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The Sound of ARIZONA

FOH engineer Abel Ocasio recently mixed pop act ARIZONA on a Bose ShowMatch Line Array.

Framingham, MA (December 12, 2019)—Signed in 2016, Atlantic/APG recording band ARIZONA has spent much of the last few years on the road, touring behind two albums and a string of rock/electropop singles. Mixing the band’s live sound is FOH engineer Abel Ocasio, carving the band’s live sound on an endless variety of house PAs, including, recently, a Bose ShowMatch line array system from Bose Professional.

It’s a long way from his start in audio, back in Venezuela as a child. “I remember being at church with my mom, and the time came for me to start volunteering. The audio got me hooked. I remember it was a smaller 32-channel board and just a few powered speakers, but it really got my attention. That was the start of it for me, and I learned more and more, especially when I began my audio studies at Full Sail University in Orlando, studying recording arts.”

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After that, he got a job working audio with Royal Caribbean cruises, managing all the audio for Broadway-type shows with large ensembles. He recalls, “Doing shows nearly every night for almost three years, that really helped me to sharpen my skills.”

More gigs came and went, and eventually he ended up with ARIZONA, where his ears are put to the test across a wide range of venues and house P.A. systems, including that ShowMatch line array.

“Obviously, I was familiar with Bose products, but I hadn’t ever mixed on a ShowMatch line array,” recalled Ocasio. “I had read about it, but I didn’t know exactly what to expect. Going from venue to venue, we have to be ready for whatever system they have in place. When we got to a venue with the Bose ShowMatch system installed, I was truly blown away by how it sounded.

“It was shocking, honestly, as it was such a step up from some of the other systems we’d used at other dates. The transient response was unreal, and the amount of air pushed by the low-frequency elements was phenomenal. It was a very clean P.A. overall [and] we had lots of headroom in the P.A. too. It was a great system for the space, and for our group.”

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