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Nashville, TN – September 2008 … Capitalizing on the fame brought to them by the 2000 release of Touchstone Pictures’ film Coyote Ugly, the Singing Coyotes are the latest endeavor in the ever-expanding Coyote Ugly brand founded by Coyote Ugly Saloon owner and founder Liliana Lovell. Ms. Lovell took her best entertainers/singers from the 13 Coyote Ugly saloons across the country to form this all-female singing and dancing group. Consisting of Brandee, Christa, Crystal, Lindsay, and Nathalie, the group tours extensively, and wherever they go, MIPRO wireless technology—distributed throughout North America by Avlex Corporation— helps them keep the action fresh.

Nashville, TN-based Thunder Sound & Lighting, a design/build firm that handles a wide range of installed and live sound projects, including sites such as Raging Waters in San Dimas, CA, was contracted to outfit the Singing Coyotes with wireless systems for their performances. After meeting with the group and its management to gain an understanding of their expectations, the entertainers were provided MIPRO ACT-707HM PLL synthesized handheld transmitters and three ACT 707-D dual channel receiver systems for a total of six channels. For monitoring, the Singing Coyotes each use MIPRO’s MI-808 T/R in-ear monitoring system, which consists of the MI-808T stereo transmitter and the MI-808R stereo receiver.

According to Steve Kimbrough, co-owner of Thunder Sound & Lighting and sound engineer for the Coyotes, the ability to easily locate and lock in open frequencies in a crowded RF environment was a key factor in selecting the MIPRO wireless transmitters. “The Singing Coyotes travel a lot,� says Kimbrough, “and you never know what type of RF environment you’re going to find yourself in. For this reason MIPRO’s ACT (Automatic Channel Targeting) technology was very important to us, as the ACT system makes it quite easy to identify and select available frequencies.�

“Similarly,� continued Kimbrough, “the MIPRO MI-808 in-ear monitoring system provides a consistent and balanced mix every time the group performs. The Singing Coyotes perform in such a wide range of venues and situations, that giving them a stable and consistent reference is critical. Each performer has her own custom mix. When you have 500 screaming guests in the audience as the girls are dancing and singing, the ability to hear clearly is absolutely essential. Without the freedom of movement and the clear fidelity provided by the combination of their in-ear monitors and wireless mics, they could not do their show.�

A recent engagement highlighted the Coyotes’ need for frequency agile wireless equipment, as Kimbrough explained. “The Singing Coyotes recently performed for Chet Culver, Governor of Iowa at a NASCAR sanctioned auto race in Newton, IA that also featured NASCAR driving sensation Kyle ‘Rowdy’ Busch,� said Kimbrough. “In this situation, there were literally hundreds of wireless channels we had to avoid. Each car’s race team has numerous voice frequencies and their cars also have them. This way, the crew chiefs can monitor the car and its engine via the on-board computer that communicates with the pit crew’s computer during the race. There are also TV up-links, track radios, plus police and EMS radios all around, so we depended on MIPRO’s ACT function to provide us the full 100 channels—enabling the girls to hear clearly and perform without dropouts.�

“We’ve trained each girl in the group how to select alternate frequencies,� said Kimbrough. “So far, we’ve never had to make a change during a performance, but it’s great to know they can handle the situation should the need occur. The equipment performs exceptionally well and once the frequencies are selected, the MIPRO gear holds onto it.�

Kimbrough was also very complimentary about Avlex Corporation’s technical support services. “Avlex has great support,� says Kimbrough. “Before we travel, we frequently call Fred Canning to check on frequency conditions in the area where we’re going and to see if there are any frequencies we need to avoid. The MIPRO wireless mics and in-ear monitor systems are a pleasure to use and, with Fred’s help, we’ve always had a great show.�

For additional information about the Singing Coyotes, visit the group online at For more information about Thunder Sound & Lighting, contact the company at 618-751-9211.

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