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NEW YORK, NY, NOVEMBER 3, 2009 — Wireworks Corporation, the pioneer in professional audio/video cabling products, recently joined the festivities at Santos Party House by supplying an abundance of SpeakerLUX cabling to the newly created sound system at the club.  Santos Party House is a two-level, 8,000-square-foot music venue, centrally located in downtown Manhattan.  Blurring the lines between music and art culture, the venue is designed to function as a concert hall, dance club and lounge.

 The creation of the sound system was handled by Jim Toth, owner and president of Timbre Tech, a leading audio production and rental company that has designed and built top-quality sound systems known for their extraordinary sonic characteristics. In fact, so much so, the company has earned

a reputation for creating systems that deliver some of the most intense

dance experiences in the world. Thanks to Toth’s experience with Wireworks, SpeakerLUX was the natural choice for speaker cabling because of its audio quality and reliability, as well as for Wireworks’ commitment to customer service and quick turnaround.   “When I designed this system, I knew I needed the highest-quality speaker cabling available. Not only did it have to stand up to the high-end speakers I spec’d, it also had to withstand the sheer wattage that was required for this system,� says Toth.  “Wireworks SpeakerLUX has exceeded my expectations.  A club can have the best audio equipment on the market, but without a high-quality cable, like SpeakerLUX, the system will fall short.  I am a huge advocate of Wireworks and will continue to use them in future projects I am involved in.�


The main floor’s live music system features ten JBL VerTec 4888 and two 4887 Line Array speakers, four JBL VerTec 4880 Ultra Subwoofers, six JBL SRX 812 monitor wedges, four VRX 915 M monitor wedges, and Soundcraft Vi4 and Vi6 mixing consoles.  The dance floor system includes 110 separate TAD drivers housed in 22 custom-built tri-amped boxes powered by 20 Crown I-Tech amps, totaling 150,000 watts. 

SpeakerLUX is a super-flexible loudspeaker cable with 49-strand, 13-gauge bare copper available in two-, four-, six- and eight-conductor versions, and provides efficient signal delivery.  Featuring a PVC black satin finish and a pressure extruded jacket, SpeakerLUX produces a lay-flat cable and eliminates the need for inconvenient plastic or string fillers. SpeakerLUX makes the termination process easy without having to worry about loosing strands while the jacket is being stripped.

   Color-coded insulation makes identification easy. If additional copper is necessary for high-powered, low-frequency systems, doubling up on conductors solves the problem. SpeakerLUX is also sized to match Neutrik’s speakON connectors. SpeakerLUX is part of Wireworks award-winning WireLUX family of flexible audio cables, which also includes MusiLUX, the ultimate in microphone cabling; InstaLUX, a color-coded installation cable that is also available in 10 colors; StudiLUX, a fast-strip multi-channel interconnect cable; and UltraLUX, a multi-pair oxygen-free studio cable. About Wireworks

Now celebrating its 35th Anniversary, Wireworks Corporation is the pioneer in professional audio/video cabling products.  Headquartered in Hillside, NJ, Wireworks has established cabling standards that are still in use today. Wireworks manufactured the very first multi-channel audio cables and the first multi-pin interconnect system.  The company also introduced the first colored microphone cables, the first mixed audio/video multi-pin interconnect system, and the first and only multi-pin connector system that can accommodate audio, video, data, and control signals in a simple, easy-to-use connector.

 From Broadway to broadcast, theatres, auditoriums, arenas, corporate boardrooms, operating rooms and houses of worship installations, Wireworks remains the leaderin audio/video cabling systems, microphone splitters and interface panels, continuing to set standards through its inventive products.  Wireworks takes pride in its innovative designs and its personalized customer service. For more information, visit or call 1-800-642-9473.