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Mark Frink

Articles From This Author

Live Sound

YOUR Tech RIDER Part 1

How often does out-of-date stage documentation cause last-minute panic, doubled efforts and wasted time? Enough that when working for a sound vendor at


NSCA Expo 2001

Appropriately located between the Travel & Leather and the Electronic House trade shows in the cavernous Orlando Convention Center, the 21st Annual National


Sabine Graphi-Q

MULTIFUNCTION PROCESSOR Sabine's Graphi-Q is a true multifunction digital processor, offering front panel controls for 31 bands of graphic equalization,



In-Ear Monitors (IEMs) offer significant benefits for the performing musician, but they also place higher requirements on users, operators and their equipment.


Why Louder Sounds Better

All too often we hear complaints that the sound is too loud at concerts. Further, widespread enactment of sound control regulations often requires concert


Year-End Tax Tips

A few lucky road dogs are going to get a little something extra in a few months. Their money back. From the Government.If you've...


Aphex 1788 Remote Preamp

The Aphex 1788 is a full-featured, 8-channel, remotely-controllable microphone preamplifier offering excellent sound quality plus two inventions: continuously