Classic Tracks: 'So Into You,' Atlanta Rhythm Section

By Barbara Schultz | Jul 01, 2014

Success is measured in all kinds of ways, but it’s probably fair to say that when “sidemen” take the spotlight, the results are mixed; not every great musician has that intangible quality that...

Classic Tracks: 'Supernova,' Liz Phair

By Blair Jackson | Jun 01, 2014

Chicago was a pretty happenin’ rock town in the late ’80s and early ’90s, with a thriving club scene and a whole bunch of recording studios that catered to the many post-punk, alternative and...

Classic Tracks: “Beds Are Burning,” Midnight Oil

By Barbara Schultz | Apr 01, 2014

Australian rock ’n’ roll band Midnight Oil broke into the U.S. charts with an explosive single from their album Diesel and Dust. “Beds Are Burning” was powerful on every level: musically,...

Classic Track - Lou Reed, "Dirty Boulevard"

By Blair Jackson | Dec 01, 2013

Few songwriters have captured the spirit of New York City better than the late, truly great Lou Reed. Okay, it wasn’t always the most flattering portrait of the city—no carriage rides in Central...


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