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Sony C-100 Two-Way Condenser Mic – A Real-World Review

The Sony C-100 Two-Way Condenser Mic is an affordable option worth considering if you don’t have $10K lying around to purchase Sony’s legendary Sony C-800 studio microphone.

The Sony C-100 microphone, on location in the Virgin Islands
The Sony C-100 microphone, on location in the Virgin Islands

A pair of Sony C-100 studio microphones were the only mics we brought on our recording trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands, just before the pandemic.

These mics sport a frequency range of 20 Hz–50 kHz and three polar patterns (cardioid, omni, figure 8). The two-part metallic body is a direct lineage of the famed C-800G microphone. Having used both, I can say that the C100 hints very closely at its big brother, and demonstrates a clarity and frequency reach that few other small mics possess.

We used it primarily as a mono front drum microphone when combined with the drum triggers on drummer Ray LeVier’s Yamaha drum kit, which allowed us to get a combination of live and processed triggers. We also used the pair as spot mics on the kit to record individual parts such as toms, hats and snare.

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From there, we actually assembled drum tracks in a sound design-like fashion. Aside from the intense focus of these mics, they take compression really well; in several instances, we turned small drums into epic monsters with just a pair of C100s, some EQ and compression.

As the phrase goes, we all agreed that these do make a nice pair of non-desert island mics!

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