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New Products February 2016

Studio Technologies 46A & 47A Interfaces

Lighter, Smaller and More Able I/O

The improved 46A and 47A interfaces from Studio Technologies offer improved circuitry and software in a more compact and lightweight package. The Model 46A provides two 2-channel partly-line interfaces allowing direct connection of user belt packs and related devices. The Model 46A’s 4-wire inputs and outputs are directly compatible with the matrix intercom systems that are standard in live-event broadcast and production facilities. The Model 47A also provides dual 2- to 4-wire analog audio interfaces but with the addition of power and audio on both channels of both party-line interfaces—a total of four powered PL channels. The unit is ideal for mobile and fixed television facilities that utilize a Source Assignment Panel (SAP) for PL channel routing and configuration. Both products support other specialized audio system-interfacing applications and provide two independent, full-featured 2-channel interfaces.

PreSonus Digimax DP88 Preamp Converter

MIDI Controllable Gain and More

The PreSonus DigiMax DP88 8-channel microphone preamplifier and A/D/A converter ($699) offers eight mic preamps with advanced remote control features. Other features include integration with the new Studio 192 audio interface and compatibility with third-party, ADAT Optical-equipped audio interfaces. The unit offers eight XMAX Class-A preamps and Burr-Brown A/D/A converters with 118 dB of dynamic range. The DP88 uses simple MIDI CC messages to control Level, Phantom Power and direct ADC input. MIDI Channel 1 controls Preamp 1, MIDI Channel 2 controls Preamp 2, and so on, making MIDI management easy and intuitive. Eight balanced direct outputs are provided on a DB25, as are eight balanced DAC outputs that expand your interface outputs for monitor mixes or speaker switching.

BAE 10DCF Compressor

Updated HPF Option

The 10DCF from BAE builds on the capabilities of BAE Audio’s 10DC compressor/limiter. Features include Carnhill and Jensen transformers, all discrete circuitry and a new, inductor-based bypass filter. The HPF can be set at 50Hz, 80Hz, 160Hz and 300 Hz and is used for isolating lower frequencies from the compressor. Units can be stereo-linked. Other features include Elma stepped switches for each control, Marconi knobs, and a gas tank-style analog meter. Prices are $1,900 for a single (no power supply), $2,100 (with power supply), and $4,000 for a pair with power supply.

API 535 LA Line Amplifier

Clean Level Control

The newest addition to the 500 Series collection, the 535 LA ($595) is modeled after API’s console-based 325 booster cards. The 535 is useful anywhere signal levels need adjusting, such as inputs from keyboards, audio playback devices, or from mic preamps or audio processing devices that do not have their own level control. Features include a balanced input, polarity switch, -20dB pad, and a three-position toggle switch allowing for different output gain levels from the transformer. Output gain range is from 6dB to 45dB. The 535 LA features API’s original five-year warranty.

Sample Magic Referencing Plug-in

Updated A/B Switcher

Sample Magic has updated its instant referencing AB plug-in ($66.69), which allows users to switch between a DAW audio stream and up to nine reference tracks instantly. Upgrades include an entirely rebuilt one-click referencing engine that loads all modern and professional audio file formats; new Latch, Sync, and Manual playback modes; multiple cue and loop points per track; mono-stereo monitoring; and high-resolution output meters coupled with peak, RMS and crest monitoring scales. Other features include a redesigned Mini-AB with more options and smaller footprint, and dozens of user-flow tweaks, including RAM-saving deactivate tracks mode; drag-and-drop files; more accurate zoom; and an all-new preset system.

Sonnox Oxford Envolution

Frequency-Dependent Envelope Shaping

Sonnox has released Oxford Envolution, a frequency-dependent envelope-shaping plug-in featuring comprehensive and independent control of transients and sustain, with Tilt or Focus controls to choose where in the frequency spectrum the effect is applied. Transients can be boosted to add presence and punch, or reduced to create perspective, while the sustain section can make the ambience around a recording bloom, or can be cut back for quick and precise gating. Envolution is available in Native format—AAX Native, Audio Units, and VST ($270) and AAX DSP format ($435).

