ROM and includes 89 dynamic tracks.

Mic Check is available directly from AKG

Media 100 844/X Installed in Metropolis DVD

Media 100 Inc. (Marlboro, Mass.), a developer of advanced mediasystems, has installed its 844/X editing system into London-basedMetropolis DVD. Metropolis DVD is the film, television andDVD-production arm of Metropolis Group, which includes MetropolisStudios.

Metropolis DVD, whose credits include Bryan Adams, Grateful Dead,Jimi Hendrix and Elton John, plan to use 844/X to expand its creativeservices by offering its clientele a complete range of capabilitiesfrom world-class studio recording and CD mastering to DVD authoring andbroadcast production.

“Systems like 844/X from Media 100 will do for the videopost-production market what Pro Tools did for the pro studio market inthe 1990s,” said Mike Gillespie, head of new business at MetropolisGroup. “Facilities that have invested hundreds of thousands, evenmillions, of dollars in post-production suites are now faced with asingle product that will do it all for a fraction of the cost. We’vebeen here before and learned our lessons–only this time, we don’t havea substantial legacy of investments to deal with.”

The 844/X system was purchased by Metropolis through a Media100-authorized Soho reseller, New Media Research.

For more on the 844/X, visit

Otari Releases New Console, FireWire Card

Otari Corporation has announced these new products:

Its new digital on-air console, the DB-10, offers sample rates from32 to 96 kHz and is based around an ergonomically designed controlsurface that features 10 fully configurable channel-input faders. Themicrophone inputs on channels 1 through 4 are always available, whilethe remaining six faders can be set up to control six stereo or twomono analog-input channels, four AES/EBU channel pairs or two S/PDIFinput channel pairs. All analog and digital outputs can be routed tothe A or B inputs of channels 5 through 10 for a maximum configurationof four mono and six stereo channels, making a total of 16 activesignal paths. Each channel includes 3-band selectable EQ,compressor/limiter, two aux, two telephone and two program buses, plustwo digital N-1 (mix-minus) buses.

Up to four DB-10 consoles can be cascaded to provide up to 64channels. Talkback and program buses are also shared across cascadedconsoles. Every channel also includes sample rate conversion fordigital-input signals. The console can lock to external wordclock orits own internal master clock.

Otari also debuted the IEEE-1394 I/O Card for its FS-96 96kHzDigital Format and Sample-Rate Converter. The IEEE-1394 I/O card allowsusers to send and receive multichannel digital audio signals over anIEEE-1394 S400 network at up to 400 Mbps/second. The card supportsYamaha’s mLAN protocol for the transmission of audio data andcontrol signals over a FireWire connection.

The Otari ND-20 audio network distribution system, YamahaPM1D/DM-2000 or any other available IEEE-1394 mLAN product can beconnected to the IEEE-1394 audio network. Installation of the optionboard in the FS-96 permits audio data conversion between IEEE-1394 andall common data formats (including AES/EBU, TDIF, SDIF and ADAT)supported by the FS-96.

Check out these new products at

digital Guru Unveils New DAW Product Line

The digital Guru ( has released its new lineof top-quality DAW systems. Both core (no sound card or software,just the operating system installed and tweaked) and complete systemsare available. System pricing starts at $999. There are two modelsdesigned specifically for GigaStudio users, as well as a variety ofmodels available for music and video production.

“If you’ve been waiting to make the leap into the world ofcomputer recording or media production, now is the time,” said ChuckJohnson, owner of the digital Guru. Johnson was formerly thesenior technician and product designer for Sound Chaser, and hasdeveloped numerous high-profile designs such as the GigaDAW TK1 and theProDAW Series used by the Steinberg Nuendo Producer Group.

Please visit the digital Guru’s Website or call 707/667-9595 formore info.

United Airlines Take-Off With Surround

Silverline Records and Dolby Laboratories have teamed up to offerUnited Airlines’ passengers a multichannel surround experience on alloverseas 777 flights during November and December.

Using the airline’s in-flight entertainment system, passengers willbe able to listen to a selection of Silverline Records’ DVD-A offeringsusing Dolby Headphone technology. Tracks included on the “Rhythms ofthe World” program are “Small Axe” and “Don’t Rock the Boat” by BobMarley & The Wailers; “Que Pena” and “Tierra Del Sur” by Ziorq;”The Wild Rover” by The Dubliners; “It’s Gonna Take a Miracle” by KenBoothe; “Face the Devil” by Wailing Souls; and “Gingele” by AstrudGilberto.

For more, visit Dolby online at

Oliver Peters Spearheads “Beat the Clock” Post-ProductionTeam

The TV show Beat the Clock has returned to a TV set near you.Overseeing the post-production work for the series is Oliver Peters, anOrlando, Fla.,-based independent post consultant and freelanceeditor.

Peters set up two Avid-based edit suites (which used a combinedtotal of nearly 2 terabytes of hard drive media space) and a team ofeditors to edit and mix the 130 half-hour shows and two prime-timespecials. The BPS Group (Cape Canaveral, Fla.) and Moving PictureElectronic Services (Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.) supplied post-productionequipment and resources; Doug Grover of BPS Group served as thepost-production coordinator. The editing team, along with Peters,included Ken Montgomery, Greg Honick, Mike Konstan, Shannon Brearleyand Amanda Box.

According to Peters, “We went with an Avid-based installationbecause it allowed us to quickly edit and sweeten these shows, as wellas making it easy to revise the cut for the producers, the network andthe director. We ran the Avids nearly 24/7 without a hitch.”

For more, visit

Euphonix Max Air Broadcast Tour Announces Dates

The Euphonix Max Air U.S. Broadcast Tour demonstration vehicle hasbeen on the road and will end its trek at the NAB convention in LasVegas in April 2003.

The specially commissioned truck is outfitted with a 96-channel MaxAir mixing system and is setup to simulate a local TV station’s digitalaudio control room with playback of 48 channels of digital audio andeight video streams, which include program, preview and six camera/obsources.

Main sponsors include Accom, Miranda and Pioneer; co-sponsors are360 Systems, Clear-Com, DK-Audio America, Dolby Laboratories, Genelec,NVISION, TC Electronic, TerraSonde and Wohler Technologies. Thesesponsors have provided audio and video equipment to interface with MaxAir to help create a realistic state-of-the-art digital broadcastenvironment.

