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buccaneers jersey

The young Bucs is hard to find a win. Talked about this blew out of season, many people would have 4 wins and losses start so destroyed, but in the offseason, you ought to know this tragic ending, already doomed, one of my friends to see the early sign. Rahim – Morris to end the season with ten straight after dismissal, the Buccaneers [ Buccaneers jersey] back to the origin when they had fired in 9, Joe – Gruden. Is this true?

Consider the Freeman get so little help, he was able to maintain healthy and productive is very surprising. steals is not a good thing, also led to his dismal 74.6 passer rating. Freeman is usually to lead such an offensive group: Everett, state fluctuating wide receiver who rarely get rid of the defense, the peak period has expired no longer have the explosive running back. Still Freeman sent a total of 359 yards passing and 6 in mind touchdowns and completed 6.8 percent of the pass. These data do not rely on.

season labeled as such, we can still say: Josh Freeman[Josh Freeman Jersey] is still a good player. Last season, he still proved many times that this, even if there is a significant step backward.

Consider the Bucss average duration of each ground attack to 4. yards, the offensive line may be the group of Bucss attack second good part. 46% of the cases, the team rushed the ball more than 4 yards, this data can be ranked eighth in the league. This is not to say how good the five offensive line, but if it is to the season, Tampa Bay Buccaneers prescription if the offensive line will not be your first, second or even third choice.

At the same time, LeGarrette Blount [LeGarrette Blount Jersey] still show some bright moments, but he is clearly not the season, key man, and he has no way to maintain perfectly healthy. But his career is far from over.

However, the defense of the Bucss is far more than bad, completely terrible. Feats coach John – Mackay (between 976977 season, the Bucss in his coaching 6-game losing streak) to pay tribute to the Bucss not only to man-mark could not any, but not France escapement clinging to them.

Pass the impact of second-tier defense is equally poor performance, but rarely bring pressure to give the opponent quarterback make it worse. There is no doubt that the absence of defensive tackle Gerard McCoy[Gerald McCoy Jersey] in the middle a serious impact on the team. Linebacker Quincy – Black, keno – Hayes, and Mason – Foster may be young, but their poor performance in the season. Overall, the defensive team on the defensive ground attack and prevent the opponents from scoring in the league bottom, we can say is completely did not play a role.

In the summer time, I worried that the Bucss will be shut down one of the victims. season they have the youngest lineup in the league, young players will benefit from the team organization’s activities and mini-training camp. The results they have been in the preseason, the Patriots putting a stick, the lineup to 8 behind. Morris seems to accept the team’s performance seems to think that a big deal, said: “We just want to maintain our own way, to see who could keep playing the way to see who can do that, to see who could exchange, see see restored. This is the way we evaluate players, usually the better players. “

Sometimes preseason defeat what can not explain, and sometimes, but the team’s shortcomings were exposed.

General manager Mark Dominique has said the team will be active in the free market, and the team has a lot of cap space to phrase commitments. Bucss in the season, $3 million in salary cap space, the new season, this figure also doubling. Cut Albert – Hynes Worth team released 7. million space. The report shows that the Bucs may have up to six million space is available. This is enough to retain their own players. Forget their coaching vacancies. Loopholes in the Bucs lineup than the movie Star Trek script. Before the draft to plug certain loopholes can start reforming the cornerback position, first Bucs resigned Ronde Barber [Ronde Barber Jersey] and change to play safty guard. Then they get in the free market Vincent Jackson[Vincent Jackson Jersey] – This will give Freeman to provide a reliable weapon, the other side of the position is full of “potential” can be left to a young and less reliable wide receiver. This outside to take over the Bucs. To find a reliable running back and Blunt used in conjunction with the choice may also be a free agent on the market.

In increase influential talent players and enhance the carrying amount of strength, it is difficult the Bitan Pa Bay before the draft two to do better. Bucss in the trade down the pick to get the best security guard in the draft, and then skip to 3 pick to win the most comprehensive running back in addition to Trent Richardson. Doug Martin [Doug Martin Jersey] is a good complement for Lejialeite – Blount, and he has excellent ball skills. Lavant – David is a small individual type grapple machine, will likely become a vibrant weak-side linebacker. Bucss until 74 pick Keith – Tandy supplement the cornerback position, but I still do not think other teams have brought so much positive impact.