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CA Guitars, a premier builder of carbon fiber acoustic guitars, is going mobile with the introduction of its new Cargo model; a travel-sized extra-small-body acoustic guitar. Like all of the models in the CA catalogue, the Cargo will be outfitted with Elixir® Strings, pioneer of long-life strings.

Jay Morrissey, CA Guitars vice president of sales and marketing, says that since first using Elixir® Strings more than two years ago, CA Guitars has outfitted more than 15 of its models with them. Morrissey says, “Elixir Strings represents the industry standard for today‘s guitar string market on both the retail and consumer front.”

He explains, “While Elixir Strings tend to last a lot longer and stand up to repeated demonstrations within the stores, customers also gain longevity–they don‘t have to replace their strings as often as they normally would. We feel that the combination of the Elixir String‘s durability and tone complements our CA Guitars best, making them a perfect fit!”

The all-carbon-fiber Cargo Guitar will be outfitted with Elixir® Strings Phosphor Bronze light gauge strings with NANOWEB® Coating. It will ship between March and April with an MSRP of $932.00 without pick-up and $1,066 with Fishman Acoustic Matrix VT pick-up. The Cargo will make its industry-at-large debut in June 2008 at Summer NAMM.