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By Gary Eskow

Articles From This Author


Joshua Thompson

The sign outside still said Frederic Clements, but it would be removed shortly. Joshua Thompson was in the final stages of transforming the former...


Rick DiFonzo

You've played screaming guitar solos before the largest audience in entertainment history, tracked some tasty acoustic solos for a picky client named


Chris O’Brien

Chris O'Brien... a drummer, programmer and composer, O'Brien has handled synth chores for the likes of Michael Jackson, Amy Grant and Lionel Richie. He...


Beat Street Productions

Joe Franco, owner of Beat Street Productions (, has a couple of things going for him. As the former drummer for Twisted Sister,


Joe LoDuca

Growing up in Detroit in the mid-'60s, Joe LoDuca had the opportunity to soak up the rich Motown tradition. Built on the back of...


Howard Schwartz

The year was 1975. Communist forces capture Saigon, ending the Vietnam War. Jaws, The Godfather Part II, The Towering Inferno. Carlton "Pudge" Fisk's home...


9/11: In Memoriam

Premiered on May 26, 2002, the HBO documentary In Memoriam: New York City, 9/11/01 recounts the events of that extraordinary day by intercutting interview


K.C. Porter

There are many roads to success, and K.C. Porter's parents steered him down the road less traveled. His dad was an orchestrator whose credits...


Small Screen, Big Music

No corner of the music industry calls for a blend of composing chops, speed and production skills more than episodic television. Often working with...


Craig Chaquico

Craig Chaquico is probably still best known for his two decades as lead guitarist of Jefferson Starship. Since the early '90s, however, he has...



Remixing isn't the right term. When artists like Kenny Gonzalez and Louie Vega get their hands on a track, strip it of everything but...


New York Post

Setting up an audio post facility with the right people, technology and amenities is critical in the highly competitive New York market. Targeting your


Tony Walstra

Project studio owners use a variety of different tools, but they all need a system that can accommodate analog as well as digital signal,...


Mac or PC?

Most engineers feel they have to make a choice: Mac or PC? More and more, the savvy engineer is fluent in both and can...


Bunny Brunel

Bunny Brunel's reputation as a virtuoso fusion bassist was cemented with the lightning solos and solid timekeeping he laid down for band leaders Chick

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