At each city (full list below), the vehicle will visit up to five TVstations to allow operators, management and technicians to see Max Airin action. If your station is located in one of the following citiesand you would like the bus to stop at your facility, contact Euphonixsales coordinator Jonathan McDonnel at 650/846-1114 or [email protected].

Here is a list of the cities the bus will be visiting:

Philadelphia, November 11 and November 15; Washington, D.C.,November 18-19; Baltimore, November 20 and November 22; Miami, December2-3; Tampa, Fla., December 4 and December 6; Atlanta, December 9 andDecember 13; Birmingham (Montgomery and Huntsville), Ala., December 16and December 20; Nashville, January 2-3, 2003; New Orleans (Baton Rougeand Shreveport), January 6 and January 9; Houston, January 10 andJanuary 14; San Antonio, January 15; Austin, Texas, January 16-17;Tulsa, Okla., January 20-21; Oklahoma City, January 22 and January 24;Dallas and Ft. Worth, January 27 and January 31; Phoenix, February 3and February 7; San Diego, February 10 and February 12; Los Angeles,February 13 and February 21; Sacramento, Calif., February 24-25; SanFrancisco, February 26 and February 28; Vancouver, March 3 and March 6;Portland, Ore., March 7 and March 11; Seattle, March 12 and March 18;Salt Lake City, March 20-21; Las Vegas, March 26 and April 4; and NAB,April 7 and April 11.

For more, visit Euphonix online at

Presence Studios Receive Package From Toy Specialists

New York City-based rental company The Toy Specialists at ScharffWeisberg recently supplied Presence Studios (Westport, Conn.) with apackage of outboard gear. The equipment was used to complete SteelyDan’s newest album, which was produced by Walter Becker and DonaldFagen, and mixed by Elliot Scheiner.

The full package included Summit TLA-100 limiters, Prism Dream AD-2A/D converters, Prism Dream DA-2 D/A converters, dbx 160SL compressorlimiters, Meyer HD-1 powered monitors, Massenburg 8200 equalizers andMassenburg 8900 compressors. The Toy Specialists’ format-conversionfacility, TransferMat, also worked on the project, converting the2-inch analog masters to 24-bit Pro Tools files for the mix and then toDASH tape for mastering.

The project was recorded and mixed in Studio A on Presence’s NeveVR-Legend 60. “We’ve been working on this album with Walter, Donald andElliot for 14 months, first recording overdubs, then mixes and finallythe 5.1 mix,” said Presence partner Jon Russell. “They are among ourmost discriminating clients, so when they request an esoteric piece ofequipment or when they need equipment of the highest caliber, I alwaysgo to The Toy Specialists, because I know they’ll have it and that itwill be in good shape.”

For more information on The Toy Specialists, drop them a buzz at212/333-2206 or visit them online at

Neumann, Sennheiser Branch Out

“The Game of Love,” the hit single from Santana’s latest releaseShaman that features a duet between Michelle Branch and Santana,was co-produced and co-written by ex-New Radicals frontman GreggAlexander and Rick Nowels (Madonna, Dido, Jewel), and engineered byChris Garcia. The piece was recorded at Nowels’ studio in Santa Monica,Calif., where they relied on Neumann U67s for Branch’s vocals and a U67and Sennheiser MD 421 combo for Santana’s axe.

“I used a Neumann U67 on Branch,” recalled Garcia, who selected themicrophone for its ability to best capture her vocal performance. “Shesounds fabulous. She’s a really good singer. We used all Neumann U87son all of the horns,” he said.

For instrument miking, Sennheiser microphones handled the drumoverheads and the kick, as well as room ambience. For Carlos’ guitar,Garcia used a U87 with a Sennheiser MD 421 for the amp.

According to Garcia, Shaman repeats the Supernaturalformula by combining the legendary guitarist with Top 40 artists suchas Macy Gray, Seal, Dido, P.O.D., Chad Kroeger and Musiq. “Santanapretty much worked with a different producer for each song,” commentedGarcia. “We were at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley [Calif.], and he wascutting three songs in each of the three studios with differentproducers.”

Garcia’s engineering resume includes Cindy Lauper’s A Hat FullofStars and projects with Dido and Jewel. He alsoengineered Celine Dion’s Falling Into You, for which Nowels alsowrote and produced the Grammy-winning single and title track.

For more, visit Sennheiser online at orNeumann at Fantasy Studios can be found

Digital Bear Entertainment Initiates Talent Scout Program

Music production and artist development company Digital BearEntertainment is seeking outgoing, dedicated music listeners toparticipate in their new Talent Scout program, part of DigitalBear’s ongoing search for burgeoning musical acts. The positionwill require listeners to report back to Digital Bear on the mostpromising artists and to serve as a liaison between Digital Bear andthe artists.

To find out more about becoming a Digital Bear Entertainment talentscout or client, contact director of artist relations Adam Nelson at617/522-4550 or visit

Banff Centre Garners Four Awards

Participants in the Banff Centre’s audio department picked up fourout of five first-place awards in the Student Recording Competitionduring the this year’s AES.

The participants–Marie Ebbing, David Houston and ShawnEverett–under the direction of Theresa Leonard, director of audio atThe Banff Centre, took home the awards in these categories: ClassicalStereo Category, Marie Ebbing, audio associate/admin, for Mahler’sSymphony No. 4 in G Major; Surround Classical Category, David Houston,audio associate, for Brahms Symphony 1 in C minor: Allegro non troppoma con brio; Pop/Rock Stereo Category, Shawn Everett, audio assistant,for “Like Little Dots In Space” and in the Pop/Rock Surround for”Quicksand.”

The recordings were judged by an elite panel of Grammy and Emmyaward-winning recording engineers, including Michael Bishop (TelarcInternational), John Eargle (JBL Professional) and Richard King (SonyMusic Studios) in the Classical Music categories; and Bob Ludwig(Gateway Mastering), Frank Filipetti and Elliot Scheiner in thePop/Rock categories.

“I am very proud of the three of them,” said Theresa Leonard,director of audio at The Banff Centre. “I was especially thrilled atthe positive reaction from the competition judges to the recordings. Itspeaks so highly of our programs and the opportunity it provides to theparticipants to excel and further their skills in this field.”

