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Renwood Messenger upgrades with SSL & Chandler for Arrival Records Artist Bascom Hill & producer Daniel Mendez

Pictured in front of the Neve are Rick Rand Arrival Records President & producer Daniel Mendez behind console Jason, Quinn, Charles of Bascom Hill & engineer Steve Hawkins

Kenosha, WI – Renwood Messenger Recording Studios ( has upgraded to 48i/o for it’s Protools HD2 rig with the purchase of a second SSL Alpha-link 24 channel A/D converter as well as the addition of 5 Chandler Germanium mic-pre’s, SSL Duende DSP, Universal Audio UAD2 and a Hear Technologies headphone system In preparation for tracking dates with producer, engineer Daniel Mendez (Heart, Duran Duran, Dashboard Confessional, Don Henley, Lit) for Arrival Records artist Bascom Hill. Daniel was assisted in the A Room on the 72 input Neve “Baby V” by engineer Steve Hawkins.