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By Laura Pallanck

Articles From This Author


BIAS Peak 4

Besides getting a new look, the latest version of BIAS' 2-channel, Mac-only audio editor, Peak 4, includes a number of useful features, such as...


Pro Tools Free

Digidesign's Pro Tools is inarguably one of the most popular DAW applications in the professional studio, and anyone contemplating getting into the audio field...


Ina-GRM GRM Tools ST

GRM Tools ST (Spectral Transform) adds four exceptional processors — Contrast, Equalize, Freq Warp and Shift — to a plug-in family already packed with...



RDE has answered the call for a high-quality, midpriced stereo microphone with the introduction of the NT4 ($899). The NT4 features a pair of...


Ableton Live 1.5

Ableton really did its homework when it came out with its loop sequencer Live. The program was designed as a real-time performance tool to...