For details about the audio programs at The Banff Centre,

Remote Recording Captures Kravitz Live

Wrapping up his current tour, Remote Recording caught up with LennyKravitz to capture his show for a live DVD. Other dates were recordedearlier in the year in Germany and San Diego, Calif.

Matt Knobel was in Remote Recording’s “Silver Studio”: “Working withthe gang from Remote Recording was a lovely experience. Making LennyLive was made an easy task with the help of Dave and company.”Knobel tracked the show on Remote Recording’s Neve VRM console,with Genelec 1031 monitors to Studer D-827 48-track digital recorders.Kravitz used AT-4054 vocal mics and AT-4050s on his guitar cabinets.Knobel then transferred the show to Pro Tools, and hooked up with EdCherney at the Hit Factory in New York, for the 5.1 mix.

Read Mix‘s “Tour Profile” on the current Lenny Kravitz tourat

For more, visit Remote Recording at

Latin Grammy Winner Endorses Westlake Audio

Producer/engineer Humberto Gatica, winner of three Latin GrammyAwards this year, relies on Westlake Audio to create musical magic fortop artists such as Celine Dion and fellow three-time 2002 Latin GrammyAward-winner Alejandro Sanz.

“I’ve spent 27 years doing everything from engineering toproducing to mixing,” said Gatica, who has done recordings for MichaelJackson, Tina Turner, Lionel Richie, Chicago, Barbra Streisand, EltonJohn and Robert Palmer. “Westlake Audio is my choice for a home basebecause you can always get the sound you are looking for and the stafftreats you like family. Simply put, when you spend half your lifeworking in a room, you need to feel comfortable with the equipment andthe people. The Westlake team cares about me and my projects, andthat’s what keeps me coming back.”

Westlake Audio offers seven state-of-the-art studios in twolocations: Studio A and B in the Beverly Hills area and Studios C, D,E, P1, P2 and the Digital Audio Edit Bay in West Hollywood. Each roomoffers its own equipment list, ranging from the Solid State Logic 9000J Series console to a large complement of Digidesign Pro Tools systemsincluding the latest HD systems.

“I sometimes find myself in production situations where several ofthe studios are running my projects at the same time,” Gaticaexplained. “I can be mixing a song in Studio E on the SSL J, break awayand fix a guitar track in Studio C (also on a J Series), then go backto the mix in Studio E. Also, the acoustics in each room are superior,and the tremendous amount of outboard gear complements the capabilitiesof the consoles. The studios always have the newest toy floatingaround, so I can constantly try out new sounds. This type of setup isideal for the way I need to work.”

Chris Brooke, a mixer/engineer whom Gatica cites, along withco-producer Kenny O’Brien, as a big reason for his success, alsoloves the comfort and amenities provided by Westlake Studios.”I’ve worked with Humberto for about eight years at variousfacilities,” said Brooke. “But we always look forward to coming back toWestlake as they have everything we need right here.”

Visit Westlake’s new and improved Website

AmAssets to Liquidate 39 Mars Music Stores

The United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District ofFlorida has assigned AmAssets (Cleveland) to liquidate the sale offurniture, fixtures and equipment from 39 Mars Music Superstores thatare closing nationwide. The stores are about 30,000 to 50,000 squarefeet each and are only five years old or less.

From the displays, teaching aids, showcases, racks, officeequipment, point-of-sale equipment, computers, unusual posters andvisuals, commercial stage lighting system, telephone system, soundsystem, recording studio, guitar center, a stage in the middle of thestore, counters, décor, there is a cornucopia of unique andinteresting furniture, fixtures and equipment. There are also many rareitems to be sold.

The sales will begin next Monday, November 18, 2002, at each storeand will continue until the conclusion of the store closing sale. Itemswill be sold on a “first come, first served” basis.

For more information call Ron Lertzman at 216/464-2566.

News came mid-October that the superstore chain declared bankruptcyand would liquidate. Read about this

Argosy Launches Online Studio Furniture Guide

Argosy has released its new Online Studio Furnishings Guideonline at Web users can find pictures,pricing and detailed dimensions on the complete line of studiofurnishings available from Argosy. Also new to the site is anAccessories section, offering casters, blank panels, shelf kits andmore. Customizations are available, and in-stock items featured on thenew Website ship to customers within five business days.

Weeks of November 1-15

Digigram Releases Drives Under Open-Source Licensing

Digigram (Montbonnot, France) will be making its source codeavailable for its VX line of pro sound cards under open-sourcelicensing. The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) driverdevelopers at SuSE Linux AG (Germany) will be managing the initialproject to port Digigram’s drivers to Linux.

The source code of the Mac OS X drivers and driver-interfacedocumentation will be first made available through the ALSA projectWebsite ( ALSA is incorporated into the Linuxkernel and provides the foundation for several Linux-based audioapplications.

“By releasing the source code of Digigram’s VX card drivers underopen source licensing, professional audio quality is enabled for a newcommunity of laptop and desktop users,” said SuSE VP of developmentMarcus Rex. “Advanced users and programmers who need specialfunctionality can now take matters into their own hands and develop newsolutions.”

“There has been a strong demand to enable our audio interfacesknow-how for Linux, handheld and other embedded operating systems,”said Digigram managing director Philippe Delacrois. “We are creatingprofessional portability and reliability for applications, which, untilnow, have not had access to our audio technologies.

For more, visit SuSE online at

DiscMakers Hosts Search for Unsigned Talent

On Thursday, November 14, 2002, at 8 p.m., DiscMakers will host theNortheast 2002 Independent Music World Series (IMWS) at TheLion’s Den in New York City. The IMWS is a live music showcaseseries that provides unsigned musical acts an opportunity to showcasetheir talents, make industry contacts and compete for over $35,000 inrecording gear, instruments, manufacturing services, DJ equipment andmore.

The showcase, which will be judged by local and national musicindustry professionals and celebrities, will feature live performancesfrom six finalists who have been selected by the editors ofBillboard magazine. These artists–Amber de Laurentis,Moonraker, Duwende, Richard X Heyman, Sophia Ramos and NicoleMcKenna–have been selected from a pool of over 1,200 of unsigned actsin the Northeast United States.

