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Digidesign Eleven is a Natural Fit for Navarro

Daly City, CA — From his edgy, driving riffs with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane’s Addiction to his recent DJ-based collaborations, guitarist Dave Navarro has always been a musical and technological pioneer, unafraid to stray from the conventional and embrace the latest in leading-edge technologies.

Navarro, who is presently in the midst of a club tour with DJ Scribble, has been working with an eclectic range of musicians and producers to create musical content that blends the best of rock, hip hop, and esoteric styles. Joined by his long-time engineer, Mike Riescha, Navarro has been laying down the goods in his Pro Tools|HD®-equipped studio, largely eschewing his massive collection of amplifiers in favor of Digidesign’s new guitar amp emulation plug-in, Eleven™.

“I’m a purist—I’ve always played through amps,� Navarro explains. “I’ve tried pretty much every amp plug-in there is, but I’ve never found anything that simulates a speaker cabinet like this before. It’s really got the bite and the attack that’s missing from most plug-ins, and it’s as responsive to my playing as a real tube amp.�

But it’s not only in the studio where Eleven has proven its worth—Navarro is beginning to use it more and more for live performances as well. “We’re doing a lot of mashups,� he explains, “and one of the problems I found was that the sound of my live amp setup was overpowering the music. Using Eleven, the sounds I get blend far better into the mix.�

On the road, Eleven has enabled Navarro to bring an arsenal of “virtual� amps right along with him. “I do a lot of writing in hotel rooms,� he says. “I can use Eleven on a laptop, and it’s easy for me to drop in a part and have a guitar track that’s usable for a final product—not just a rough track I have to redo later.�

Long on the cutting edge as an artist, Navarro is quick to point out why Pro Tools® and plug-ins such as Eleven are playing such a significant role in the evolution of the music industry. “As we all know, the music industry is changing. Digital technology has become the great enabler, allowing us to create our content as we choose—a song at a time, or a whole concept album—and put it all online. And no company has contributed to that creative control more than Digidesign.�

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