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Articles From This Author


Bob Johnston

As we walk through the hall at BMI in Nashville, which has graciously provided a huge conference room for this interview, Bob Johnston gets...


Andy East

Mark Twain may have been right about England and America as quite similar cultures separated by a common language. Although an increasingly global music


Producer Billy Sherrill

The modern country music establishment in Nashville meaning since Hank Williams died in 1952 can be traced back to a triumvirate of producers who...


Steve Cropper

Steve Cropper's guitar signature is all over the soundtrack of American pop music culture, from the unforgettable opening bars of Sam & Dave's Soul...


Sound Survival Tips

Recording studios, which have had their own economic issues to deal with for the last decade, did not escape the pressures to streamline, cut...


Scratching Out an empire

Who would have ever thought that a pair of Technics turntables, a microphone and a mixer could change pop music forever? With the drop...


Singapore Post

Singapore is the quintessence of modern Asia: a gleaming forest of glass-and-steel highrises towering over the two- and three-story shop buildings that


Jack Richardson

As I try to explain to my audio production students: You have democracy and you have dictatorships, and everything falls somewhere in between. The...


Another Side Of Nashville

The ups and downs of Nashville's music industry have been well-documented in these pages over the years. The link between the city's recording studio


Hoots in the Holler

When most people show off their upscale personal recording studios, they'll sometimes brag about how much they spent on it. When songwriter Chuck Cannon


Facility Management

CHANGES IN INDUSTRY AND BUSINESS MODELS SET THE TONE FOR STUDIO MANAGERS The job of a studio manager has been much maligned, rarely understood,...