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Reunited in 2015

L7’s original 1985 lineup—Donita Sparks (guitar/vocals), Suzi Gardner (guitar/vocals), Jennifer Finch (bass) and Dee Plakas (drums)—reunited for tours of Europe and the U.S. in the summer and fall of 2015. Tour manager and front-of-house engineer Miles Wilson notes that this tour was light on production and that he was happy to see Avid SC48s in many venues. “It allows me to spend more time focusing on the sound of the room or the P.A. or the stage,” he says. “But that being said, I still love walking into a venue that has a nice Midas H2000, H3000 or XL4.”

Wilson builds L7’s FOH mix using the drums and bass as the foundation. “I play with the highpass filters and phase switches a lot,” he says. “You can manipulate the bottom end to control bass frequencies from room to room when using two kick drum mics, as well as bass DI and mic. Beyond that, the vocals should always be intelligible but not too loud. I always have my own SPL meter with me and I know from experience that 102 to 105 dB A-weighted is a good rocking show. I never push [the P.A.] past the point of having nice clarity. I tend not to do much processing with the guitars. I love the tones coming off the stage.”