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ugg classic cardy boots black

fashion show. Flat shoes flat shoes popular brand of cutting-edge, hit fast fashion journey Tony dreams Korea, Japan and South Korea Xi is still leading the 2012 spring trend UGG boots make people tired, perhaps delicate beautiful pair of flat shoes. will become the the passers Discount Ugg Ugg Outlet Store Boots Outlet are a universal term to describe snug comfortable in the choice of yardage own yardage smaller to a yard, there are two main reasons, foreign general yardage than domestic freshman yards, and the other is that “inner New York”, escape from the original life, create pioneering a new journey, toward the vitality and passion of a new life.New York is the pronoun of fashion, and fashion is UGG genes. From Chelsea to Soho, from the west to the east, the New York changing hot will give place oneself among them, a lot of people the memory of the heart center. People come to here, to find, to find, to escape,Create, come to the front, and experience the feeling of living. But to the UGG Australia in 2012 autumn fashionable trip, is also here is true. “New York letter” new series will be exclusive filming New York street as the background, through the provided directly by new yorkers a series of trueReal letters, stories and introduction, will be a different city, a different brand and some different letter series together, thus stimulates the bargainor produce strong resonance unique fashion experience. It is understood that the conference shows women’s shoes, men’s shoes,Children deserve to act the role of series, and the bag series five qiu dong series of new products. Qiu dong ladies’ Ugg Sparkle shoes series will “New York letter” theme interpretation to get incisively and vividly, by New York unique fashion blocks inspiration, today season ladies’ shoes Carmen series sending out often the restore ancient ways do old charm, be full of lightZe sense of pebble pattern leather and high-grade leather, brunet woodiness and antique accessories organically fuses in together, make only belong to this series of individual character style sheet is tasted. Madison series is reflected in the costly nobility, laminated pattern with high heels and skin side suture, bring out the best in each other, it is undoubtedly the most UGG this seasonCoveted new. New York Downtown series is regarded as the soul coordinates of hard rock music style influence, full grain leather and suede fabrics, with natural grain and crease, manifests the street flavor boogie style. And this season is the main Fontanne series, in the showThe original luxury style at the same time also can success against the cold cold winter. Every one chooses Vidona inner bottom, the patent insole bring professional insulation cold resistance functions make it become true warm boot, can resist cold minus 20 degrees