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The New Electronic Guitarist

New Technologies and Techniques for the Modern Guitar Player

by Marty Cutler

Montclair, NJ – Although we live in an age of innovation and disruption, many folks are content using new technologies to consume rather than create-especially musicians. Case in point: for many guitarists, the notion of electronic enhancement starts at their instrument’s output jack (or mic) and ends at their amp. Such myopia comes at a price, as Guitar Gods do not live on chops alone… 

“For those willing to dig a little deeper, the digital-guitar connection opens doors to a truley mind-boggling wealth of new tone colors, rhythms, compositional and learning tools, collaboration, and so much more,” says Marty Cutler, who is an expert drawing from over 30 years of experience of making music and using the latest technologies. “There has never been a better time to enter the world of electronic guitars, and it’s my hope that this book will serve as a portal to that world.”

In The New Electronic Guitarist, Marty Cutler explains the nature and history of guitar synthesis before walking you through all the tools you need to find your sound. This unprecedented, pragmatic book contains everything you need to know while scouting and adapting today’s finest products and technologies to your favorite guitar. 

From the Beatles to Prince, from Hendrix to EVH, all the greats have obsessively managed – and altered – every element that influences their tone. The New Electronic Guitarist will help guitar players of all skill levels bring their music to new heights.

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Publisher: Hal Leonard

Series: Music Pro Guides

Format: Softcover Media Online

Page Count: 288

Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches

ISBN: 9781495047459