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all without exception

In Beijing, diagram money map room diagram car woman is everywhere, all without exception is youth, and made no effort to hide naked money purpose. But she is not, she only hope, can be in love to find his place, at least, this is his dignity. Her hope and love partner status is quite, no matter who they are. Can’t let LiuChao south upstairs. Xue light green has made up his mind. If this affection sooner or later will wost, doesn’t have a good spread some. She at least, still can keep their own pride. Xue light green shape like optional ground to say: “I live uncle home, he is his father’s brother, treat me like one’s own.” LiuChao south understand the smile, the shadow of the eyelash of the eye cover eyes light: “you don’t worry, .Asics Tiger I won’t force you to take me upstairs.” Xue light QingXing eye turned him a box the stinkeye, wittily said: “it is difficult to say oh ~ some character and not very well, and always play the somebody else.” LiuChao south body leans over, powerfully field close to the corner of her lips: “you say again try it” Perfume and appeared, in every LiuChao south near, if if not have, have the perfume taste, always let xue light green to introduce. She could not help being held her breath, because by too close, for fear that LiuChao south feel own rapid and unrest. LiuChao south almost will he forced to have no the road can back place, behind is on the lock .red bottom shoes of the door, the have been posted to the window pane. His breath and temperature, so thick, so hot, ambiguously hear heartbeat of thunder voice. Day! LiuChao south through in the car lights, and fine fine ground looked at vic xue light blue face, whispered: “don’t be nervous.. I won’t eat you…” The voice is ambiguous and kid, anyhow let her heart beat faster, all the nerve tightened up, focused on his every word, every inch of breathing. Xue light green breath, just want to breathe, a heated to kiss crazy. Feel small, pressure in his big under the body. A very dizzy, LiuChao south wet through lips with champagne fragrance, affix her soft lips.mulberry handbags billet, toss and turn leave no room. He leaned cover up, two people be stuck between it fits snugly underneath it, does not have the half minute gap. LiuChao south tightly embrace xue light green, like very afraid of losing her. She could feel his power how terrible, feel bones will be broken. This moment, in addition to kiss and embrace get more tight some, what does she do not want to think. The man’s enthusiasm the man’s body the man’s fragrance, in this moment, all in his rhythm unstable breathing to the xue light green. She was so excited at the shaking, and each time the trembling, all for more LiuChao south more violent kiss. She only know t.christian louboutin outlet 2012hat he is humorous and graceful bearing of the LiuChao south, is gentleman, is a veteran, also would have done mental preparation, but this moment, she just understand, those who what she called a fantasy and preparation, well and not on his line power to bring her one over ten thousand of the shock. Don’t know how long. Three in the morning, xue light blue back home. An exquisite them for several hours, just kiss it. LiuChao south body incense is still in her clothes stay on the skin. She doesn’t want to change clothes, so hold himself whose sitting on the sofa. Excited sweet want to cry, LiuChao south, how much I love you, you know And you get along with every moment are very good, about each of your facial expression is memory, I’m going to put you in my life, even if you are the wind more difficult to stay, than floating clouds, more difficult to hold. I also want to try. Even if one day, you will leave, I also want to for his own life and your life, leaving a DuanHuaCai.