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Zen and the Art of SSL

Belmont, MA (March 3, 2011)--Producer/performer Bill Denison has installed a new Solid State Logic AWS 948 in his private Massachusetts recording studio.

Belmont, MA (March 3, 2011)–Producer/performer Bill Denison has installed a new Solid State Logic AWS 948 in his private Massachusetts recording studio.

Denison, the guitarist for the prog rock group Zen Carnival as well as the new Americana project Tenderfoot, comments, “Through my work with Zen Carnival, I have been very interested in sound experimentation with progressive rock, jazz, pop, electronic and Americana genres. I have been using different setups for the past 15 years, primarily mixing in-the-box with a mouse and stemming out to a summing console. While this process sounds simple, the physical layout was not efficient and the signal not as pristine as I wanted. After a long search, and a bit of serendipity, I purchased the SSL AWS.”

Denison was looking for a console that would not only give him the sound he desired, but also the capacity to bring together all the various elements of his studio into one cohesive system. Zen Carnival and Tenderfoot are examples of making music in the modern age where group members that live in various locations around the country may contribute tracks recorded in their project studios and sent back to Massachusetts via the internet for mixing. At other times, the entire group or one or two members arrive at Denison’s studio for live tracking.

“Everything that we have passed through the AWS, be it live recording or tracks sent over the internet by band members, simply sounds amazing,” reports Denison. “The sound quality is very, very clean. The first large session we had with the console produced excellent results and everyone immediately heard the quality. When you install a console of this magnitude in what is essentially a creative home studio, hook it up and start recording, it is gratifying that everything that was promised was actually delivered. SSL has a great reputation and now I know why.”

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