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FixIt: Steve Pattison, AlphaBeat FOH Engineer

Read front of house engineer Steve Pattison Tip on Mixing Console Sound Channl Setup for AlphaBeat tours

We arrived at a venue in Norway and there was minimal crew and a tricky spiral staircase load in, so we only brought in Ben [Booker’s] monitor system. I set up my channels on his [Allen & Heath iLive] surface’s C and D layers, recalled my channel presets from a USB key and loaded in a couple of my favorite effects. We ran a network cable to FOH, and I operated Ben’s desk from my laptop using the iLive Editor software. Two operators, one desk, and no one spat their dummy! I didn’t have any busy messages, and Ben didn’t even notice I was doing stuff because I was on a different layer; I was tweaking my stereo mix while he was tweaking another.