These finalists are competing for a prize package that includes: aDiscMakers’ complete CD-manufacturing package including 2,000 CDsin jewel boxes with four-page inserts, three-color printing on disc,UPC bar code, poly wrap, 300 11×17-inch posters and a completemastering package from Disc Makers’ SoundLab; one Shure KSM44,two KSM32 and two KSM141 studio microphones; an Alesis HD24 hard disk24-track, 24-bit/96kHz multitrack recorder; a Fender American SeriesStrat, ProReverb Guitar Amp, American Series Jazz Bass and a Bassman1200S Head; an LX all-maple five-piece drum kit from Pacific Drums andPercussion, produced by Drum Workshop, including 10, 12, and 14 -inchtoms, a 22-inch kick drum, a 5×14-inch snare and hardware; a completeset of Zildjian ZXT cymbals including a ride, hi-hats and two crashcymbals; Remo drum heads; a complete DJ system from Gemini; s year-longmembership to Taxi, the world’s leading A&R company; one freeyear of Web hosting from CD Baby, an indie-only store; andBillboard magazine’s “Musician’s Guide to Touringand Promotion.”

DiscMakers will also produce a compilation CD for each IMWS region,which will include music from each of the six finalists, along with 10other artists selected from the semifinalists, and will be distributedto an exclusive list of industry contacts.

The Lion’s Den is located at 214 Sullivan St. (betweenBleecker and West 3rd Street) in New York City. Doors open at 8 p.m.You must be 18 and over to get in, and there is a $5 cover charge.

For more information on the Independent Music World Series, visit

Event Electronics Offers Holiday Rebate

Event Electronics announced the EZbus $100 holiday rebate that isavailable for EZbus purchases made between November 1, 2002, andDecember 31, 2002. To claim your rebate, print the rebate couponavailable at, fill out all requiredinformation and send the completed coupon along with the original salesreceipt and UPC label from the EZbus package to: Event Electronics, POBox 4189, Santa Barbara, CA 93140-4189.

DMT Rentals Adds Model Two Converters

Euphonix announced that DMT Rentals (Burbank, Calif.) has purchasednine Model Two HDCD Processors. Model Two is manufactured, sold andserviced by Euphonix through an exclusive agreement with Microsoft,which acquired the design from Pacific Microsonics.

DMT is run by president and CEO Doug Botnick, who is currentlyworking as a scoring mixer with the likes of Randy Newman and HansZimmer. “Our goal at DMT is to bring to the recording and filmindustries the best that digital recording is capable of. We’ve alwayshad the best converters available for our clients, and now we have whathas become known to many in the mastering world as the ultimate.Recently, we’ve been seeing more 5.1 music mixing where multiple ModelTwo converters will really shine. That’s one reason we have nine units,so that there are three sets of three available for multiple projectsat once.”

According to Botnick, the units are being used for stereo mixing andmastering at 176.4k or 192k. Recent projects include Mark Antoine CDwith Al Schmitt, by Jack Joseph Puig for albums by the Counting Crows,Johnny Lang, rentals to Neil Young and Bonnie Raitt, and for Disney’sThe Emperor’s New Groove soundtrack.

For more, visit

Triks For “The Tonight Show”

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno‘s monitor engineer SandyDillon is now using two Sound Physics Labs SPL-trik as sidefillmonitors.

Dillon reports that he made the move to the Sound Physic Labs’ trikcabinets for two main reasons: “First of all, they sound really goodwhile delivering high SPLs with a lot of bottom. Plus, they’reextremely portable. With the smallish stage and limited backstage area,finding sidefill monitors I can stack and roll onto the performancespace and just plug in is quite important.

“The SPL-trik loudspeakers complements our existing monitoringsystem,” Dillon concluded. They have been used for groups like Queensof the Stone Age, Snoop Dogg and Nelly over the last few weeks.

For more, visit Sound Physics Labs online at

ML3000 Gets the Royal Treatment

The Royal Welsh College of Music (Penryn, UK) has purchased an Allen& Heath ML3000 15-bus live sound VCA console as part of a majorupgrade to its audio system. The 32-channel mixer was recommended andprovided by the Cardiff branch of Stage Electrics, one of Europe’ssuppliers of technical equipment to the entertainment, leisure andpresentation industries.

According to Simon Kenning, account handler with Stage Electrics, hechose the ML300 because it “provides a lot of versatility and advancedfunctions like VCAs, which makes it great for students to learn on. Thecollege is very happy with the desk and it works brilliantly inconjunction with their new Martin Audio system [Stage Electrics alsosupplied a Martin Audio Wavefront W2 and WS2A speaker system as part ofthe upgrade.].”

For more, visit Allen & Heath at or Martin Audio at See the new console in actionat the Royal Welsh College of Music’s site at

Yessian Music Adds Gerard Smerek to Its Roster

Yessian Music (Detroit) recently signed an agreement with recordingengineer/mixer Gerard Smerek, retaining one of the most sought-afternames in the music industry for commercial work. Smerek, alsoknown as “G,” has worked with such notable recording artists as AnitaBaker, Natalie Merchant, R. Kelly, Bob Seger and Deniece Williams. Hisname is attached to many Grammy-awarded and Grammy-nominated albums andsingles including R. Kelly’s R, Deniece Williams’ This Is MySong and Natalie Merchant’s “Carnival.”

“We’re very excited about joining forces with Gerard,” said DanYessian, founder of Yessian Music. “His impact on the Billboardcharts will carry over to our spot work, and our clients are veryenthusiastic about the new dimension he will bring to theirproducts.”

Visit Yessian Music online at

Berklee College of Music Adds New Dean
Boston-based Berklee College of Music has just added Stephen Croes toits roster as dean of the music technology division. In this role,Croes will oversee the music production and engineering department andthe music synthesis department.

Croes’ comprehensive career includes an eclectic array of work invarious music roles, from mixing, engineering, producing,orchestrating, conducting, arranging, writing, programming, sounddesign and performance on keyboards and percussion. He has contributedto recordings by Fleetwood Mac, Geggy Tah, Kenny Loggins, StevieWonder, Brenda Russell, Jennifer Warnes, The Yellowjackets and LeonardCohen. Croes has worked on feature films such as Bull Durham, RedScorpion and The Treat; his television credits include work on StarTrek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise,National Geographic specials and Cousteau Society specials, as well aswork for TV specials for PBS, ABC, NBC, CBS, Showtime and Fox.

