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Onkart Gromt Grompressor – A Real-World Review

Composer/producer Rich Tozzoli checks out the Onkart Gromt Grompressor pedal in this Real-World Review.

Onkart Gromt Grompressor
Onkart Gromt Grompressor.

St John, USVI (June 7, 2022)—Producer/composer Rich Tozzoli recently headed to St John, USVI, for his annual recording retreat, teaming with keyboardist Bruce MacPherson, engineer Mike Dwyer and bassist Hank Skalka to compose and mix for a variety of TV shows with diverse sound palettes. He’s highlighting some of the key gear they brought along to help get things done.


This one’s a little different. Bassist Hank Skalka showed up with this pedal and we were smitten by its build and visual display. It’s a 32-bit floating-point digital compressor with true or buffered bypass perfect for bass production. With Level, Threshold, Attack and Release knobs, you can also control input gain, blend and active sidechain compression.

Sonnox Claro EQ and Oxford Envolution — A Real-World Review

It’s super useful (and cool) to look at the display and dial in your parameters, which is unusual for a pedal. Besides bass, we used it as a clean guitar DI. We liked that it can grab hard but still be very musical.