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New Products April 2016

Grove Hill Audio Liverpool Compressor

Reinvented Beatles-Era Processor

The all-tube, feedback, variable mu compressor from Grove Hill Audio ($1,495) was made famous by its use on Beatles albums at Abbey Road Studios. Inspired by the original Altec 436 compressor altered by EMI engineers, the Liverpool offers an improved circuit with added features. At the heart of the device is a dual-triode 6BC8 remote cutoff, gain-reduction tube. Other features include custom-wound input and output transformers and a solid-state power supply offering low noise and stability even at 30dB of gain reduction.

Joey Sturgis Tones Finality Limiter

Plug-in Based Mix Control

Finality is a plug-in limiter that comes in a full-featured Advanced ($89) or a Lite version ($59). Controls include hard and soft modes describing the character of the transients, Aggro, which alters the release envelope to be more favorable to drums, a Color button for adding saturation, and a Mix control for parallel processing. Other features include variable look-ahead, switchable sidechain HPF, and Auto Gain for setting makeup volume.

Mojave MA-50 Microphone

Affordable Transformerless Transducer

The MA-50 from designer David Royer ($445) uses the same capsule as Mojave’s MA-200 and MA-201fet. It promises a fast transient response and handling capability up to 140 dB. Features include a large 3-micron capsule, fixed-cardioid polar pattern, and low self-noise. The mic ships in a sturdy, foam-lined carrying case with a pro-quality shock-mount.

Focusrite Red 4Pre

Multichannel I/O with ‘Air’ and DigiLink

The Red 4Pre is a 26×32 interface with four preamps, Thunderbolt 2 connectivity and dual DigiLink connectors for use with Pro Tools | HD and HDX systems. The Red 4Pre also features 24-bit/192kHz, with more than 118dB dynamic range A/D and 121dB D/A, as well as a dual-port Dante card pre-installed for networking over Ethernet. The preamps can be digitally controlled via Focusrite Control software and also includes an “Air” function modeling the transformer-based mic preamps of the ISA range. When “Air” is enabled, the microphone impedance is set to 2.1kΩ, and the frequency response curve is given a subtle mid-high boost, all in the analog domain.

Fostex TR Series Headphones

Three New Head-Worn Monitors

Three new headphones from Fostex ($199) were designed from the ground-up featuring a new 40mm driver, specially tuned housings and stated frequency response from 5 Hz to 35 kHz. The TR-70 has an open design; the TR-80 has a fully closed-back, and the TR-90 has a semi-open design. Each model is available in an 80-ohm version for studio and production use, and a 250-ohm version for studio and critical listening. Each TR Series headphone comes standard with two detachable cables (coiled and straight), a ¼-inch to 3.5mm adapter and both regular and extra-thick ear pads.

Harrison Mixbus Version 3.1

Upgrade Brings Improved GUI and More

Mixbus Version 3.1 from Harrison ($79) now allows more user control over the interface with the ability to scale the channel strips to match your monitor size. Other features include support for three types of external hardware control surfaces. Generic MIDI devices can use “MIDI Learn” to assign MIDI controls to onscreen knobs, Mackie control protocol is provided for motorized fader controllers, and the Mixbus channel strip EQ, compressor, and eight Mixbus sends. Lastly, OSC (Open Source Control) protocol supports Ethernet-based wireless tablet controllers such as TouchOSC and Lemur for iOS and Android.

Auralex GeoFusor Acoustic Treatment

Diffusion Without Energy Loss

The GeoFusor from Auralex is a versatile sound diffusor that addresses standing waves and flutter echo without removing acoustic energy. The GeoFusor’s shape offers smooth, even diffusion and allows back filling with absorptive material for enhanced low-end control. Units can be mounted on walls or ceilings and are offered in two sizes (1×1 foot and 2×2 feet). The 2×2 GeoFusor is sized to fit in ceiling grids and is offered in fire-rated and non-fire-rated variations. The GeoFusor’s contemporary aesthetic complements residential or commercial environments, and its complementary design permits arraying for acoustical and design purposes. 

SPL DeS Dual-Band De-Esser

Ported From Original Model 9629

SPL has announced that its original Model 9629 Auto Dynamic de-Esser is now available as a single-slot, dual control 500 Series module for $529. De-S features include sibilance reduction by phase cancelation, 2-band processing (Hi-S and Lo-S), De-S intensity LED display, male/female voice selection, on/bypass switch, and signal present LED.

Allen & Heath ZEDi-10 and ZEDi-10FX

Compact Analog Interface/Mixers

The new ZEDi models from Allen & Heath combine a compact mixer, a 24-bit/96kHz 4×4 USB interface, and onboard effects (10FX). The units offer flexible source routing options and are bundled with Steinberg Cubase LE music production software and the Cubasis LE mobile music production app. The ZEDi-10 ($279) and ZEDi-10FX ($349) feature four mono channels with separate XLR and TRS jack sockets, one stereo channel and a second stereo input for reverb returns or playback. The mono channels include DI inputs, 3-band EQ, 60mm smooth travel master mix faders, FX/aux/monitor and headphone outputs, channel monitoring and 48-volt phantom power.

Audix Performance Series Wireless Systems

Two Choices Offer a Variety of Features

The Audix Performance Series is available in two performance levels: the 40 Series and 60 Series (priced per configuration). The 40 Series is a diversity system with 32 MHz of spectrum. It features 33 percent more frequencies than typical 24MHz systems in the same price/performance range. There are 106 pre-coordinated frequencies available that will take into account the region and number of other systems in use. A total of eight systems (conservatively) can be used simultaneously. The 60 Series is a dual-channel system with true diversity receivers and 64 MHz of extended spectrum. There are 207 pre-coordinated frequencies available for auto scan and sync purposes. Also, there are 2,560 individual frequencies available for manual tuning. A total of 16 systems (conservatively) can be used simultaneously. Like the 40 Series, dual-channel models are available for the 60 Series.

NEXO Amps and Controller

Install and Touring Power Players

The NEXO DTDAMP4x0.7 ($TBA) and DTDAMP4x1.3  ($TBA) power amps will partner with the new DTD Controller ($1,100 to $1,349) to create compact, lightweight and low-cost powering solutions for the installation and touring SR markets. The new NEXO DTDAMP4x0.7 and DTDAMP4x1.3 4-channel, single-rackspace amps are available in 700 and 1,300-watt models (4×4 ohms), each weighing in at 16.5 pounds.  Both models offer a high-efficiency switch mode power supply. Channels can be independently bridged two by two. Four Inputs are available via XLR with four outputs on NL4. The DTD Controller features two versions, one for touring and one for installation, each available with the option to add a Dante input. Both touring and install versions are housed in the same low-depth rackmount case with a universal power supply.

dB Technologies DVA K5

Three-Way Active Line Array

The new K5 active line array from dB Technologies (priced per configuration) features a Class-D 500-watt RMS Digipro G3 digital amplifier. The DVA K5 is capable of reaching up to 129 dB SPL and offers technological upgrades partially derived from the most recent model of the series, the DVA T8. The line array module features 2.25-inch drivers, a 6-inch neodymium midrange and an 8-inch neodymium woofer. An advanced DSP user interface allows precise system tuning—a double rotary encoder provides a separate tuning for LF correction (coupling) and MF/HF correction (high-angle midrange loss and air absorption compensation due to throw distance). The module’s electronics and components are housed in a sturdy polypropylene box, reinforced with an internal anti-vibration metal structure that drastically reduces any resonance.