“The thing that appealed to me about Berklee,” said Croes, “is thevariety of what goes on here and the significance of what goes on here.Education is a renewable resource here. This is a place where ideas andtechniques and experiences are always evolving and developing out inthe open. Everybody that participates gets to deal with new things allof the time, and this energy is very exciting.”

Harry Chalmiers, provost/VP for academic affairs, said, “We are sovery fortunate to have Steve as our new dean. He brings an enormousvariety of professional experiences and expertise to the college, andhis knowledge of the industry will be invaluable to our studentsseeking to begin their careers. Steve has gained the admiration andrespect of the students, faculty and administration in recordtime!”

For more, visit

Liberty Livewire to Be Renamed Ascent Media Group
Liberty Livewire (Santa Monica) will change its corporate name toAscent Media Group ( on Wednesday, November 20,2002. As a result, effective that same day, the company’s NASDAQ tickersymbol for its Class-A common stock will change from LWIRA toAMGIA.

Ascent Media Group provides a wealth of services to content ownersin post-production, media-asset management and content distributionavailable through the company’s three service segments: Ascent MediaCreative Services (formerly Liberty Livewire Pictures), Ascent MediaNetwork Services (formerly Liberty Livewire Networks) and Ascent MediaManagement Services (formerly Liberty Livewire Media). Among the myriadservices offered within the company are telecine, online and offlineediting, visual effects, foreign language dubbing, sound editorial,sound mixing, digital asset management, encoding, uplink services,distribution to foreign broadcast, Internet delivery, systemintegration and video-on-demand. These services are offered on a globalbasis through over 100 facilities in five countries, provided by morethan 3,700 associates.

The re-naming of Liberty Livewire to Ascent Media Group is due to astrategic effort that began two years ago with the establishment ofLiberty Livewire in June 2000. Liberty Livewire was formed through aseries of strategic acquisitions that resulted in a global aggregationof media services companies that provide post-production, media-assetmanagement and content-distribution services.

The acquired businesses include Company 3, R!OT, Method, Rushes,Encore, Level 3 Post, Soundelux, Todd-AO, POP Sound, Digital Image,4MC, Audio+Video International, Group W Network Services, WaterfrontCommunications, A.F. Associates and Asia Broadcast Center. As a result,clients can take advantage of Ascent Media Group’s integratedend-to-end service capabilities; in essence, creating a one-stop shopfor all of their needs, from the creation of the asset through itsdistribution.

According to Bill Fitzgerald, Ascent Media Group’s chairman and CEO,”Ascent Media Group is investing extensively in the development ofnext-generation technology platforms and service applications such asvideo-on-demand, interactive television and store-and-forwardtechnology. In doing so, the company is setting the stage for futuredevelopment, while positioning itself to support new facets of contentcreation, management and distribution.”

Although most of Liberty Livewire’s companies will adopt the newAscent Media Group identity, a select number of legacy brands willpreserve their operating names. These include POP Sound, R!OT SantaMonica, R!OT Manhattan, R!OT Atlanta, FilmCore Editorial (SantaMonica), FilmCore Editorial (San Francisco, FilmCore Distribution(Hollywood), FilmCore Distribution (San Francisco), Company 3, Company3 New York, Method Name, Bink Digital, A.F. Associates Inc. and VideoRentals Inc. According to Ascent Media, the rationale for this decisionis because many clients who enlist post-production services oftenprefer the attributes afforded by a “boutique” brand.

The Ascent Media name will be adopted by the company’s UK and Asiaoperations in the first quarter of 2003.

Adlib Audio Adds MH4
Liverpool, England,-based Adlib Audio is the latest premier leaguerental company to purchase both 40- and 48-channel frame versions ofthe Soundcraft MH4 console.

The MH4 comes with four stereo mic/line inputs and can serve aseither a dedicated FOH or monitor desk-–or a combination ofboth-–attributes that Adlib Audio’s managing director AndyDockerty was seeking.

Dockerty explained, “We are finding that in ourmarketplace-–typically the 1,000 to 2,000-capacityvenues–-we need a reasonably high-spec desk in a relatively smallfootprint, which the engineers will be happy with. I likedSoundcraft´s Series FOUR because it delivered a lot of product ina small footprint. But the MH4, which can go at either end of themulticore, fills a nice gap in the marketplace and enables us topackage our systems as competitively priced one-offs, which isappealing to promoters and compatible with the style of work in whichwe specialize.”

For more, visit Soundcraft online at www.soundcraft.comor Adlib Audio at

HEI, Shure to Provide Free Hearing Screenings at NAMM
Representatives from the House Ear Institute (HEI) and ShureIncorporated will partner to provide free hearing screenings to bothattendees and exhibitors at 2003 Winter NAMM at the Convention Centerin Anaheim, Calif.

The hearing screenings are located at the back of Hall E andavailable Thursday, January 16, 2003, through Sunday, January 19, 2003,during show hours, and beginning one hour before the show opens toaccommodate exhibitors.

A certified OSHA technician conducts the screenings and a licensedaudiologist from the House Ear Institute is on hand to counselparticipants on their confidential screening results.

The screenings are a part of the House Ear Institute’s SoundPartners program and Shure’s Bid for Hearing program. Sound Partnersraises awareness among audio and music professionals of permanenthearing-loss risks caused by overexposure to excessive sound levels.Shure’s Bid for Hearing is the company’s hearing-conservation programand corporate cause dedicated to teaching consumers and audioprofessionals how to enjoy sound responsibly.<

Visit www.hei.orgor call 213/483-4431 for more. Visit NAMM at

Liquid Audio, Alliance Terminate Merger
Liquid Audio (Redwood City, Calif.) and Alliance Entertainment (CoralSprings, Fla.) announced that they have mutually agreed to terminate aproposed merger that was agreed upon on June 12, 2002, and restated inJuly 14, 2002.

Liquid Audio and Alliance Entertainment planned on merging tocombine their operations to distribute digital and physicalentertainment media, as well as create stockholder value. Bothcompanies’ managements still support the strategic values of themerger; however, a significant portion of Liquid Audio’s stockholdershave publicly expressed opposition to the proposed merger and thecompanies believe that the termination is in the interest of bothparties.

