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OWC at Mix Presents Sound for Film & TV Event

Other World Computing supercharges Macs and PCs for media production, incorporating high-level processing and security.

OWC (Other World Computing) is a first-time sponsor of Mix Presents Sound for Film & Television. Be sure to visit their booth on Friday, September 25, and Saturday, September 26.

At OWC we create innovative, sustainable technologies that are built to last. Whether you’re a TV producer, recording artist, photographer or engineer, we have the right portable dock or storage solution to help you master your mobile domain. Our ThunderBay and Envoy product lines are real-world tested for durable field performance. Your audio-visual needs are our design team’s obsession. Large audio files? Multi-stream video downloads? Otherworldly storage demands? Powering multiple devices on a single cable? We’ve got you covered with peak-performance solutions to elevate your workflow. Studios around the world use our docks and external drives to elevate production quality at a fraction of the price. More capabilities. More compatibility. More resilience. Only at OWC.

CLICK HERE for full Agenda and Registration information.