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APB-DynaSonics Spectra Ci, Spectra Ti

APB-DynaSonics, designer and manufacturer of analog consoles for commercial and live sound applications, will be introducing the Spectra Ci and Ti consoles.

The Spectra-Ci and Spectra-Ti feature balanced insert sends and returns on separate quarter-inch phone jacks to more easily match the existing wiring schemes of production companies. Like their predecessors, the Spectra-C and Spectra-T, the Ci and Ti are analog consoles designed to offer exceptional sound quality, versatility and reliable performance in a range of fixed-installation and touring-sound applications.

The heart of each console is its EQ section. All models include a variable highpass filter (20 to 400Hz) with an on switch and LED, but other features differ for each console. The Spectra-C and Ci have a 4-band EQ with HF and LF switchable between two frequencies. The two sweepable midbands have a 1-octave bandwidth.

The Spectra-T and Ti EQ is sweepable in all four bands and includes shelving/bell switches on the HF/LF frequency bands. The HF/LF bell mode features an asymmetric response, with 2/3-octave boost and 1/4-octave cut. The two swept midbands are switchable between 1 octave and 1/3 octave bandwidth in both boost and cut. A switch with LED is provided for Spectra-T Series EQ On and Insert On functions.

Spectra consoles feature Burr-Brown microphone preamps, THAT Corporation VCA elements and rugged modular construction. Spectra consoles also include VCA control on inputs and outputs; mono/stereo/3-speaker LCR monitoring; and inserts on all primary outputs, including auxes and matrices. The master VCA output fader can simultaneously control the levels of left, right, center, mono and any of the four matrix outputs.

Each of these VCA-based models is available in 24-, 32-, 40-, 48- and 56-mono-input formats and features four additional stereo input channels. A 24-mono-input channel expander is also available for use with all of the available configurations for Spectra consoles.

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