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Winter NAMM Product Preview

A look at some of the products making their debut in Anaheim, Calif.


MOTU Digital Performer 10.1

MOTU has released Digital Performer 10.1, a free update for all DP10 owners with dozens of new features, including Clips in Tracks, Clip Recording, Real-time and Off-line Stem Bouncing, Retrospective MIDI Record, workflow enhancements and performance optimizations. Clips (phrases of MIDI or audio data) allow users to record, edit and arrange track material easily and intuitively. Users can apply all of DP’s editing tools, such as split, trim, drag and drop, edge-edit, copy/paste and more. Digital Performer 10.1’s Bounce to Disk feature now allows users to batch export audio stems and mixes faster with both real-time and faster-than-real-time (offline) mixdown operations. Users can bounce multiple tracks and/or outputs in a single operation for fast, convenient delivery of stems for their productions. The “Bounce Includes Audio Patch Thru” option allows for real-time capturing of audio returns from external sources, such as a hardware reverbs, hardware synths or Vienna Ensemble Pro instruments.

Voyage Audio Spatial Mic

Voyage Audio’s Spatial Mic is a professional second-order ambisonics VR microphone that is capable of single-wire connectivity to a computer or mobile device. Designed for audio engineers, producers for AR/VR, game sound-designers and 3D audio pioneers, Spatial Mic and the included Spatial Mic Converter plug-in (VST and AAX) offer enhanced spatial resolution, pattern decoding, directivity andoptimal listening area vs. first-order microphones and less phase issues than with spaced arrays. They may be decoded to any listening format live or in post and is not locked to one specific configuration. Output may be head-tracked and used natively with content delivery tools from YouTube, Facebook and Google Resonance SDK. With built-in USB and ADAT connectivity, no external mic preamps, multi-channel cables carrying analog signals or converters are needed.

Ocean Way Audio HR5 Monitor

Ocean Way Audio’s new HR5 reference monitor system provides a perfect 100 degrees of horizontal dispersion. No matter where the listener stands, the speaker sounds the same, resulting in the biggest sweet spot of any speaker system available today, according to the company. The HF and low-band horns are milled out of solid blocks of wood and are totally non-resonant, resulting in greater efficiency in their respective bands as compared to conventional direct radiators. The high frequency driving element utilizes a 1-inch silk dome with aluminum voice coil in a magnetic structure so unlike conventional horn drivers it has no phasing plug and hence significantly lower distortion. With 1 watt in at 1K the HF section produces 104 dB at one meter. The HF section is driven by a separate 90-watt amp. Available soon is a small companion Ocean Way Audio subwoofer, transforming the HR5s into a 3-way monitor system and extending the bass response to 25 Hz.

Avid S1 Audio Control Surface

The Avid S1 audio control surface is designed for music mixing, audio post and video production artists. Priced at $1295 USD MSRP, the Avid S1 provides the comprehensive control and visual feedback to accelerate any music workflow. Like the Avid S6 and Avid S4, Avid S1 is powered by EUCON to offer deep integration with Pro Tools and Media Composer, plus native support for third-party audio and video applications like Logic Pro, Cubase, Premiere Pro and more. Users can even switch between multiple applications—and workstations—at the touch of a button. Avid S1 tightly integrates with the free Avid Control app for iOS and Android tablets and smartphones, providing rich visual feedback, and Avid S6-style metering and processing views so users can navigate large sessions quickly. From touch-sensitive motorized faders and knobs to fast-access touchscreen workflows and Soft Keys for completing complex tasks with a single touch, Avid S1 provides the speed and versatility to accelerate any music, audio post, or video project. Users also can easily scale the surface as their needs grow by connecting up to four units together—and even add an Avid Dock—to create a single extended and integrated surface.

DPA 4560 CORE Binaural Headset Microphone

YouTubers, sound designers, podcasters, vloggers and other content creators, including filmmakers who want to capture authentic immersive audio for their projects, can now do so with the new 4560 CORE binaural headset microphone from DPA Microphones. The professional quality of the microphones allows them to capture, in real time, exactly what each ear is hearing so that those listening on headphones can experience the full immersive sound. At the heart of the 4560 CORE binaural headset is a pair of 4060 CORE miniature microphones mounted on two ear hooks and sitting just outside the user’s ear canal (like a pair of earbuds). This makes it possible to directly capture (1:1) the sound heard by the person making the recording. The ear hooks are attached to a flexible headset that is easily adjusted to suit the dimensions of each individual head. Foam screens are supplied with the microphones to secure their position and offer damping of wind noise.