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Euphonix Max Air Controls Steinberg Nuendo at TonmeisterShow
Euphonix and Steinberg demonstrated another example of the integrationbetween Euphonix’s Max Air and Steinberg’s Nuendo at the Tonmeistertrade show in Hanover, Germany. This demonstration follows the recentL.A. AES demonstrations of Steinberg software and the Euphonix digitallarge-format consoles, where the two companies announced a strategicalliance to create an integrated system that combines a control surfaceand Nuendo software.

“This demonstrates our ability to combine Max Air’s DSP capabilitiesand Nuendo’s native signal processing, based on an open-architecturephilosophy utilizing Euphonix’s ‘EuCon Networking Protocol’ and usingMax Air as a control surface,” stated Martin Kloiber, executive VP oftechnology at Euphonix. “Ultimately, we plan to offer a large-formatcontrol surface built with our current console technology thatintegrates seamlessly with Nuendo aimed at the music and postmarkets.”

Manfred Ruerup, CEO of Steinberg, added, “Nuendo is entirely basedon native signal processing, but with Max Air’s DSP power, we areexpanding the limits of native signal processing to deliver the nextlevel of digital recording and editing, with a very sophisticatedcontrol surface.”

The demonstrations at the Tonmeistertagung will be held at Steinbergbooth E 62, November 22-25, 2002.

For more on the alliance, visit either

Gefen Reduces Conversion Box, DVI-HUB Prices
In response to customer demands and product upgrades, Gefen (WoodlandHills, Calif.) has reduced the price on two of its most popularproducts.

The ex-tend-it VGA-to-ADC Conversion Box allows users to connect theVGA graphics from a PowerBook G4 or other desktop computer (Mac or PC)to any Apple flat-panel display. Since its release earlier this year, amore economical yet reliable power supply alternative was incorporatedin the product design, thereby reducing the price by $100 on thoseboxes currently being produced.

Gefen has also reduced the price on its ex-tend-it DVI Hub, which isdesigned to split a DVI source and send it to two DVI flat-panel orprojector screens, is now available for $499. Gefen’s DVI Hub enablesboth monitors and projectors to connect to a computer equipped withjust one DVI port and also extends both output signals up to 330 feetfrom the computer.

Product information may be found online at

Wyclef Jean, Jerry Wonda Add SSL to New Room
Platinum Sound, Former Fugees rapper and solo hip hop artist/producerWyclef Jean’s and his producing partner Jerry Wonda’s New YorkCity-based production/recording/mixing facility, added a new room totheir all-SSL facility and outfitted it with an SSL XL 9000 Kconsole.

“There are a lot of studios in New York, but none of them ‘got thekicks,’ if you know what I mean,” said Jean. “We want our little studioto be anything that you want, and that meant going with the XL. Thisconsole allows us to address 5.1 surround and DVD productions, and thatbrings us into the future today to meet the demands of ourbusiness.”

For more, visit Solid State Logic online at

Rascal Flatts Album Mixed on Harrison
Country artists Rascal Flatts latest release, Melt, was mixed andmastered on the Harrison SeriesTwelve at The Work Station studio inEmerald Entertainment Group (Nashville).

The Work Station is a full-service music-production facility locatedin the heart of Nashville’s Music Row that offers a variety ofproduction services, including overdubs, digital editing andsweetening, mixing, mastering and much more.

The band’s self-titled Platinum debut CD (also mixed and mastered atEmerald) has had four Top 10 singles, including the chart-topping”Prayin’ For Daylight” and the multimedia smash “I’m Movin’ On,” aswell as stayed on the charts for two years. The band–comprised of JayDeMarcus, Gary LeVox and Joe Don Rooney–has also scored appearances onthe soundtracks for The Emperor’s New Groove and We Were Soldiers. Theywere voted the ACM’s 2001 New Vocal Group of the Year, and in 2002,they garnered the prestigious CMA Horizon Award.

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Experience Music Project Highlights Disco Era
Seattle’s Experience Music Project will unveil “Disco: A Decade ofSaturday Nights” that will open November 23, 2002. The exhibit willfeature equipment used by pioneering DJs such as a Bozak mixer andThorens turntables, artifacts including the drum kit used by EarlYoung, the inventor of the disco beat, and the Plexiglass guitar playedby Nile Rogers of Chic, as well as interactive listening stations andkiosks.

For more, visit EMP online at

Steinberg Intros V-STACK
Steinberg (Chatsworth, Calif.) introduced V-STACK, a virtual 32-bitmixer and rack for up to 16 VST Instruments for VST System Linknetworks.

Features include: mixer with up to 200 or more channels plus fourgroup channels; support for up to 16 VST Instruments; eight effectssends, five effects inserts per audio channel, four master effectsends; VST System Link support; and real-time support for VST, VST2 andDirectX plug-ins.

V-STACK is available now on CD for $59, or as a download for $49.More information can be found at

Syracuse University Shifts to Digital
Students who graduate from S.I. Newhouse School of PublicCommunications at Syracuse University, Department of Television, Radio& Film will now have access to facilities that were recentlyupgraded to handle fully digital projects with 5.1 surroundcapability.

Key to the new setup were three Yamaha DM2000 Digital ProductionConsoles, Digidesign Pro Tools 5.1 hard disk recording systems, andYamaha center-channel speakers and subwoofers. All equipment wassupplied by Boynton Pro Audio of Kenmore, N.Y.

The department uses 17 studios that include two large TV studios,four AVID and eight Final Cut Pro post-production facilities, plusthree audio-only production and post-production rooms. There is also anextensive array of TV, film and audio equipment available for locationproduction.

The three audio-only studios house the DM2000 consoles and the ProTools systems. Some analog outboard gear and a 24-track analog taperecorder remain, but, according to Dr. Stan Alten, professor and authorof Audio in Media: The Recording Studio, “all of the studios are nowcompletely digital and capable of surround sound. In the past, each ofour studios had a different array of equipment, including consoles, sothat if a student took a course in one studio and then another coursein another studio, they would have to be re-taught. We were spendingtoo much time with the learning curves, so the idea was to make theaudio facilities uniform.

“The studios were all originally analog, with Pro Tools systemsadded later. We figured that we really had to make the completeconversion to digital, not only for instructional purposes, but also tomake our students more marketable.”

