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Todd AO Adds More Euphonix

Todd-AO West has selected a total of seven Euphonix System 5-F consoles for their Santa Monica, Calif. facility.

Todd-AO West has selected a total of seven Euphonix System 5-F consoles for their Santa Monica, Calif. facility.

With the current installation of two additional Euphonix System 5-F dual operator film consoles on Stages 3 and 4, Todd-AO West in Santa Monica now houses five System 5-F desks—augmenting three such systems previously placed into service on Stages 1, 2 and 7. Stages 3 and 4 will be dedicated to feature film pre-dubs. Further, Todd-AO’s CBS/Radford facility in Studio City houses a newly installed System 5-F on Stage R, with yet another console on Stage 3 at the company’s Hollywood location.

According to Bill Johnston, Todd-AO’s Senior VP of Engineering for Ascent Media Creative Sound Services, “These two most recent consoles will complete our program of updating the entire facility to a common platform. We very much wanted the same console in every room for compatibility purposes. We started with Stages 1 and 2, and have been very happy with Euphonix ever since. Last year, we added a System 5 to Stage 7. With the addition of Stages 3 and 4, this will complete our project.”

The MADI flexibility was very important to us,” he continues. “By having 12-In and 12-Out MADI on the system, we’re able to split out our I/O, so that all inputs show up on both of the console’s engines. With the System 5’s PatchNet system, it’s very easy to configure your signal routing requirements and the system integrates well with Soundmaster’s ION studio operating environment.”

The System 5’s Spill function, which facilitates easy access to stereo and surround component sources, was another key factor in their purchase decision. “Our mixers use the Spill feature extensively,” says Johnston. “All five Todd-AO West consoles are dual engine models with 32 faders per side. The fact that we didn’t need to have thousands of faders on each console was very important. There’s a simplicity of design to the System 5 we really like. This, combined with an excellent display screen and metering system, makes it very easy to keep track of what’s going on. It’s easy to gain access to and track the hundreds of signals being mixed.”

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