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Musician/Producer Kevin Brandon Uses CAD On Robby Krieger Album

Los Angeles, CA––Kevin “Brandino� Brandon is already a session legend in Los Angeles based on his multifaceted bass playing with—just to name a few in a list of artists that goes one forever––Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight, Mary J. Blige, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce and Outkast.
More recently he’s been involved as a producer on several projects including Robby Krieger’s new solo disc, Singularity on Oglio Records.

A long time friend and collaborator with the former Doors guitarist who composed the band’s best known songs including “Light My Fire,� “Love Me Two Times,� “Touch Me,� and “Love Her Madly,� Brandino chose his favorite CAD mics for two tracks on the new album, “Event Horizon� and “Russian Caravan.�
Kevin played bass and produced “Event Horizon,� opting for a stereo pair of CAD Trion 8000 Multi-Pattern tube condenser mics on his acoustic bass to get, in his words, “That

‘booty bass’ sound which is full-sounding, big bodied, warm and natural. The sound I’m known for in town.� He also used the Trion 8000 for Robby’s classical acoustic guitar parts.
In addition to CAD Percussion Microphone Packs on Steve Stephens’ drums, Brandino also used his bass setup on the other track, “Russian Caravan,� along with CAD M179 variable pattern condenser mics and a Trion 7000 ribbon mic for the Brandon Horn Section, which included Thomas Stones III on flute, Albert Wing on tenor sax and Sal Carrachio on trumpet, and Eric Jorgensen on trombone.
A long time fan of CAD Audio, Brandino sums up his feelings about the mics by saying, “I can always depend on CAD to sound really great in most any recording or live situation. They’re my go-to mics.�
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