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Riedel Appoints Kevin Collins to SVP Sales

Riedel Communications has appointed Kevin Collins to the position of senior vice president of sales, North America.

Kevin Collins
Kevin Collins.

United States (August 7, 2023)—Riedel Communications has appointed Kevin Collins to the position of senior vice president of sales, North America. In this role, Collins will make use of his background as a customer, integrator and vendor while also using his experience in creating multiproduct solutions.

“We are thrilled to welcome Kevin as the leader of our entire North America sales team,” said Joyce Bente, president/ CEO, the Americas at Riedel. “As a thought leader, change agent, and consultant, Kevin has proven his ability to forge and scale valuable partnerships, driving growth and increasing influence in the market. Moreover, his adaptability to embrace ever-changing technology and solutions will ensure that Riedel remains at the forefront of innovation. With his strategic vision and executive experience in business development, we believe he will be instrumental in steering our ideas from inception to successful execution.”

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Collins joins Riedel after nearly 30 years at Diversified, where he was one of the founding members. Collins maintained an executive management role throughout his tenure and was instrumental in the strategy and growth of the organization, which ultimately became a billion-dollar powerhouse in the industry. He held management roles at Diversified including vice president of sales, 12 years as executive vice president and chief operating officer, and president and chief operating officer for four years. His last role was as president of the company’s international business unit. While leading a team of 600 members and seven direct reports, he spearheaded the technology solutions provider’s global operations to produce $200 million in annual revenue.

Notably, one of Collins’ key initiatives in establishing Diversified’s role as a thought leader in the industry included creating a team of subject matter experts for emerging technologies and solutions (ET&S). The goal of ET&S was to partner with clients to improve their technical operations and deliver first-of-a-kind solutions based on their real-world understanding of the actual capabilities of systems, people, and spaces.