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Steinberg Cubase 12 Released

Steinberg has updated every version of Cubase with the introduction of Cubase 12, unveiling new features and improving workflows.

Steinberg Cubase 12
Steinberg Cubase 12

Hamburg, Germany (March 3, 2022)—Steinberg has updated every version of Cubase—Pro, Artist and Elements—with the introduction of Cubase 12, which introduces new features and takes aim at improving workflows.

All three editions now sport enhanced controller support, allowing MIDI controllers to be integrated by automatically detecting selected controllers and providing enhanced options for mapping external devices. Also, the Chord Track now allows audio events to be dragged and dropped to provide MIDI chord progressions for audio. Additionally, the entire Cubase family gets new editing workflow improvements and near sample-accurate volume automation, which is no longer affected by the set buffer size.

Other new features have been added only to Cubase Pro and Cubase Artist, such as the Scale Assistant in VariAudio for pitch edits and timing corrections, as well as the new FX Modulator, which comprises an array of effect modules alongside an envelope editor. AudioWarp improvements are also shared across both Pro and Artist, with the included Free Warp tool for making timing corrections for multiple tracks simultaneously within the Project window. Pro and Artist also get use of Verve, a new felt piano recorded at the Yamaha Studios in Los Angeles.

The Big Mix DAW Update Round-Up

Cubase Pro 12 still gets its own exclusive features, however. The new Raiser limiter adds to the dynamics processing tools offered. Elsewhere in Pro, the Logical Editors allow users to create and customize the logical capabilities available. Other additions include Dolby Atmos support (available soon in an upcoming Cubase maintenance release) and several features previously only available in Nuendo, such as providing two video tracks and more.

Across all editions, Cubase uses the recently introduced, identity-based Steinberg Licensing system that allows customers to sign in with a Steinberg ID to run Cubase on up to three computers, without the need for a physical copy-protection device.

Additionally, Cubase 12 now runs natively on Apple silicon-powered computers, reportedly with improved processing times for many operations.

Cubase Pro 12 is available with an MSRP of 579.99 US, while Cubase Artist 12 runs 329.99 US and Cubase Elements 12 is 99.99 US.