Alten chose the Yamaha DM2000 because “the flexibility isextraordinary, plus the capability of having 96 channels in a compactchassis, the signal processing, the automation and the ability to useSmartCards to save and restore settings. Also, the console´ssurround sound capability was pivotal in the decision. Practically allof the features of the DM2000 are being utilized, except for thetape-transport functions, which we don´t need because we use ProTools. The Yamaha Studio Manager software enables the students toeither use the console or Pro Tools as their central platform and workgoing one way or the other.”

Although the Yamaha consoles offer 96-input capability, Alten feelsthat beginning students should be limited to 24 channels at first.”Working with more may be too overwhelming. In more advanced courses,they can obviously handle more [channels].”

To complete the upgrade to surround, additional speakers were neededfor center channel and subwoofers. The department was happy with itsexisting KRK speakers but needed compatible speakers. “We found thatthe Yamaha NS AC40X center-channel speakers and YST-SW305 poweredsubwoofers worked extremely well. We may bring in an acoustician to runsome tests, and we also want to explore the possibility of puttingvariable acoustics in the studios.”

Each studio is equipped with a Korg General MIDI-synthesis systemand Hafler power amps. The installation was handled by theschool´s technical support staff and supervised by senior supporttechnician Mark Schnell. “Mark is a brilliant technician who alsounderstands the creative aspects of production,” notes Alten. “PaulFitzgibbons [Boynton Pro Audio] was helpful as there were a number oftechnical questions, and he was more than forthcoming in hisassistance.”

For more information on the S.I. Newhouse program, visit Contact Yamaha at

Propellerhead, M-Audio Release Tutorial
Propellerhead Software and its distributor, M-Audio, have releasedProducing Music With Reason, an interactive CD-ROM that providestutorials covering Propellerhead’s Reason software. Jointly produced bythe two companies, the CD-ROM contains three hours of tutorials andresources for beginning to advanced users.

Topics include song structure, principles of synthesis, creatingRedrum arrangements, using Dr. Rex percussion and loops, tuning Redrumand Dr. Rex loops and much more. It also includes expert lessons on newReason 2.0 features including expanded pro sequencer functionality,unique new graintable synthesis with Malstrom and advanced samplingwith the NN-XT.

Producing With Reason comes with a $39.95 MSRP price tag and workson Mac and PC, though Mac OS X is not supported yet. Sample QuickTimemovies are available at or

New York Audio Production Show Premieres
The first New York Audio Production Show will premiere at MadisonSquare Garden on January 30 to February 1, 2003. The three-day eventcomprises several educational activities (including a Pro ToolsInternational Users Conference), industry leader panels anddiscussions, vendor workshops, user group meetings and anexhibition.

The event is designed to provide a “how to” on technical info,creative insights, the latest trends in audio production and provideaudiophiles with a spectrum of current buying options. The show shouldattract East Coast-based sound designers, technicians, audio engineers,producers, performers, sound contractors and professionals working insound post-production reinforcement, broadcast stations, film and videoproduction.

Rick Friedman, president of Mindshare Ventures (producer of theevent), said, “There hasn’t been an event for audio pros in New YorkCity for over a year, so we expect 3,000-plus to attend, and we believeit’s a great opportunity for audiophiles to get distilled advice,objective opinions and demo the latest products at a greatlocation–Madison Square Garden.”

Chaired by Mix columnist Paul Verna, the 12 keynote sessions areopen and free to all attendees. Topics include “A Case Study ofSuper-Audio CD Technology,” “Music in Commercials: Licensing vs.Original,” “How Commercial Studios Are Dealing With the Home-RecordingBoom,” “The Effects of Smaller, Lighter, Better and Cheaper DigitalBroadcast Audio,” “Sound-For-Picture,” “Sound For Live Events,” “TheRise of Internet Studios,” “Careers in Music Production: Advice FromGrammy Winners” and “Deconstructing a Hit, Fixing It in the(Re)mix.”

The Pro Tools conference–chaired by Ben Kozuch, president of FutureMedia Concepts, a Digidesign-certified instructor–offers 13 techsessions for those using Pro Tools 5.5 and the new 6.0 for music andpost-production. The music track includes advanced music editing, MIDItools and techniques, advanced mixing, control surfaces and surroundfor music. The post-production track discusses advanced file formats,advanced post editing, advanced mixing, synchronization, machinecontrol, digital picture integration with AVoptionXL, control surfacesand surround for post.

Delegates can pre-register for one person ($350) or for two people($650) or for all three days with a VIP pass ($825). A 15% early birddiscount is available until December 13, 2002.

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Sound Arts Canada Adds Nexo Geo
Sound Art Canada has purchased a Nexo Geo Tangent Array System,consisting of 14 GEO S805 5-degree array elements and two S83030-degree array elements, plus four CD12 Controlled DirectivitySub-Bass units. The system is managed by two Nexo NX241 digitalcontrollers and amplified by four Camco Vortex 6 digital amps.

Currently, Sound Art’s new GEO System is on tour with the ShaolinMonks and the “Wheel of Life” (a martial arts theater event) in EasternU.S.

According to co-director of Sound Art touring Jeff Berryman, “Thesystem was originally conceived for 100 to 105dB applications:theatrical venues, clubs and small outdoor venues. But we got greatbehind-the-stage coverage from a single 15-element tangent array at arecent arena concert in Vancouver, a benefit that featured SarahMcLachlan, Bryan Adams, Jann Arden and the Barenaked Ladies. For thatshow, the GEO array was combined with larger line arrays fromElectro-Voice. We were able to achieve a relatively seamless blend ofall three systems, and many people remarked at the quantity and qualityof sound from the GEO array.”

Contact Sound Arts Canada at or Nexo at

Brad Colerick, Dave Curtin Form DeepMix
Music industry and advertising vets Dave Curtin and Brad Colerick havecreated a new music-supervision company, DeepMix (Hollywood). The newcompany will specialize in commercial and film music supervision, aswell as original music utilizing artists, producers, DJs and remixers;the duo will also be involved in soundtracks, music-branded CDs andother niche services.

Colerick, president of the new entity, said, “We see DeepMix as akind of hybrid company, catering to both the music and advertisingworlds.” Curtin will act as creative director.