Minnetonka SurCode Decoder

Dolby Digital Plus for Pro Tools

Minnetonka Audio’s SurCode for Dolby Digital Plus Decoder and Encoder ($595) is now available for Avid AAX-supported products, including Pro Tools and Media Composer. SurCode for Dolby Digital Plus Encoder allows users to create fully compliant Dolby Digital Plus E-AC-3 files from multichannel WAV or AIFF sources. When working with legacy content, SurCode for Dolby Digital Plus also provides encoding and decoding of Dolby Digital AC-3 files. SurCode for Dolby Digital Plus is also able to upmix from 5.1 to 6.1 and 7.1 formats. Cross-platform plug-ins and native versions of the software support both Mac and PC.

Sorigio Wooden Mini Booth

Portable and Stylish Mic Isolation

The Wooden Mini Booth ($199) from Sorigio is designed to mount to a mic stand and provide isolation for any microphone. The unit is made from curved Birch, lined with polyurethane foam. A specially designed bracket holds it all in place and includes a headphone hanger at the bottom of the bracket.


K-Array KU26 Subwoofer and KU44 Bass Element

Standalone or Arrayable Boomers

The KU26 compact subwoofer is designed as a companion to the company’s Lyzard, Vyper and Tornado loudspeakers. It operates in a stated frequency range of 45 Hz to 300 Hz and is electronically protected. The KU26 incorporates a 6-inch neodymium transducer and a 6-inch passive radiator that’s engineered for maximum linear excursion and minimum residual noise. The KU44, an arrayable bass element, complements mid-high models with the company’s proprietary Slim Array Technology to provide a full-range frequency response from a very low profile. Stated frequency range is 50 Hz to 150 Hz. The KU44 incorporates dual 4-inch neodymium transducers joined by dual 4-inch passive radiators.

Lawo Sapphire Mixing Desk

Small and Easy Operation for Live Broadcast

Lawo’s new Sapphire Compact mixing desk is a small mixing surface with either eight or 12 motorized faders. Equipped with VisTool 5.0 software for extended visualization and control, Sapphire Control is intended for radio programming such as interactive news and call-in shows. The console sports a number of new features. Autogain is designed for multiple-mic talk shows and news programs, and can adaptively optimize the dynamic range of all active microphone preamps to provide an even mix of voices. Automix is an exclusive DSP algorithm that allows presenters to create radio shows virtually hands-free. Sapphire Compact also has a unique layering capability that enables the console to manage a live broadcast while, at the same time, performing alternate tasks such as voice tracking, phone-call editing, and light production. Prices start at $15,000.

d&b Audiotechnik 10D and 30D Amplifiers

Permanent Install Loudspeaker Power

The d&b 10D and 30D installation amplifiers are designed to drive d&b loudspeakers and fit directly into the d&b workflow. The 10D is intended to drive smaller d&b systems while the 30D amplifier contains configurations for all d&b loudspeakers. The new amplifiers are built on a new-generation d&b Digital Signal Processing platform and are tailored for installations. Each amplifier offers two 16-band equalizers with parametric, notch, shelving and asymmetric filters, as well as up to 10 seconds of delay for each of the four channels. Accessed either through Ethernet, via the Open Control Architecture protocols, or using CAN-Bus, they are controlled using the R1 Remote control software or the web remote interface.

Lectrosonics FB-VHF and IFBT4-VHF

Transmitter/Receiver for Broadcast and Stage

Lectrosonics has introduced the IFB-VHF wireless system, including the IFBT4-VHF frequency-agile compact transmitter and IFBR1a-VHF receiver. The system is designed to operate in the less-trafficked VHF broadcast band, offering 239 frequencies between 174 to 216 MHz. The IFBT4-VHF IFB transmitter is designed for use in broadcast, motion picture, theater and stage applications where extended operating range and high-quality audio are essential. The IFBR1a-VHF receiver offers simplicity and flexibility in its operation, in a package that is intuitive for both experienced professionals and new users to operate. Prices are: IFBT4-VHF transmitter ($1,369); IFBR1a-VHF receiver ($865).