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Jain Goes Solo In The States

Frenchsinger-songwriter Jeanne Galice, whoperformsusingthestage name Jain,embarkedonherfirst U.S.solotourthisspring,supported bysoundcompaniesDushow ParisandSolotech.

Derya Uzunmixesfrontofhouse. Jaintookthestagewitha four pieceband forher Europeandates,butshe’stouring solointhe United States, where UzuniscarryingonlyherAbleton Livesetup, two Universal AudioApollo8interfaces (alongwitha UADApollo16)andaRadialSW8 8-channel audioswitcher that allows forautomatic switchingbetweenthemainandspare computer. Additional must-have touring equipmentincludes awirelessvocalmic(ShureUR2with DPAd:facto head),an Audix OM7microphone for loopvocal, RadialJ48 foracousticguitar,two NeumannKM184 forambience miking,andtwoShurePSM1000and EarsonicsIEMs.The restisprovidedbyeachvenue.

“Weneed totravellightandalways relyonthe mixingdeskprovidedbythevenue,” Uzunexplains. “So,tohaveconsistency ofsound foreachshow,I bring myApollo16witha lotof plug-instoaddspace andwarmthto my mix.

“IuseEMT250andLexicon224 [reverbs] forvocals,EMT140 plateonsomedrum stems, Eventide H910asavocalharmonizer, UA610 Tubepreamp for loopvocal,[Roland]RE201 tapeecho, UADPrecision limiter,andIhaveanOTO BIMDelay,too.” Uzun alsomixes Jain’s monitors fromhisFOHconsole, which,ofcourse,varies fromvenuetovenue.

“What’s beenchallengingonthistouristoadapt the show each day and keep consistency for the soundwith multipledifferentconfigurations,” Uzun concludes. “Jain’s sound must be warm and powerful with a lot of dynamics,” Uzun continues. “I also need to have her voice in the right place in the mix because that’s the most important thing. SoI deal with compression and EQ to havea good base shape for the music, thenI work witha lot of effects during each song to make her voice shine. Jain is a fantastic performerwitha great voice, amazing talent and generosity.”