Colerick recently won a 2002 London International Advertising awardfor a recording of Buddy Guy; he has also worked on spots forCoca-Cola, Budweiser, McDonald’s, Sears and Reebok. Curtin’s careerbegan as a DJ and has evolved into a record producer and artistmanager. He was the music supervisor for Poison Ivy 2 and Embrace ofthe Vampire.

They are currently doing music supervision for American Rap Stars, ahip hop documentary featuring Russell Simmons, Snoop Dogg, Run-DMC andother rap luminaries for First Look Media, as well as supervision forQuicksand and Borderline.

DeepMix is located at 6253 Hollywood Boulevard, Suite 890,Hollywood, CA 90028; 323/822-0583.

Glenwood Studios Installs Vintage Neve
Glenwood Place Studios recently installed a 68-channel custom Neve 8068MKII with Flying Fader Automation.

Heading the custom Neve 8068 installation was chief engineer MitchBerger, who has been busy upgrading and retrofitting the console forthe Neve room’s first client, Stix Hooper.

“When we first received the console, it was two completely separateboards–it had two master sections,” said Berger. “The first thing wasto remove one of the master sections, convert it into a bucket foreight channels and then move the other center section over one bucketso it’s in the center of the console. We’ve done a lot of modificationsin the master section. You can now send talkback to individual or anycombination of aux sends, 16- or 4-track, the metering can monitor anyof the mix buses or group outputs. We added two cue source-selectmodules so that you can select any group of inputs to the headphoneswithout patching them, which is pretty convenient. We replaced most ofthe wiring, so now 89 percent of the right side of the console isMogami wiring. We recapped the whole console with the best capacitorswe could buy on the market. The patchbay also got replaced–it’s acompletely nickel-plated patchbay now. Sonically, nothing has changed;we just brought it up to modern console standards. It’s just a greatall-purpose board. It’s got one of the best mic pre’s and EQs in theworld that were ever designed.”

Complementing the Neve 8068 room is the Pro Tools|HD system, as wellas analog and digital formats. The room also features a large trackingarea with several iso booths. For more, visit

Missouri Valley College Performing Center Installs ATCSpeakers
Missouri Valley College (Marshall, Mo.), a privately funded liberalarts institution, has renovated the adjoining 27-year-old antiquatedperforming arts center, Mabee Memorial Chapel.

MediaOne, a Kansas City-based company, was contracted to design andimplement a new system from the ground up. Chris Isom, Jim Surber andNick Whitaker were the principal designers of this project. All of theexisting audio and video
equipment was stripped out and rewired. Al Eckilson, A MediaOneprincipal, said that the installation of an ATC array was critical tothe success of the project.

“This was an interesting project for us because the standards wewere asked to adhere to were very high,” said Eckilson. “Theperformance space has two major applications: audio reinforcement forlive theater and concert events, and audio playback. We were asked toprovide a 7.1 speaker system that would provide the best surround soundavailable for a giant 22-foot digital-projection system.”

When it was built, the Mabee Memorial Chapel used a JBL horn-basedspeaker system. “That was state-of-the-art at the time,” said Eckilson,”but we wanted to eliminate the horn-based speaker concept entirely.Horns color the sound too dramatically. All you have to do is speakwith your hands in front of your mouth to realize that while horns areeffective in directing sound, they change the nature of an audiosignal.”

MediaOne installed three ATC SCM 300ASL speakers above the stage forleft, center and right channels and four SCM 0.1/15 powered subwoofersunder the stage, because “we really wanted to make sure that the bassimpact was powerful. We custom designed the enclosures to accommodatethe subs, and the sound is superb.” Three pairs of ATC SCM 20 Pros wereinstalled to handle the surround information being sent to the sides ofthe theater, and a fourth pair was installed in the rear. “We’re usingthe new DTS-ES Discrete 6.1 surround processing, which essentiallyoutputs as the rear center channel. We’re also going through aMediaMatrix DSP processor, which is handling all of our phasing, delayand room equalization. All of this is sent to the ATC array through aSoundcraft 64-channel mixer.”

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In Memoriam: Jim Ringwood
Jim Ringwood, chairman emeritus of IRMA, has died of cancer on November21, 2002.

Ringwood served continuously on the International Recording MediaAssociation Board of Directors since he was first elected in 1981representing the membership of Maxell Corp. of America. He was electedVP of IRMA in 1992, president in 1995, acting Chairman of the Board in1996 and Chairman of the Board in 1997. He served on numerouscommittees in the association and was a strong advocate for enhancingthe value of the trade association to the industry. He was also alongtime member and past president of the Vision Fund.

“Jim will always be remembered as a very kind and understandinggentleman, with a cheery attitude toward everyone and everything,” saidCharles Van Horn, IRMA president. “He was the consummate people person:genuinely interested in others and always willing to offer help. It wasthis generosity and empathy, both in spirit and in deeds, that willalways set him apart. Jim’s dedication to the industry and hisgood-natured spirit will be greatly missed. Our thoughts and prayersare with the Ringwood family.”

Ringwood leaves behind his wife Maureen, son James III, daughterKimberly Williams, son-in-law Jeffrey Williams, and grandchildrenMatthew, Joseph and Patrick James Williams.

Because one of Jim’s grandchildren has rheumatoid arthritis, thefamily has requested that those who wish may make donations in Jim’sname do so to: The James J. Ringwood Jr. Juvenile RheumatoidArthritis Foundation Inc., c/o McCarthy, Fingar et al., 11 MartineAve., White Plains, N.Y. 10606, Attention: John R. Parker, Esq.

SugarHill Recording Hosts Joe Sample
Joe Sample has been working on his latest project at SugarHillRecording Studios (Houston) during the past month. Sample brought inindependent engineer Paul Mitchell; SugarHill staff engineers SteveChristensen and John Griffin were second engineers. The project wastracked in Studios A and B on the Neotek Elite console and recorded toboth 2-inch tape and Pro Tools. It was mixed in Pro Tools through theconsole in Studio A. Sample served as producer, songwriter and musicianon the project; the lyricist is Denise Labrie.

The project is a promotional recording to introduce a new band thatSample has organized, Creole Joe. The musicians who were playingalongside Sample were Keith Frank, Brian Jack and Yvonne Washington,all of whom are natives of southeast Texas and Louisiana. Alsoparticipating in the project are members of the TSU Ocean of Soul drumcorp. The music will be a blend of creole, blues and country.

For more, visit SugarHill at