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MI Audio Group is proud to announce the development and distribution of several flagship microphones and professional audio processing tools for AES 2002. Among the range of products are stunning new 6/05/2003 8:00 AM Eastern
PMI Audio Group

is proud to announce the development and distribution of severalflagship microphones and professional audio processing tools for AES2002. Among the range of products are stunning new studio microphonesfrom legendary designer Stephen Paul, a range of powerful—yetaffordable—studio processors from Toft Audio Designs and newStudio Projects products that further the company’s reputationfor award-winning performance at affordable prices. First and foremostfrom PMI is a recently announced partnership with famed microphonedesigner Stephen Paul. Long known for his modifications of current andvintage pro condenser microphones—as well as technicalrefinements in capsule and amplifier design—Stephen Paul haspartnered with PMI to effectively enter a microphone market he helpedcreate.

“With PMI Audio Group and Alan Hyatt, I have found the type ofpartner that I have sought for many years,” said Paul. “Forthe new line of flagship Stephen Paul condenser microphones, we haveagreed that compromise is not an option. Perfection is a must. Ibelieve that our new line of microphones will turn the industryupside-down, offering unsurpassed boutique mic quality at unheard-ofprices.”

PMI is also proud to announce a partnership with Toft Audio Designs.While the company name may be new, the man behind Toft Audio Designs isnone other than Trident Audio founder and renowned engineer MalcomToft. The latest releases from Toft Audio Designs include the ATC-2Dual MicPre/EQ/Compressor, AFC-2 Dual MicPre/4-Band Sweep EQ, TFC-2Dual FET Stereo Compressor/Limiter and ATC-1 Mono MicPre/EQ/Compressor.All feature very high-quality components and impeccable constructionthroughout. From classic FET compression to precise VU metering,extremely musical EQ, and thick, rugged anodized aluminum front panels,these rackmount processors bring top-end performance to more accessibleprice points, perfect for a wide range of project studio and live soundapplications.

Finally, Studio Projects is making project studio owners’lives that much easier with a collection of affordable new microphonesand the amazing VTB-1 Mic Preamp. Studio Projects mics include: the C1and B1 cardioid large-diaphragm condensers; the C3 and B3 multipatternmics; the T3 multipattern tube mic; the new C4 matched-pair,small-diaphragm mics; and the new top-of-the-line LSD-2 large-diaphragmstereo mic. Each of these models is designed to compete with micscosting hundreds or thousands more—at a fraction of the costowners would pay for a world-class microphone.

The perfect complement to Studio Projects microphones, the VTB-1 isthe ultimate in low-cost mic preamp technology. Incorporating high-endtouches, such as true Class-A/B switching and a totally discretecircuit design, the VTB-1 also boasts a “Tube Blend”feature. Based on the classic 12AX7 vacuum tube, this function allowsusers to blend in as little or as much overdrive as theylike—perfect for recording guitar or bass. While offering themost flexibility of any mic pre in its class, the VTB-1 follows theStudio Projects tradition of high quality at irresistible prices.

There’s more to come: The SP-828 8-channel microphonepreamp/mixer offers all the features you’d expect from StudioProjects. The SP-828 will debut at NAMM 2003.

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