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Engineering Emmy Award Winners Announced

Multiple audio-related innovations were honored last week when the winners of the 74th Engineering, Science & Technology Emmy Awards were announced.

74th Engineering, Science & Technology Emmy Awards

Los Angeles, CA (August 2, 2022)—Multiple audio-related innovations were honored last week when the 74th Engineering, Science & Technology Emmy Awards were announced. The range of Emmys highlight individuals, companies and organizations for developments in broadcast technology. This year’s recipients will be honored on Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2022 when Kirsten Vangsness of the drama Criminal Minds returns to host the awards for the seventh consecutive year.

A number of audio-related companies will take home Emmys next month; listed below, the recipients will be honored for these accomplishments, explained in the Television Academy’s own words:

Recipients: Mark Hills and Marc Bakos for the Cleanfeed remote audio review/recording system

Cleanfeed is a high-fidelity “conference call” software as a service with a focus on audio production. It enables collaboration with audio-quality equivalent to all participants being together in the same studio and with low latencies for smooth interaction between talent. Cleanfeed’s innovative technology has advanced workflows in the industry, including being accessible to at-home engineers and talent who use a straightforward link in their web browser to enable full-scale TV and film post-production.

Recipients: Geoffrey Crawshaw and William Brinkley for the Leostream remote access software

Leostream’s remote access and desktop connection management software enables news and entertainment organizations to create security-conscious remote production environments that are sustainable, performant and cost-effective. Its ability to mix and manage on-premises and cloud-based hosting platforms and support for multiple high-performance display protocols ensures the productivity of editors and production engineers, while simplifying IT. The ability to manage disparate technologies from a single management and access platform is a uniquely Leostream construct that enables organizations to advance the state of the art of their entire hosted desktop environment with an eye on integrating new technologies as they come to market.

Recipient: Shure Incorporated for the Axient Digital wireless audio system

The Shure Axient Digital Wireless System equips audio production teams with the wireless capabilities necessary to deliver transparent, true, artifact-free audio for television and television broadcasts with the highest-performance RF (radio frequency), exceptional audio quality, command and control, and hardware scalability necessary to tell stories seamlessly on the most demanding sets in the world.