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The new 24-bus Vision Surround Mixing Console features three stereo mix buses, a dedicated 5-channel surround mix bus and 10 aux buses. 10/03/2003 8:00 AM Eastern

The new 24-bus Vision Surround Mixing Console features three stereomix buses, a dedicated 5-channel surround mix bus and 10 aux buses.

API’s director of engineering, Paul Wolff, with input fromGalaxy Studios’ head engineer Ronald Prent, designed the Visionconsole. Each 3-pot pan section comprises mode-switchable LR/LCR“main” pan pot for the front channels, a front-to-rearfader pan and a rear-channel pan pot. Even when the front-channelpanning mode is set to the LCR mode, the L/R stereo bus is stillactive, allowing for a simultaneous stereo mix.

Vision’s master section embodies a full complement ofmultichannel monitoring facilities, providing flexible bass management,routing and downmix monitoring options, plus the master bus, monitorpath inserts and multichannel effects returns with surround panning.Vision also offers a noise generator with multiple measurement testpoints for precision setup of the complete multichannel monitoringsystem.

As with the company’s Legacy console, each of Vision’schannel strips can accommodate two classic API 200 Series modules. Ithas two fully automated, 100mm, full-throw moving faders on eachchannel that can easily be linked for stereo operation. Each of thesemoving faders (and there are two in every input) has a 5-channelpanner.

All buses are controlled by API’s Instant Reset Switch system,using sealed analog relays and are controllable from each individualchannel, as well as from the center computer or a remote laptop.Console automation is handled via the API Vision Automation System thatcontrols a total 176 moving faders.

For EQ, each channel can be outfitted with either the 550L 4-bandswitchable EQ module or the 560L graphic EQ module, a smaller footprintversion of the API 560 EQ. Additionally, the main fader path has atunable filter section similar to the 215L.

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