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Peavey Powers School’s Sound Systems

Peavey public address systems can be found around the private school.

Meridian, MS (January 23, 2018)—Lamar School in Meridian, Mississippi may be a private school, but it still requires public address systems. As part of a broad renovation plan, the school recently updated audio systems in its cafeteria/auditorium, gym and soccer and football fields. Audio engineer Tom Stuckman designed and implemented the systems, which are based around Peavey products.

To complement the soccer field’s new scoreboard, Stuckman adorned it with an end-fire outdoor speaker system, opting for a pair of Peavey Elements 115C passive speakers powered by an existing amplifier/mixer the school owned. The boxes have rotatable horns, so they were configured as horizontally stacked cabinets, narrowing vertical dispersion while increasing the throw across a wider horizontal dispersion pattern. Since the field doesn’t have a press box, Stuckman mounted the mixer; a 150-foot cable reel to feed the speakers; a Peavey mic; and an STI media playback interface on to a wheeled cart, allowing audio to be controlled from the sidelines when needed.

Meanwhile, over at the football field, a press box now houses a rack with a Peavey PV10BT mixer feeding into a Crest ProLite 5.0 advanced Class D power amplifier. That in turn sends audio to home and guest speakers mounted on the near side of the field. With four Elements 115C speakers attached to two light-poles in line with one another, two cabinets are aimed at the home side and two toward the guest bleachers.

Inside the school, the “cafetorium” audio system now sports a trio of Peavey SSE-12 speakers arranged in an exploded cluster above and in front of the performance stage. Due to the school’s diverse requirements for the room, a Digitool MX16 digital processor is used as a voltage-controlled system mixer for each application in addition to its standard duties as an loudspeaker management system. A custom panel with simple mute toggle switches for the PVM18S lectern mic, dual PVM480 overhead mics and front sources complete the straightforward arrangement.

Over in the gym, Stuckman opted to have all audio come from a single point—a single central cluster on a ceiling-hung grid with four Peavey QW2F mains below the grid and two SP118 subs secured atop. A pair of Crest ProLite 3.0DSP power amplifiers with digital processing handle both the crossover and power duties for the system, while a Peavey PV10BT mixer with Bluetooth corrals the inputs and outputs. All the electronic components are housed in a custom rack.

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