MXL Microphones Overstream and Overstream Pro Bundles

MXL Microphones’ Overstream and Overstream Pro Bundles for live streaming and gaming include a choice of either the 990 Blaze or 990 Blizzard condenser microphone with a desk mounted, hinged-arm mic stand and an integrated all-in-one pop filter and shock mount. The Overstream Pro Bundle includes all the products within the Overstream Bundle with the addition of MXL’s Mic Mate Pro XLR-to-USB audio interface. Both the 990 Blizzard and 990 Blaze condenser microphones offer professional-grade studio design and deliver a wide frequency response, tight high end, and solid low- and mid-range production. The microphone’s cardioid polar pattern helps reject any noise from behind while the illuminated LED lights in the grille complement any modern streaming or gaming rig. The MXL 990 Blaze features glowing red LED lights in the mic grille while the MXL 990 Blizzard has glowing blue LED lights. The included MXL-BCD Stand is a desk mounted microphone stand with fully adjustable mic placement. It includes an integrated XLR mic cable while offering table clamp and swivel mount options for easy placement in any setup. The MXL-SMP 1 provides metal pop filters and shock mounts to dampen vibrations and eliminate plosives for clear speech intelligibility and pristine sound quality.

Heritage Audio HA-609A Compressor

Heritage Audio’s HA-609A is a modern take on the classic tracking/mixing diode bridge compressor with several improvements brought in to accommodate the modern workflow. The HA-609A features an entirely discrete, class A design and a total of three Carnhill/St Ives transformers per channel. The addition of a fast attack mode for both the compressor and limiter section allow the HA-609A the flexibility to handle individual tracks as well as groups and 2-bus program material. Thanks to a proprietary system of diode bridge matching, the HA-609A has better channel matching than any earlier incarnations; while the use of rotary switches and high-quality, stepped pots allow for easy recall and for users to maintain a perfect stereo image.

NUGEN Audio Sigmod Software Update

The latest NUGEN Audio SigMod update allows the program to host multiple instances of the Insert module and incorporates hosting support for third-party VST2 and AU plug-ins. This enables users to access a wider pool of plug-ins—particularly in DAWs that support limited plug-in formats—and increases access for creative routing options such as mid/side processing for any stereo or multi-mono plugin. The company has also implemented a wet/dry control for the Insert module. This provides even further flexibility, allowing users to blend their effected signal with the original sound without the use of an AUX send. Improved navigation controls for third-party plug-ins, including a search bar functionality, enables users to filter by name and increases efficiency and ease of use.

Neve GenesysControl Plugin

The Neve GenesysControl plug-in provides the final link to total integration between genuine Neve analog hardware and the DAW. The GenesysControl plug-in allows you to mix traditionally using the console, work in-the-box or combine both approaches in a highly effective hybrid workflow. Imagine having all the speed and flexibility of working in-the-box without sacrificing the sonic benefits of using a real Neve analog console. The GenesysControl plugin can be applied in your DAW to a mono, stereo or master track and assigned to control selected channels on the Genesys or Genesys Black console where it provides and controls automation of parameters such as EQ, dynamics, AUX and INSert switching, both large and small fader levels, effects return levels and 8-Track and Main Mix fader levels. The GenesysControl plug-in supports Pro Tools (AAX) and Cubase/Nuendo (VST).

DiGiCo Spice Rack

Following the manufacturer’s preview of Mustard, a forthcoming set of algorithms and options for channel strip processing for Quantum 7 that offer enhanced flexibility and choice when extra control and creative adjustment are needed within a mix, DiGiCo is now revealing the first “flavor” in its Spice Rack processor collection for Quantum 7: Chilli 6, a six-band, dynamic, multiband compressor/expander. Comprising a four-band, fourth-order frequency splitter with adjustable crossover and slope control plus two independent fourth-order parametric EQ bands, the new processing can be freely inserted on any channel type in any position. Controlled from the console’s Master screen and its worksurface controls, Chilli 6’s two floating bands allow complete, detailed control of envelope shaping for definable frequency bands. The compressor/expander’s Range control restricts maximum gain change between -24 dB and +18 dB, and a Dyn Angle control determines level at which maximum gain change occurs.

TASCAM Bundles DR-10L with iZotope RX Elements

TASCAM has announced that it is bundling its black DR-10L micro linear PCM recorder with a free full version of iZotope’s audio repair and noise reduction tool, RX Elements. The DR-10L/RX Elements bundle brings a powerful recording and editing workflow solution to live productions where ambient noise and environmental distractions are common post production challenges, including weddings, on-location films, and documentaries, to name a few. As perfect production partners, the DR-10L and RX Elements together address common live production and recording challenges, reducing stress while on location by helping a videographer or filmmaker ensure reliable and accurate audio dialog capture, while streamlining costs and workflow during post production by reducing the time required for fixing and repairing problematic audio.

