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Goodhertz Vulf Compressor Plug-In – A Real-World Review

Rich Tozzoli says this plug-in is a beast.

Vulf Compressor is another release from Goodhertz that quickly found its way into my productions. I refer to this thing as The Beast because that’s what it is: a dynamic compression monster. The story goes that it’s based on the DSP of the classic Boss SP-303 Dr. Sample. Taking into consideration the sonic signature of that unit, the Goodhertz team created the Vulf compressor.

With a few quirks—including Lo-Fi, which adds harmonic distortion; Wow/Flutter, where you can control the Mix/Flutter Speed and Flutter Phase; Sidechain Listen, where you can hear the detector signal instead of the output; and an optional HQ mode, where high-quality audio is given priority over CPU usage—Vulf has its “own thing.” And that’s exactly why I like it.

I use a lot of drum and percussion loops in my TV work, and Vulf takes them to a new level of attitude. My most used control is the dry/Vulf slider (wet/dry) and the Comp slider (compression amount). Between those two, I can apply the plug-in directly to the audio track and dial in just the right amount. Note that full-on compression adds a lot of gain to the signal, so the Out slider comes in handy to tuck that level back down. Recommended starting places are the Lots of Attack and Slam presets, as well as OG 303 VS and 1200 Crunch. Aside from loops and percussion, I’ve also used it to add a touch of analog edge and brightness to my bass parts, helping them cut through the mix just that extra bit. It’s a beast!

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