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Tech: New Products, November 2010

Mix magazine November 2010 tools of the trade article features new pro audio products in November Mix magazine pro audio product section

Avid Pro Tools HD Native comprises Pro Tools 8.5 software (Snow Leopard and Windows 7) and a single PCIe card sporting two Digilink connectors, each offering 32 channels. The new platform boasts a redesigned mix engine and most of the features of Pro Tools HD DSP (except TDM plug-ins and Heat) at a fraction of the cost ($3,495). Features include 64 channels across 192 tracks, 128 buses, delay compensation on hardware and software inserts, input monitoring, speed control, destructive recording and Quick/Track Punch. The card also offers support for third-party ASIO and Core Audio apps, and compatibility with HD IO, HD OMNI, HD MADI, plus Legacy “blue” I/Os (192 IO, 96 IO, etc.), Sync HD and Sync IO, Control|24, VENUE D-Show, MixRack and ProFile, ICON and Video Satellite.

Primarily known as a microphone company, Neumann has re-branded the Klein & Hummel speaker line and now offers its first studio monitor. The Neumann KH 120 ($TBA) features a Mathematically Modeled Dispersion (MMD™) waveguide, flexible acoustical controls, analog and digital inputs, and an extensive range of mounting hardware. The biamped KH 120 has two 50-watt Class-A/B amps powering the 5.25-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter, providing a 52 to 21k Hz (±3dB) response.

British mic manufacturer SoundField offers a software version of its hardware UPM-1 stereo-to-5.1 upmix processor. The plug-in ($975) analyzes the stereo input material, separating ambient sounds from the direct sounds for detailed adjustment of the relative levels of direct sound and front/rear ambient sound in the final 5.1 mix. Features include Width and center-channel Divergence, plus level, mute and solo controls for each channel. Supported formats include VST (PC/Mac), RTAS (PC/Mac) and AU (Mac-only).

The Glyph Triplicator ($399) saves time when you need to copy critical data to multiple drives by making copies in a single action. When moving data to the Triplicator volume, identical data is copied to all of the target drives. Simply connect two or three drives to Triplicator’s eSATA device ports, connect the Triplicator to a computer via FireWire 800, USB or eSATA, and then copy the data to the destinations, which are seen as one drive.

VibeStudio Designer 2 ($595) from VRSonic is a spatial audio design suite comprising two applications: VibeStation and Profiler. Together, these apps create a one-of-a-kind spatial audio package with the ability to compose and render spatial audio scenes to binaural headphones or 2.1/4.1/5.1/7.1/8.1/10.2 loudspeaker arrays in post, live audio, exhibition, immersive theater or virtual environment systems. VibeStudio Designer 2.5 features a detachable script editor, support for 8/10-channel speaker arrays, support for native audio drivers and a small library of sound effects provided by SFXsource.

This versatile 8-port MADI audio router/splitter/aggregator from SSL delivers a low-cost, 512 crosspoint router with eight MADI I/Os and clock distribution that can be controlled using SSL’s cross-platform Logictivity™ Browser software from anywhere on a network. The single-rackspace MADI-X8 has six MADI fiber and two coaxial I/Os, providing a 512×512-point routing matrix. Up to four MADI-X8 units are controllable via a single browser, and multiple browsers can control a single MADI-X8 over a wired or wireless network.

The QS8 Master Monitor Controller ($1,400) from Coleman Audio is a single-rackspace solution for stereo studio listening. The unit features three switchable input sources, with stereo analog summing from three aux sources, plus the stereo cue input, talkback level control and switching from the (included) talkback mic, onboard headphone amp, main/alt speaker switching, a passive stepped attenuator for the control room output and stereo/mono monitor switching.

Knucklehead ($225) from Cascade Microphones takes the 1.75-inch symmetrical ribbon element from the company’s Fat Head microphone and incorporates it into a brass-and-aluminum body with an integrated swiveling shock-mount. The mic is offered in a 2.5-micron version as well as in a 5-micron model for live applications. Both versions of the Knucklehead can be ordered with a Lundahl transformer as a $125 option.

UA’s EP-34 Tape Echo plug-in for its UAD-2 platform offers the warm tape delay effects and specific behaviors of both the EP-3 and EP-4 vintage Echoplexes. The plug-in is available as part of the new UAD Software Version 5.7.0 release, or separately at $199. In addition to the EP-34 Tape Echo, V. 5.7.0 includes the officially licensed dbx 160 comp/limiter plug-in and performance enhancements for all Windows UAD-2 users.