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eagles jersey

Fifth week after losing to Buffalo Bill, the eagles (Eagles jersey 2012) “dream team” in the title no longer exists. The 1992 Barcelona Olympics U.S. Men’s National Team players all the top players from the NBA, eight war 8 wins, with an average margin of victory of 44 points per game, eventually won. American fans because of pride into their country as “the DREAM TEAM, from the birth of the word” dream team “. China’s diving team won five and six gold medals at the Olympic Games in Sydney and Athens Olympics, the people known as the “dream team”. In the 1990s, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Aikman, wide receiver Irvine, running back Smith consist of three members of the Troika of the cowboy has brought three Lombardi Cup because it has a lot of fans in the United States, been called the “American Team”. Those who branded the “Dream Team” team, are superior strength, is almost unmatched martial arts. When you see Eagles today you will wonder how he will be known as the “dream team”? Eagles last season before the start of trading away quarterback Donovan McNabb, Kevin Kolb, the first field of the quarterback of the season injured, backup quarterback Michael Vick field performance that captivated the fans conquered the coach, and ultimately the Eagles into the playoffs to the first identity of the National League East, the first game of the playoffs was eliminated, but Vick’s(Michael Vick jersey) performance of the entire season, make Eagles saw the furture. Offseason eagles recruiting the offensive team has the introduction of quarterback Vince Young and running back Ronnie Brown, wide receiver Steve Smith. Defense group the introduction of cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Lesean McCoy jersey, defensive end Jason Babin, defensive tackles Coulomb Jenkins. Eagles offensive group to increase the depth at defense group called star players by the end of August, the team renewed and Vick eagle paper strength of powerful fans and the media began to “dream team” The title granted to only have not been battle-tested team. Regular season opener, the Eagles away 31-13 win over the Rams, the second week of the Eagles began their nightmare, Vick back to the old club Falcon, Vick Section 3 concussion, the eagle was reversed; the third week against the Giants-dimensional grams of re-injury, the Hawks again negative; the fourth week, the Eagles first half lead of 17 points, 49 reversed; fifth week away, Bill, Vick 4 steals, the Eagles 24-31 loss to the Bill. The five games is just one victory,Trent Cole jersey said the Eagles to the Super Bowl a little fantasy now. Eagles offensive Vick injured as they bring a lot of trouble, but more problems in the Eagles’ offensive line, Evan Mathis, left care front and right retaining front Kyle is the newly added ball team, center Kelsey is a rookie offensive line can not be well protected Vick common Vick came the difficult ball, Vick move better, and helped the Eagles to a certain extent, but the attack The line is a ticking time bomb, ready to Vick “blow up”. Vick five games seven steals, the fifth week of the game lost to Bill 4 steals, offensive line is not without responsibility. Defense group, has two all-star cornerback Samuel and Desean Jackson jersey Eagles five games of the eagles only three steals, two men, indeed unstructured, but tactics also, the eagle season three can be the starting cornerback: Samuel, Asoka Mujia, Cromarty, these three are one-on-one master to three players playing at the same time, the eagle is often a fifth of the guard tactics, but Samuel many times in the position of the free and safe guard, security guard Page often in the cornerback position, the asomugha(Nnamdi Asomugha jersey) occasionally play a security guard role sometimes raid quarterback, one-on-one fewer opportunities , the present situation, tactical failure. Four linebacker five games without a sack, team 16-sack defensive end and tackle completed 15. Perhaps the eagle will choose to replace defensive coordinator. The eagle appears the problem can be remedied, but is imperative that they want to regain confidence through victory, eyeing the next, moving steadily Perhaps there is vitality. After the fourth week of the reversal of the 49, Lesean McCoy jersey Eagles said: “Now, the ‘dream team’ no longer belongs to us.”