PMC and the Immersive Audio Market

PMC will be highlighting the importance of its products in the burgeoning immersive sound market by making a PMC-equipped Dolby Atmos demo suite the centerpiece of its NAMM 2020 booth. Artists, composers, sound designers, producers and recording engineers will have an opportunity to experience a 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos enabled system, consisting of the company’s large, active three-way MB3-XBD-A monitors (left, right and center channels), four PMC twotwoSub2 monitors and a total of 16 Wafer 1 compact slimline monitors for the surround, rear and height channels. Content will be played back using Dolby Atmos renderer software, Pro Tools and Focusrite RedNet I/O. PMC will also showing other products from its range of professional monitors, including its twotwo series, its IB2 and BB6 monitors and the result6 compact nearfield reference monitor.

RME ADI-2 DAC FS Headphone Amp

RME will launch the ADI-2 DAC FS during the 2020 NAMM Show. The latest addition of the ADI-2 DAC USB audio converter and headphone amp features RME’s proprietary SteadyClock FS technology. SteadyClock FS offers the lowest jitter and highest jitter immunity, excellent performance in all clock modes and high-quality analog conversion. The benefit for the user is improved performance of the D/A converter and enabling end-users to optimize their recordings and mixes because the soundstage has more depth and clarity. New additions to the unit include improved signal-to-noise ratio, additional headroom of 2.5 dB and an extended infrared remote control. The IEM output has also been improved.


Waves eMotion LV1 Live Mixer v11 Updates

Waves Audio has announced eMotion LV1 v11, an updated version of the eMotion LV1 live software mixer, with major updates and user-requested new features, including the new MyMon Personal Monitor Mixing App. To offer control over every aspect of your live sound, each of the mixer’s channels has its own plugin rack capable of running up to eight Waves and third-party plugins. Subsequently, you can mix live with hundreds of your favorite plugins, all running inside the mixer itself, adding the power and versatility of Waves plugins to the arsenals of engineers everywhere, while shrinking the form factor of a full mixing system down to a portable carry-on size. This digital mixing console for front-of-house, monitor and broadcast engineers has now been updated to v11, with new features that include Waves MyMon, a personal monitor mixing app for mobile devices, which communicates remotely with eMotion LV1 and gives musicians on stage direct control of their monitor mix: they can adjust input levels; mute and pan; apply post-mix EQ; and link channels to custom single-fader groups. eMotion LV1 v11 also increases the aux and matrix channel-count of each of the LV1’s three configurations. The 64-channel LV1 now features 16 monitor auxes; the 32-channel LV1 now features 16 monitor auxes and 8 matrix mix busses; and the 16-channel LV1 now features 8 matrix mix busses.

DAS Audio of America Celebrates 25th Anniversary

DAS Audio of America, the North American subsidiary of Valencia, Spain-based DAS Audio, will celebrate its 25th Anniversary during Winter NAMM 2020. Much of the activity that constitutes this achievement will take place on the tradeshow floor, at booth #17224 and neighboring Anaheim Hilton hotel. As part of DAS Audio’s 25th Anniversary celebrations, the company will be launching two important new lines: The Icon Series and E11EVEN Sound by DAS Audio. Musicians, audio professionals and AV integrators alike will all be interested with the company’s new offerings. The 25th Anniversary celebration will take place at the Anaheim Hilton inside the Avalon Room on Thursday, January 16th, 2020.

64 Audio N8 Custom In-Ear Monitors

64 Audio’s N8 customizable in-ear monitor is the result of a collaboration with Grammy-nominated bassist Nathan East. Targeted towards musicians and discerning audiophiles who are looking for a sonic signature that delivers amazing clarity across all frequencies with abundant headroom available in the lower end of the audible spectrum, N8 is now available at and authorized retailers, with an MSRP of $1699. To achieve the necessary sound flavor, 64 Audio opted for a hybrid design utilizing a 9mm dynamic driver for the lows and eight balanced armature drivers for the midrange and highs. The N8 also features 64 Audio’s patent-pending technologies, including tia and LID, and 64 Audio’s recently patented apex technology.

Studiologic Camelot Pro Bundle

With Studiologic’s new Camelot Pro bundle, Sledge and Numa Compact 2x owners can try the live performance management software for three months at no charge and then get a full license with a 40 percent discount. Camelot Pro makes it easy to create and organize songs with drag and drop, create Scenes that can recall any program sound from your Studiologic instruments, use templates to simplify the creation of Songs and Scenes, and save and recall Pre-Sets for complex synthesizer configurations comprised of numerous hardware and software constituents. Camelot Smart Maps enable remote control of your Studiologic instruments. There’s no need to know the MIDI implementation chart—Smart Maps can do that job and provide a list of programs. Studiologic’s Camelot Pro offer is valid through January 31, 2020.